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  1. Hi guys it's a close one for me but mob of the dead followed by call of the dead then all the waw maps Ps i really like grief mode on mob that tight cell block no jug beautiful =)
  2. Hey spider great topic tbh i think we are at a crossroads right now either iw zombies will be super cool full of mystery and all things we loved from 3arc zombies waw-bo2 (imo bo3 killed the hype) or it will be bo3 v2 (story stuffed down our throat and pay to win). I myself have played zombies from waw and loved the not knowing everything except what the community could figure out ourselves. So looks likely this really could be the end but hope springs eternal and i have had such fun with zombies and codz that i will always have hope however fleeting. Cheers boys Blu3z
  3. Yea watching all the streams really got me hyped to the point i have played every single map from WAW-BO3 again just for chuckles =) i really dont think this is the end purely from the way in which it ended i really hope in the next game we get to fill the spaces/gaps in the story for our O4. my biggest fear is the comic is hugely successful and they use it to fill all the missing pieces.
  4. I'm the same matey but i think it will be available after 6pm uk time or we will have to wait just one more day gorod was the same for me it showed in the menu but not the store until after 6pm hopethis helps buddy. Ps im buzzing cant wait for my first play through
  5. Hi guys i always thought airfield the WAW MP map they used for nacht would be a perfect zombie map with a few tweaks. Small buildings big open spaces and feels almost perfect with the night time setting nacht brings to the table =) im not really a fountain of knowledge when it comes to custom zombies but someone must have made an airfield based map by now??
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