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@MysteryMachineXThanks for responding. That's the word-pseudoscience. And retrofuturism. Great words. 


Yeah, I believe Faust mentioned that in his podcast/post. The parasites are pretty much identical to another Lovecratian creature. But I wouldn't know any details. 

Anyhoo, @steviewonder87 and I did work it out. lol 

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I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I definitely agree. The move away from what Zombies used to be, both in the sense of semi-realist to sci-fi and one dimension to inter-dimension, is what kills me. It's hard for me to care about the overarching story when this kind of stuff happens, because what used to be was just simply superior. But, it's Treyarch, and I trust the new guys in charge of the story, so we shall see.  Won't be too hard on it when we're less than a week into launch.

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on the topic of magic and science, who honestly cares? if you do not like it find a new game. I dont care if magic is involved i mean i grab a weapon out of a box that has blue crap coming out of it. get over it. however as they never name who it is we do notice the little hints. nobody ever makes anything direct in these games sadly. but thats why we have this forum page. I think the coolest thing though is the fact that shadow man is in this. the keepers are in this. its like WTF is going on? clearly theres a story aside from what we have already to play in. i LOVE the lore, I LOVE the nazi references, I love the horror references, hell I even love the non references to things we have not uncovered or spoken about like why is mob of the dead plane in the giant? does not make any sens e however i think it all comes down to shadow man playing a role as a hench man for cthulu I think hes a huge awesome person to see and I think its sick that they added him to give more of a story of what is going on. clearly art to something bigger. however will motd and soe connect? will O4 and Origins4 connect what happens next? Idk I just think its cool that they put something like this in black ops 3 zombies. regardless of science. who honestly cares? its cool, i play it, i love it, i talk about it, game on but seriously henchman might have been in motd and we dont even know it however we did get a jump scare which seemed pretty interesting. just saying.

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