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How to get past round 35 ?


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I'm very new to this Map, and have never really been able to get past round 20 or so in the other maps on ps3


but for the Giant,


I go to the Catwalk, get two assault rifles, pack-a-punch both,


speed-cola, and Juggernaug.


just camping on the catwalk, and using what's mentioned above, I can get into the early 30 rounds ...


I'm assuming after that point, I'm going to have to start running laps around the map, and "train" the zombies all in a lineup ?


any tips, or help, specifically for the giant, and specifically after round 30 or so ?


thanks !

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My personal strategy is to start at the teleporter near the catwalk, and you can then jump off the ledge as zombies come. Circling that room is a good spot, I find, and you have the teleporter as an escape method if needed too. Alternatively, you can get out of the room and take them all the way round again (past the furnace room) using traps and lines of sight to shoot them.


Using this method right, I seem to be able to just keep going and going. Hope this helps :)

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Well the KN for me, stops killing them as quickly at around round 23 so having a Dingo or BRM should be something you consider. I like using the HVK or ICR as the assault rifle. I'll start at the cat walk and run a train around the whole map so I'm not confined to one area and am less likely to get cornered.

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I hold the power switch door to round 10, usually I can open everything up and get a perk or two. I also buy the VMP beforehand, just a personal choice.


After 10 rounds I run circles either near the power switch, or near teleporter C (near bowie knife/box spawn).


A word of advice in running the power area though, keep the mobs as close to the left side as possible, left side facing toward the center of map that is. When running on the right side don't get too close to the walls or you'll either get stuck on debris, or you'll get cut off near the buyable door heading toward C, as zombies come from both sides of this door, keep a little wiggle room in case one pops around the corner, you can cut in between them and head towards teleporter C room, then follow WCRobinsons strategy.


It's not too difficult to combine these two areas, in an almost figure 8 style, and now that there is no fall damage, you can easily train them up the catwalk and jump off to horde them near the power switch.


If anyone has a good furnace room strategy I'd like to hear it as well, that used to be my favorite spot in Der Riese, now for some odd reason I can't hold it at all, even on low rounds lol

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I usually try and get the Drakon, get the reflex sight kinda thing and it is just awesome. Headshots rip through them even past Round 30. Then I get the Ray Gun usually, as it just keeps you safe if suddenly a dense train or anything corners you. I find the Wunderwaffe is actually not very good anymore... sometimes it doesnt do anything, even when I seem to shoot them accurately. I imagine it may be better at high rounds than the Ray Gun, just for the one-hit kills, if it works XD


Yeah, that room is usually good for running. Make sure you watch for zombies coming up the side passage, and try and let them drop down before following them (in case you get blocked). Then run right to the side (by the stairs) to bring them round, then the stairs back up towards the teleporter should be clear.


As I say, the teleporter is also there for those situations when it all starts going a bit pear-shaped XD

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Also don't forget about traps....you won't get points but it never loses it's ability to one hit kill enemies.


I watched a friend back in the day get to round 96 on Shi no numa with a DG2, and traps. He would buy random wall weapons to hoard points with, then use a trap. The same can be applied here, more or less without the DG2 though, or any wunder weapon for that matter (except monkey bombs) Weapon abilities are the key now.


Blast furnace, and turned are your savior weapon abilities....you can almost kill a whole horde with a few bullets, let the fire chain and they all fall down (lulz)

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My strat is usually to "Half Moon" in the C teleporter room, until they cut me off and I run up the stairs, let them pile up and then jump back down. I then lure them back towards power, and lay into them/Wunderwaffe them. Usually gets the whole wave this way, except it can sometimes screw up leading to some sketchy stuff around the original Speed Cola location. Ironically my highest round doing this is also 35, but I've only tried it once

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I always make sure before I start a run, that Mule-Kick is the Perk behind the C door. One that's been established I normally grab the Vesper for point whoring. I'll then chill here until Round 20. 


Once this is achieved I hit the box until I get the RayGun, Dingo, & Monkeys. Then I proceed to do the Side Quest to acquire Mule-Kick & Stamin-Up (preferably). Just teleport to get all the perks.


After that I'll camp on the Catwalk with the Dingo having Blast Furnace & the Vesper having Turned. Once I reach round 35, I replace the Dingo for the KN-44 (Blast Furnace). I normally Start on the Catwalk drop down & hoard them up at Power, bring them back to C room Kill & Repeat.

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