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Women crying near the furnace near VMP?OldThompson Room


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I'm not a mod-just saying this as a friendly suggestion, if you start a thread, maybe open with a breakdown of your thoughts on the subject, and present some ideas. Gets people thinking and kinda opens the door for more in-depth discussion! :)


As far as the crying, it is historically considered to be Samantha, due to her sad story in general, and the fact that she does seem to haunt the map-the furnace room, especially. But heck, I've been thinking about Maxis' secretary, Sophia, lately. Who knows...maybe it isn't Sam. 

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On ‎11‎/‎16‎/‎2015‎ ‎1‎:‎28‎:‎19‎, Stanislav said:

Any thoughts?

I found something out about the window in the furnace room that might be something. If you throw a monkey bomb in the window you get the sound that the teddy from the box makes (the evil laughter sound). I cant remember if its in the original map on W@W or not but it wouldnt play that sound for reason. If anyone wants to do some potential EE investigating add me on xbox 1 and we can play.

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I thought it was weird that I didn't get an achievement for completing the Fly Trap easter egg. I haven't searched through the achievements list to see if there is one or not so it's possible they didn't make one, but if they did, then there definitely has to be more to it then shooting the teddy bears and getting the special weapon out of the furnace.

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My theory is it's not the furnace room that is "haunted"


Samantha is not dead, so therefor it couldn't be her. Besides she was teleported in the "A" area of Der Riese. So we're not even close to where she perished.


If you notice in the spawn area, the boardable area that leads down stairs, I'm pretty sure that's where Dr. Maxis's office leads to. You can see a plate on the wall that directs you to his room.


He had an assistant other than Rictofen, a female named Sophia. Who was more of a desk assistant I'd guess, as she telegraphs the message to Reichstag High Command  about lack of funding in the first radios from W@W and BO1. They shared a loose relationship together, but Maxis ended that to keep his mind on his work.


Now we've never seen his office, but being the man that leads Group 935, I doubt it would be a small one. My guess is it's either the ghost of Sophia or a memory stuck in replay of the fall of Der Riese. It reminds me of the bar in Tranzit, you can hear multiple people in panic if you stand in a certain spot in the building, I assumed it was the final moments of Green Run, and the same would apply here.


Or an even crazier theory is, Samantha trapped Sophia's energy in this place either because A: She wanted a new mom or B: Samantha wasn't a fan of her flirting with her father so she trapped her so Maxis affection would be more focused on his daughter. No really plausible but it popped in my head as I was finishing lol

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Usually the crying or some sort of noise made by people that is heard in zombies has some sort of spectral quality to it. This particular crying woman in The Giant sounds like she is right behind a wall, physically inside the map. It kind of threw me off when I first heard it and I thought someone was literally curled up underneath the stairs in the furnace room.

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