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Green steam/smoke...is this normal?

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Sorry if this is old hat,  but whenever i get far enough in Shadows of Evil (around the flag step) I notice this green plume of steam/smoke rising up in different locations, I thought it was somehow related to the purple light lcations for the flag, but I'm not sure, I have not completed the EE yet, but i also have not heard this green smoke mentioned yet (maybe i just missed it) so, if you could tell me if this is a known thing or is it a mystery. I would appreciate it. Thanx

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Rubber Baby Buggy Bump


Schneriously, its possible this is so very common and i'm just noy aware, but cant find ANY onfo on this and I see it most of the time i get to the flag part, in fact it may be only after at least one location has been completed with the flag...

I am also on SOLO when i see this.

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Is it columns that stay in place, or is it like when you hit a power up?

Twice, not on the flag step, I've seen ones that look like power up green, but there is no power up. They looked like the hidden upgrades of bo2. Once with the bk, once with a sword.

The first time, i was under duress, so i didn't pay much attention, assuming it was a power up of some kind, but didn't get one on screen and it wasn't carpenter either.

The second time, i was stabbing the initial 20+ zombies of round 1 when i got a mystery flash. I had x2 and instakill already, neither of which extended, so i didn't get them. No other power up icon appeared on my screen, and it clearly wasn't carpenter.

I don't know what that was, but it's a trollarch game... Could be hidden stuff, most likely a visual glitch.

Edit: in both cases, there was no voice saying the power up names, which there should be.

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Wait are you talking about the speedcola bottle?

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12 hours ago, Ragdo11706 said:

I've gotten this quite a few times actually. I believe it's how you Upgrade the Bowie Knife.

Perhaps. It was the sword the first time, and the regular knife the second, but this game is a glitchy mess, so it may confuse them with the BK. But I've never gotten the green flash with the BK itself. It also seems that BK use was or is counting towards Sword Flay challenges, without using sword flay. Just like the gun challenges randomly unlock high level attachments, while at level 3 or so, and the attachments can't be used properly.

I noticed that the BK level never goes up no matter how much one uses it. But is that a clue, or is it just Treyarched?

Jessica, when buying the BK says "just another piece of an unsolvable puzzle". Which i am sure is a clue.

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