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Der Eisendrache PS3 Version

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So what is everyone's opinion on Der Eisendrache on PS3? I know the graphics aren't up to par with PS4 but other than that, I think its great gameplay wise. 

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I haven't seen or played it. But I can imagine you're having fun playing a new map or two. 

People make too much of a fuzz about graphics these days. Of course, I enjoy the visuals on the new consoles, but people seem to forget it's simply zombies. 

I enjoy playing World at War on my potato. Hahaha.

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I'm the first guy to tell you that graphics don't make a game. It's story and Gameplay. However, while story and gameplay make the muscle and bones, graphics are the skin.  Simply put, it's still an abomination. 

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@Stop Mocking Me0 I agree about graphics not making a game, and there is no getting around the fact that the game looks poor on last gen. However, I have seen a lot of snobbinness from people on Xbox one and ps4 regarding the game being on last gen. Whilst I'm still glad I made the upgrade, I wonder who has really been duped. The people stuck with poorer graphics on last gen, or people like me who spent a hefty sum on a new console solely for zombies. I mean it doesn't look bad, but I'm not overly impressed with the graphics on the one and feel like I am playing a slightly glossier black ops that graphically is not a million miles away from black ops 2. Had Treyarch been involved in the last gen game instead of Beenox, I think the difference would be far more minimal. The way I see it, last gen got a regression on graphics and we got a very slight improvement. I expected more.

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They pushed it as far as they could. More visuals would mean more G_spawn: no free entities errors. 

I only had it happen twice though, first on Mob of the Dead (x360), and now on Der Eisendrache (x1).

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I'm on 360. They're are bugs and glitches galore, but hopefully the bulk will get patched. Overall, it's a fun map. 


Currently Dog bow is useless by mid 30s, unlike next gen. Fire bow makes rocks, no fire, also pretty bad. Each bow upgrade string has glitches that can be mitigated (unless the Demon bow upgrade stops).


Fire bow rocket pad start: yellow thing must be shot from front, not side or it fails to function correctly. Initially, hitting it correctly always made it pop, but no fireball flew up to deathray (this appears to have been hotpatched quickly).


Dog bow: by DT2, with dog 10 feet away, he often howls and disappears as if you left him behind/didn't follow him. One game only; the shelf would break after 5 seconds or less of making it. I would shoot the thing, the shelf would form, I'd land on it, and then it would break.  Every other game, once it formed it stayed there. Finally it unglitched.


Demon bow: often stops working at various steps. Some remedies; 1. Never shoot your bow near that circle unless carefully shooting symbols on that step.  2. If you enter a symbol (of 3 Name symbols) and he doesn't say the symbol, shoot that one again as this often unglitches it (he'll say it), then shoot the others, he may hesitate, but it has worked each time that I've tried. 3. Don't use charged shots for symbols. 4. If he doesn't say the symbol at the statues, hit it again, don't go to the next symbol. Tips: you can hit statues out of order, but the symbols must match the order when input in the circle. So Door, Griffin, Stag give Ulla, Lor, Zor, you could hit Griffin, Stag, Door to get the symbols, but they must be entered in the circle as Door, Griffin, Stag (Ulla, then Lor, then Zor). Once the correct symbols are lit in the circle, you may enter them: not all 6 need to be lit, just (in our example) Ulla, Lor, Zor, need to be lit to finish this part. Void bow reforged arrow will form eventually in that light column, but act as if it's there and hold x to (usually) hurry it up (same with storm bow).


Storm bow: reforged arrow: keep hitting/holding x at the weathervane and it will eventually show up. Be sure to stand back a foot or to from the weathervane or never registers. When shooting the bonfires, if you overshoot,  the arrow will pass behind it, yet you can see the arrow through it which looks like your arrow feel short when it actually went past it. 




Round 1 zombies can triple hit from 10 feet behind you (there is clearly a hitbox error making your butt 10 feet long).


Dragons eat inconsistant amounts. Changes constantly. 


Often Ragnarok piece or drop from panzer is in the air, unreachable. Often ragnarok parts simply can't be picked up (panzer and tp pieces).


Every 'hold x' prompt in the game switches between 'instantly usable' and 'hold for several seconds with no effect'.


If Rocket Pad is second PaP that you try to teleport, often it had no prompt and you must tp the other spot to Rocket Pad.


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