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Will Der Eisendrachen appear on PS3?

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Hey guys,

This is my very first post, by the way.

Before you tell me to "just upgrade to PS4 already," let me tell you that I do indeed have a PS4, BUT I'm away at college right now. The PS4 is at home with the rest of the family, while I have our old PS3. I know that Black Ops III on the last gen consoles is absolute rubbish compared to the current gen versions, but the PS3 version is good enough for me. I really only buy CoD for the Zombies anyways, and I'm not super concerned with graphics.

I was wondering if anyone heard anything about Der Eisendrachen's appearance (or lack thereof) on the PS3. Any input would be great.

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No. I highly doubt it. 

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@Corrieri welcome to the site, pal! Don't let @Stop Mocking Me0 bother you. 

Sorry you haven't been able to upgrade yet, I know what ya mean. 

I would highly encourage you just wait until you feel comfortable investing. The Giant is an incredible map, and not available on last gen, for sure. I don't have a good feeling about Der Eisendrachen appearing there either, unless it's a super diluted one. 

Like I said, I would just wait until you feel you might be able to get a PS4 (Or Xbox One-hint, hint-backwards compatibility!!!!) 

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Welcome to the site buddy!

Unfortunately, I would have to say no. A whole third of the base game was cut from last-gen, along with The Giant. Even then, the game is in a state where it's much worse looking than it's next-gen counterparts. So, no I don't think that any DLC Packs will end up coming to last-gen consoles.

But like @NaBrZHunter said, if DLC does come to last-gen it will lack certain features that will only be available on the new consoles. It sucks, but it all depends on whether the consoles can run a playable version of them or not, and if they can, I have no doubt that Activision will release the DLC for last-gen.

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I'm actually In nearly the same boat Corrieri. But I don't even have my 360 here. :( 

That being said. Last gen is REALLY dumbed down to the point it IS laughable. Not to mention I beleive there are size restrictions for DLC on last gen... 

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God I hope not. The base game is held back enough by the last gen consoles. Let's move on and let the old consoles die in a fire. 

Before anyone says it's not held back, look at Destiny. It took Bungle a YEAR to add vault space to the game because of the dinosaurs, so even if we don't know how it's being held back, it is.

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