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First tease

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54 minutes ago, ZombiBaronYT said:

can't wait for people much more cleverer than me to crack the language

Choo choo


But sadly it pretty much looks like it won't be a brand new story.

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A teaser as a teaser should be...mysterious and including some kind of (Alchemism) codes. I'm gonna quote what I have said on CoDZ discord, following this thread:


The prior teaser (of BO3), the 'only the cursed will survive' one, had to do with the first released map Shadows of Evil. So this teaser most likely has to do with the first map, and that might be London. How can this alchemist organisation be connected with London? Is there any specific location or historic event with alchemists in London?


Also, mankind's reckoning will be it's salvation? What reckoning? And what salvation? Somehow sounds a bit like the Shadowman

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I found a mixed variety of symbols.  Some are Alchemy and others are something else.  In the Aztec language, the skull in slot 99 means death.  


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