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Der eisendrach and mob of the dead

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3 hours ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

The dogs were part of the inferno lore... They just function the same way...

The Mob of the Dead Dog Heads were actually a very last minute inclusion. (I read that in an interview, I'll try to find it)

It's probably us that relate it to something like Dante's Inferno & Cerberus more than it revolving around MotD. 

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4 hours ago, PINNAZ said:

It's probably us that relate it to something like Dante's Inferno & Cerberus more than it revolving around MotD. 

God dammit, and I just read Dante's Inferno!
*sigh* I can help with this one. But I dunno if I remember any specific dragons in Dante's Inferno. Perhaps try looking around more for lore about the castle or whatever Austrian shit you can find. It's probable that these were just dragons eternally bound to the castle like so by a mage in ancient times, but I can't tell you that much... I don't KNOW as much.

I'll reevaluate Dante's Inferno, and come back soon.

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Yeah, no... I searched and searched on this one. Dante's Inferno surely had winged creatures, and beasts of many shapes, sizes, forms, and levels of atrocity, but it did not have dragons. I almost thought Geyron was maybe one, but I would have been damned if I had to see a dragon with a lion head in Der Eisendrache... xD (in saying that... Geyron is not a dragon. Not in any degree. Just a winged beast that gives Dante/Virgil passage to another level of the Inferno).

My thoughts on this? We're either looking at the wrong Hell/religious story, or they're just not related to the dogs.

(...also... hot damn is Dante's Inferno a read.)

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The only simularities I see, are they both have 3 heads, and they protect a sacred weapon.

Other than that they are different beings from different realms. The dogs being from hell, either Cerebus, or Fluffy in her natural realm. And the dragons being from what I believe to be the side of the Apothicons. When we follow the keeper to his dwelling, there are three holes in the ceiling that tell me the dragon(s) were reaching to us from here, but ofcourse thats my own crackpot idea.


Going outside the game, its pretty obvious this was a cookie-cutter "hey it worked the first time" kind of addition. I personally like the small challenge of filling souls in zombies but I hope they find newer ways to keep it fresh.


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