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Candy Perks for Zombies in Spaceland


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1 minute ago, Rissole25 said:

Even though a lot of these are just reskinned Perk Machines, I gotta give Infinity Ward props. They managed to make 2 new Perk Machines essentially. Really does show Treyarch only put their creativity into new GobbleGums and not new Perks.

Treyarch knew they would make money off new Gobble Gums and not New Perks, I'm getting very excited for ZiS this is looking really good from some videos on Youtube.

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Searched for this - glad to find it here


I still going the campaign (i think this cod will be the first i get platinum - its the first cod without stupid trophys)


I played one or two games of zombies and feeled a little lost.... still even dont know how to use fortune cards



I think i will start at the weekend 



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