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My Top 10 Favorite Zombies Maps

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21 hours ago, anonymous said:

Why oh why do so many hate it?

For me because its incomplete and has some pretty clear design flaws. I can deal with the lava and the slow bus, and even the denizens. I can't deal with the fog that was used to cover the incomplete nature of the map.

I also am not a fan of having to carry build-able parts individually, the ridiculously long set up time, and (what feel like) very slow zombie spawns.

My ten (so far) are as follows:

1. Ascension

2. Kino

3. Der Riese


5. Moon

6. Shino


8. Der Eisendrache

9. Origins

10. SoE

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1) Moon


3) Der Riese/The Giant

4) Der Eisendrache

5) Ascension

6) Kino

7) Call of the Dead

8) Shi No Numa

9) Nacht

10) Shangri La

Never thought new maps would make it on, but Der Eisendrache has been the first map in a long time where the messing around trying to get stuff isn't actually too tedious and the map isn't overly large so you don't have to travel miles to rebuy stuff. All that stuff you had to do in Shadows just to get the PaP, and that's before you've even built any weapons! Powering stuff up with beast mode as well, what was that.......

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On Saturday, March 05, 2016 at 2:13 PM, anonymous said:

I never played Ascension and CotD, so this list is without these.

1. Tranzit

2. Origins

3. Kino

4. Buried

5. Verrückt

6. Five

7. Shi No Numa

8. Moon

9. Shangri La

10. Der Eisendrache

COTD I could give or take, but ascension is an all time classic! If you like Kino and Moon you'll like Ascension.

What makes you put Tranzit at the top though? Abomination of a map is the general concensus XD

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23 hours ago, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:

What makes you put Tranzit at the top though? Abomination of a map is the general concensus XD

I think it has a great atmosphere and I love the new game element of the bus. Also, it was the first map which introduced buildables but I think the most important reason why I like it is a personal one: I played Kino once before, but I was completely unknown with zombie mode. I even didnt knew CoD. Around the BO2 time, I was getting familar with CoD, and later with zombies (now I never play MP anymore). Tranzit was the map I got familar zombie mode and learned playing it. The same reason many people likes Nacht.

@shirtlesservice Haha, yeah, you can say so:)


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16 minutes ago, shirtlesservice said:

In a similar vein, mw2 is my favorite cod for multiplayer, because of the nostalgia/first experience factor. BO1 comes in a close second :D

I recently bought MW2, but Ive only played special ops split screen so far. I'll try multiplayer

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24 minutes ago, anonymous said:

I recently bought MW2, but Ive only played special ops split screen so far. I'll try multiplayer

It could be horrible now, but like 5 years ago I used to host 18 man sniping only ffa lobbies. It was glorious, I got like actual members of faze or optic in there a couple of times, and they would snipe using marathon and still kick our asses. It was some of the most fun I've had playing videogames, like ever 

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On ‎23‎-‎3‎-‎2016 at 4:56 PM, shirtlesservice said:

@anonymous if you have a brother or sister to play with, play some split screen on like rust. It's a blast. You can also make accounts (offline only) that have 100% unlocks pretty easily, and it makes the game much more fun.

I have a brother and a sister(who doesnt like CoD), and I will play it with friends also. Its much fun.

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