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Zombies - Lets do a breakdown

Hells Warrrior

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From WaW through to Black Ops 3, map by map, game by game - what remains unanswered, what has been answered, when did the story divert from what was originally being told/did it divert? When did apothicons and margwas first get introduced what was the purpose, did the ending answer everything, was it a good or bad ending?

Lets keep it on topic and factual please.

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If we are going game by game, we should post in chronological order. Meaning only talking about that one map and uncovering everything about it then moving on.

So then this would start off with World at war zombies Nacht Der Untoten. This map was the basic of basic. The map had just wall buys, and a box. No perk machines or pack a punch. All the playable characters were random soldiers, not the original four that first all appeared together in shi no numa.

So what else can be said about Nacht? It had two Easter egg songs. One activated by radio's and the other by the barrels outside of the map. But as far a story development goes there really wasn't much of anything was there?

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World at Wars zombie ending wasn't really a ending. The story was just begun. Der Riese was even the first map in which Maxis, Samantha an Group 935 appeared. Black Ops had a ending: Blowing up earth. Although it was more a cliffhanger. It was almost sure that the story would continue. And indeed, BO2 happened. The story of the N4 began and ended, with Origins in the end. First it wasn't sure if that map was even canon, but later it was sure: That story will continue in BO3. And BO3 is the first zombie game which has a real end. And a real end is hard to make.

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I'm already watching Easter egg videos of the world at war maps, which also covers the black ops two variations being the world at war maps were originally a pre order bonus that could be played at release. So more then likely there is still story line before dempsy and them showed up in the game, just fallowing another group of 4. Maybe Peters groups. And then as dempsy group got more people there was less need for "unnamed" soldiers that were more loss leaving only the main four left by shi no numa, where they find Peter. And then the story progresses with Der reise and then kino. Anyway once I get a whole play list together from YouTube I'll be posting a link here. So far something hidden, a Theory from years go, was that our main characters were children all along, which Monty made happen by the end of black ops 3.

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