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Favorite Zombies Map

Zombies Map  

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So I simply wanted to ask what your FAVORITE zombies map(s) of all time is/are.




-Shi No Numa

-Der Reise




-Call of the Dead




-Die Rise


-Mob of the Dead



-Shadows of Evil

-The Giant

-Der Eisendrache

-Zetsubou No Shima

-Gorod Krovi





Keeping it strict to TreyArch since they are the originak creators. Also theirs is best anyways.

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The Giant, simple and straight forward.

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TranZit, followed by Ascension, Verrückt, Origins and Kino der Toten. I also like Die Rise and Zetsubou no Shima a lot (my two latest bought DLC's)


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Hi guys it's a close one for me but mob of the dead followed by call of the dead then all the waw maps Ps i really like grief mode on mob that tight cell block no jug beautiful =)

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Call of the Dead. Followed by Buried and Gorod Krovi.

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Nacht because it started the passion
Verruckt because the two diff spawns made it a challenge to unite
Five because getting the ice gun can ensure that you get your guns back and max ammo
Der Eisendrache cause the bows are epic
Call of the Dead for ph flopper down the slopes slamming into zombies

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Going for Der Riese/The Giant. Always has been and always will be the perfect zombies map IMO.


Moon and FIVE are also in my top 3, not only because I hold so many fond memories on them but also because they're just awesome maps.

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It's impossible to choose a favorite map, but if I had to choose 6 maps to fit onto a single disc I'd have to play the next five years this would be my selection:


The Giant: Probably the best map to quickly pick up and play

Verrukt: An original favorite with a good challenge...no easy camp spots so it sets apart who is actually good at zombies

Gorod Krovi: A new favorite. Once you complete the easter egg you truly appreciate what the map offers.

Origins: Plenty of options with a good challenge

Revelations: The best of many maps, offers different ways to play

Farm: Very simple to the point, I loved that map for quick games starting at high rounds.



I really liked some of the other maps but they had features in them that made me dislike what would've been a map I loved. These maps I want to love but I can't:


Kino: Those crawler things. Begins a theme for Blackops 1 of introducing crap to zombies

Five: That goddamned scientist

Ascension: The perk monkeys, even though you only need two perks really

Call of the Dead: I found George to be annoying as hell

Zetsubou: Solo takes 90 minutes without gumballs just to get set up.

Town: All it needed was one decent wall weapon...then it's the perfect map.


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