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Supply drops vs. cryptokeys

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So, many of you will remember supply drops from advanced warfare. You typically got one, maybe 2, each game, and at the end of the match you'd be rewarded with 3 random items ranging from clothes to hidden weapons. You also had a legendary supply drop awarded to you upon reaching certain levels. Items you already had could be exchanged for XP. 


In BO3 we have a similar system where each game we earn 2-3 cryptokeys and can trade 10 of them in for 3 items ranging from calling cards to hidden weapons. Or, you can wait, collect 30 cryptokeys, then get a special crate of somewhat "better" items. You can burn duplicates as well. 


Here's the thing. In advanced warfare it was a fun roulette spin at the end of EVERY game. In BO3, you'll find yourself waiting between 4-5 or even more games just to unlock 3 common items. And while BO3 doesn't have the ridiculous weapon variants of AW. It does have a LOT of calling cards, a LOT of camos for over 20 different weapons, all the attachment variants, the reticles for the different types of scopes, the different armor variants for the 9 specialists and their hidden taunts, and of course, the different hidden weapons. 


It just seems kinda ridiculous. This whole weekend I NO-LIFED multiplayer, and get over 60 cryptokeys. 3 common crates, 1 special one. All I wanted was to play arround with ANY of the new weapons.... But I didn't get one. Probability is stacked against you and it REALLY pushes you to buy these stupid "Cod points" to buy these things. 
In Advanced warfare you could buy legendary crates, even in bulk, and open them all up making you super OP with your decked-out legendary set. However, a skilled player could unlock most of the hidden weapons and some legendary items just by no-lifing it for a few days. 

 But in BO3 it's just ridiculous. There's 40x the crap most people don't care about (calling cards and gestures for battery) And while there's a LOT of cool camos for guns, it's just RIDICULOUS how much time and effort you'd need to put into this just to get the sword, or crossbow weapon. Even if you USED cod points: It's 2 bucks for every special loot crate (and there's no price for regular crates). You'd be forking over like 40 bucks and STILL only have 24ish chances to get a hidden weapon....


All I'm saying is, MAYBE the black market vendor should lower his prices a bit, or make it easier to earn cryptokeys on ALL weekends. 

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Given when you get a camo, it can be pretty cool, and usable on zombies, campaign, or multiplayer, but typically its something so close to one of the first 6 unlocked camos from campaign/MP you can't tell the difference.  HHMMMM lets see... Snow job... Ash.... or Housion.... decisions decisions. 

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2 hours ago, The Clay Bird said:

I can definitely tell you I did not get a supply drop after every match in Advanced warfare.  Typically is was between 45-55 minutes of in game play time between supply drops.  Not sure what mode you were playing that lasted that long, but that certainly wasn't a typical experience.  

It's more like 20 minutes of time ever. I played in the DLC maps primarily, and a lot in the grapple moshpits if that makes a difference, but yeah, I got a supply drop JUST ABOUT every game.  About my 3rd death each game as well. 

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I hated the introduction of supply drops period, and they should never have been brought over to BO3, I tend not to bother with the rare supply drops as I'm not really sure why some dumb specialist taunt is considered legendary or epic, or even rare - to be honest what i'd expect from a rare drop is some of the hidden guns (which shouldn't be hidden, but that's ATVI) or some sexy looking camos like dark matter and these camos should be unlocked for any gun, i cant stand unlocking lame camos for weapons i will NEVER use in MP. But if I go for the common drop, that's basically the shit drop full of reticles and calling cards i will never use. Like 90% of of supply drop content is useless and garbage, with the 10% being the hidden guns that ATVI demands be in there so people pay more money attempting to (and likely failing) get them. Stupid concept, get rid of supply drops completely i say, these new weapons, either put it as part of DLC packs like BO2 did, or just free for everyone.

Rant over.

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At least with BO2, you could unlock the ray gun M2 or the peace-keeper (both weapons should return BTW) by purchasing a DLC. It made the bundle BETTER. Now we're paying for a chance to get something we want. We should have a direct route. 

Like, why can't I spend 5 cryptokeys and unlock the ONE item I WANT. Then when I have everything important I can unlock the gestures, calling cards, armor and camos at random. Hell I'd even pay 2$ for each directly unlocked weapon. But spending real money for a product you MIGHT get is insane. 

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On 2/16/2016 at 11:05 AM, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

It's more like 20 minutes of time ever. I played in the DLC maps primarily, and a lot in the grapple moshpits if that makes a difference, but yeah, I got a supply drop JUST ABOUT every game.  About my 3rd death each game as well. 

waaaaiiiit a minute.  If you are remembering this correctly (i'm not saying you're lying)  you got double the amount of supply drops than the average player.  It was tested many many times by different people, and it was like clockwork 45 minuites on average.  I'd get one every 4th or 5th game of TDM or Domination.  Same for all my friends.   If this indeed did happen to you, then you got to benefit from some awesome glitch

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Please stop giving me Verde's and Hallucinations (the ugliest camo). All I really want from Supply Drops are Calling Cards and Camo's. Taunts and Gestures are nice but I don't really care. Same deal with Head and Body Costumes. And I swear reticules were added in just to give a booster to the overall items to make it harder for you to get anything.

Legit if the new weapons make there way into Zombies DLC I'm going to be furious because I will probably never get it in MP, and will never be able to apply any camos to them.

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seemed like if you hadn't played in a while there would be like a bonus one immediately, but after that it's right on that 45 minute time.  I recorded about 100 supply drops in my notes on my phone, ill post them in a minute




here it is.  this was a night of consecutive TDM playing and the times are from right after the match in which i earned the drop


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