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New pack a punch debris?

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I've got a question, we done a sequence earlier in the undercroft of the map while no gravity was active. Not sure if die to update but new debris appeared where pack a punch is. We already had the machine built. Is this new to update or Easter egg step? 


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The easter egg has been fully completed. 

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My guess it was patched in to keep players from dying when standing in those areas as the PaP moves. Honestly it looks kind of cheap to me, makes no sense seeing a pile of metal and wood in those spaces.

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Tech Admin

It's a nasty hack to fix something to be honest., all that was needed was a, invisible barrier to prevent people walking into it but still allow players to activate pac a punch and still allowed them to use it. I noticed it myself and it is unsightly.

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It's to keep you from doing if pap moved there, but also it seems there was a glitch with shooting an arrow up while standing in there and the arrow lasted several rounds or something. I just read it before, i don't have DE.

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