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Ragnarok Disconnect Bug?

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I've been having a major bug that prevents me from ever finishing a game or even playing it through successfully - because of the Ragnarok buildable. It seems that every time I use it for the smash ability, I automatically get disconnected from the game entirely. It's happened ever since I downloaded the DLC [I have the Season Pass on Xbox One] and it's infuriating to the point where I have forced myself to no longer use it.

As far as I know, no one else has encountered this bug, and it's game breaking for me. I would like to think it's my internet acting up but oddly enough, I never get disconnected from any DE match I've had thus far unless I use the Ragnarok.

Hopefully someone could lead me in the right direction, or maybe someone has dealt with this on any given console yet and knows a good quickfix?

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You are not the only one, it's been causing up a stir with a lot of people - on CDZ Reddit, theres a post about this, my first game where we built the ragnarok, i was down, my teammate jumped in the air to use it and we froze with connection interrupted and the game ended, a similar issue happens with the upgraded swords on SoE.

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Ive wondered if it is a connection issue too....

Have you setup your ports and all that Jazz?

I play from Hawaii, so connection is critical for me when I get into a public match.  I know my settings are perfect so I dont have issues but others that I play with have seen this glitch often and the fix is usually connection setup.

1) Speeds, I am sitting on 300mbps feed (From Hawaii to continental USA,  Speeds drop to about 150mbps,  but stable)

2) I have DMZ, UpNP and a static IP setup for my Xbox one to my router

3) I have the ports all forwarded on the Static (Xbox Ports & COD Ports)

4) I make sure NAT is open before I start playing.

5) My MTU is set to 1480 to match what the Xbox Network test gives me.



My Network Statistics

76.5mbps Down

12.5mbps UP

Nat Open

1% Packet Loss

76 Latency

1480 MTU


Good luck!

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