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It's seen in the Revelations trailer that he is alive, but no further reference is made to him. Since everything got sent to their respective universes after Revelations except for Primis, Peter must've got sent back as well so technically he is alive.

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I have no proof for this, but my hope is that a cipher on GK or Rev will give us some more information about Peter. 

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Reasons why McCain should still be alive:

1) He appears in the Revelations trailer.


2) In the new Kino loading screen in a Comic, it is seen that Peter's body disappears from Shi No Numa after Primis Richthofen shot his Ultimis version in The Giant.


3) There is a cipher in either GK or ZnS in witch Peter says that he has stolen the Raygun Mark III blueprints (if I recall correctly?) and that he sees a strange "Aurora Borealis"-like light above the Rising Sun facility. This is probably a reference to the portal in the sky seen in Gorod Krovi and Origins.


4) Peter is seen falling out of the portal in Gorod Krovi.


All these facts reminds us, again, of the very fact that the multiverse is falling apart and universes are splitting. By changing the past (killing Richthofen), Victis create several new parallel universes that have a living Peter McCain in them. Or...perhaps Peter was never supposed to die. After all, 115 was never supposed to be found in our world, enabling Division 9 to create the Rising Sun Facility that eventually led to Peter's dead. I have theorized before that the Kino comic screen we see in the new comic series, might be the actual real universe, the one we live in.


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Reason Peter may be alive 

5) the hanging man of Shi No Numa never was Peter McCain. The evidence leaves the possibility open that it may be Cornelius Pernell. 

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