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Welcome to the Parallel Multiverse (*SPOILERS*)


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It is with great disappointment that I relinquish my belief in the multidimensional theory and am now obligated to accept the canon fact that we are, and have been, in a multiverse; even more specifically, a parallel multiverse. The spoilers below will explain.


Also, there is not just one universe being reborn. It has been clearly established that there are indeed many parallel, mirror universes. Simple as that.


NOTE: IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU DISCOVER THIS YOURSELF. You will be glad you did. As Takeo would say, "patience is a virtue of the honorable!" 



As many of you already know, there are radios scattered around The Giant. The classic BC-348 model's log changes depending on who you play as. So far, I have confirmed differences between the logs heard when playing as Richtofen and those heard playing and Nikolai. After this, I will be going straight back to try as Dempsey.


The first I found, when activated as Richtofen, is Maxis, hailing him as heroic for his actions. 


The second warns him that no matter what, the test subjects must never be awoken.


The third is a BC-611-F model transmitter/receiver. Its audio log is consistent regardless of character, and states that "The Children" who played "games" (Origins, clearly) lived in a world that experienced a fallout and was highly radioactive. A war was apparently fought against a dark and mysterious force, and although Maxis expresses his uncertainty as to its outcome, he seems potentially optimistic that the force has been exterminated.


The second radio, however, when activated as Nikolai, proves to be a message from another Nikolai (sounding a bit less stable in the head) saying that he has killed three Richtofens already.


That's all I have so far. Despite the fact that the characters make comments during gameplay that seem to indicate that they are still their same selves, straight-up radios cannot be denied.


I have deliberately omitted the radios' locations from this post.


The radios have been discovered by a number of people so far; however, I don't know who has, as I have not been looking online for locations, and discovered them myself.


Also, on a different NOTE (get it? It's a no-? Forget it.) credit to @MrRoflWaffles for his discoveries in SoE. At the time of this post, he has not yet played The Giant, but will find his theories well supported, as usual. :)





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Ha. I was actually for the constantly resetting multiverse. Lol. 


Now the real questions can be answered: 

Is nuketown set in 2015 or 1960s? Answer: Both

Does richtofen or maxis win? Answer: Both

Did I get a monkey or a wonder waffe? Answer: Both

Is the PPSH in der reise? Yes. 

Is the PPSH in the giant? Somehow no. 

Are der reise and the giant the same place? Fuck I've lost track everything's confusing and nothing makes sense. I'm just waiting for this matt-smith era to end so we can get onto capaldi and SENSE! 

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Couldn't the Earth that's marked out represent the Earth that the Green Runners inhabited? That thing was all but destroyed.


I believe this multiverse theory to be quite true. But there's four we have visited (so far). The WaW/Black Ops/Black Ops II one, the Origins/The Giant One (the game that Sam and Eddy are playing with, seemingly), the Origins cutscene, and the Shadows Of Evil/Mob Of The Dead one.

Because the original four have not been heard from since Moon, which Richtofen destroys Earth and the Green Runners inevitably die and perish in Buried, the four from Origins that eventually somehow end up in Der Riese but since this Der Riese (The Giant) is so drastically different from the original, it has to be a different dimension all together, and finally, the shared universe of Mob of the Dead and SoE. With Maxis being the Great Destroyer for the first, some figurative power that hasn't been expressed yet in Origins, and Satan/Chtuulu in MOTD and SOE, respectively. And Weasel escaped from his dimension some how, as the plane from MOTD is seen in both SOE and The Giant. There's one universal (pun intended) theme though. And that's D O N ' T F U C K W I T H P O W E R F A R B E Y O N D Y O U R R E A C H. Dont harness 115, Aether, Satan, Cthulu, whatever. Just chill, fight military nations in Campaign/Multiplayer on fair terms. Don't be sending zombies and creating Wunderwfaffles and making deals with Satan n shit.


I just want to know more about Origins cutscene Maxis and his "plan" because the way it sounds to me, there's going to be a massive map filled with "reparing" everything that has been done since Nacht Der Untoten if he plans on mending EVERYTHING.

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I agree with you totally. I believe we have been to at least 3 universes. The thing that kicks me is, the time travel aspect. When young Richtofen stepped out of that teleporter and shot himself, I instantly thought of the movie Looper. Not that there are similarities just that time travel aspect. It is very probable that we have been to less universes and more alternate timelines too. That is a factor to me after seeing that.  The Origins universe could be melding with the original  universe now. The o4 were all experimented on with 115 so they could be sentitive like Stuhlinger was and on top of that be enhanced by the 115 to be able to recieve memories from a destroyed timeline. Crazy? hell yes. still possible. Conjecture at this point. It seems the goal is the same as always though. Try and save samantha. I may be way off base, feel free to poke as many holes in my theories as possible. Just keeping an open mind.

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