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Free DLC Weekends?

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Here is a Tweet on Treyarch's Website.  Since all the maps are in the updates already, it looks like there is actually a time for people who cannot afford to pop $50 to take in the New Maps.

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RT @Activision: Play @CallofDuty: Black Ops 3’s Awakening DLC for free this weekend on @PlayStation 4: https://t.co/raLnDKffbh https://t.co…

Did you see this coming?  I would have loved to say that I did.

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I anticipated it based on the way they now release the DLC.  They changed the system so that now (and this is speaking roughly), everyone gets the DLC in a patch to their console as opposed to downloading it from the store.  This means that they have it on their system but can't access it, and ATVI can just flip the switch to allow access for all and promote weekends like these!

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I'm unsure @Stop Mocking Me0, though I would disagree with your argument (to an extent). I feel as though the point of getting the map is for extended usage and enjoyment, not to get achievements or do the EE, so I don't mind them being able to do those things for free.

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6 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

Are they able to get achievements?  Leaderboards? 

I feel like there should be limits. Otherwise, you could just do EVERYTHING that map has to offer, then never pay for it. That's not really fair to us who paid....

I kinda agree with this.

Between the "special" pre order bonus stuff which will be released later on anyway, season pass holders not geting the new weapons for which you have to play or pay an insane amount and now this I feel like it takes away from the peeps who have paid a huge amount of money for a videogame and extra content.

Sure it is only a weekend and it doesn't harm me, but at least make the season pass not almost cost the same as a new game.

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