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Has anybody here been playing Overwatch? 

I've kind of become obsessed with it recently because it's one of the best multiplayer games I've played in so long (sorry cod!) The game is kind of flawless in my opinion, I don't really see any problems with it except Bastion but that's simply fixed with a nerf. 

Overwatch is so fun and I haven't touched BO3 since I got it, It just has so many great characters and maps plus it the matches are really short and don't last forever which is amazing. The games also not competitive which was shocking to me, a lot of the people who play are really nice and most people just want to have fun playing it, the community is just funny and nice overall.


My favorite characters are Mei, Mercy, Junkrat and Pharah.


To anyone that hasn't played it yet you need to seriously consider buying it or renting it out from somewhere because you're missing out.

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I played the beta, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It's fast paced, and the huge selection of characters/abilities allows for a decent amount of variation in strategy. Only played with one friend, I imagine with a full team this game would be a lot of fun. My favourite character was the Widowmaker. Grappling hook, enemy detection and a unique sniper rifle. Love snipers, but a sniper rifle that can also be used as a fully automatic? That weapon is a lot of fun to use.


The only reason I have not purchased yet is because as fun as it is, the game seems limited. I find it difficult to pay full price for a game that is multiplayer only, same reason that I didn't purchase Rainbow Six Siege.

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On 6/4/2016 at 3:17 PM, DaveLo07 said:

The only reason I have not purchased yet is because as fun as it is, the game seems limited. I find it difficult to pay full price for a game that is multiplayer only, same reason that I didn't purchase Rainbow Six Siege.

That's a fair point and I can understand not buying a multiplayer only game for a high price but I bought the collectors edition for $130 and i don't regret it at all, then again it's whatever people want to spend their money on.

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I played the beta, but didn't enjoy it enough to buy it at launch. I did like it from what I played though. It is probably the most balanced First Persom Shooter I've ever played, and I love the graphics style. The whole game reminds me a lot of TF2.

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I've been thinking of getting Overwatch but I lack the money atm. Also I'm a bit worried that it's multiplayer only. The game itself looks pretty fun and I like the idea of different characters having different equipment etc.. 

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I think as my internet connection has deteriorated I have shyed away from MP, MP used to be my bread and butter but I've become long in the tooth and a bit of a PvE chump. I disappoint myself writing this!


It looks amazing and TF from its inception back in the quake days has always been one of my favorite games. 

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I adore this game. I don't know how they did it, but they brought be back to playing my Xbox One daily. Despite the limited modes and maps, it feels like a completely new experience every time I play.


Who are your favorite heroes? Me personally my favorites have to be Zarya, Mercy, Junkrat, and D.Va.

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