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My Zombies Escape Room Experience

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Hey guys, I was notified by@PINNAZlast week that the Black Ops 3 Zombies Escape Room was coming to Federation Square in Melbourne, which is a couple of hours away from where I lived. So being that I never thought I'd attend a Zombies related event, let alone have one in Australia, I took the chance right away. Booked two tickets for myself and my mate.


So we arrive, and I'm not sure what to expect, whether it would be in a building or built in the square. It was a shipping container with a couple of tents pitched for other stuff. I was a little disappointed because it looked so small, but it actually made it so much better.



So we line up. The staff are in character, and their accents fitted it so well. One of them was dressed up like what Campbell wears. So anyway, we're led into another room where we sign some stuff and get the Mark stamped onto our hand so we're Cursed.




We wait for 4 others who were doing it with us as well (It was a maximum of 6 people per session). Once the others signed some stuff and got Cursed, we're told to put headphones on and watch the TV. On comes the TV, and Shadowman is talking to us. I can't remember exactly what he said (video doesn't catch the audio unfortunately), but I got the basic gist of it. Nero is pre-ocupied (whether this means he's missing since Shadowman took him or not, I'm not sure), so Shadowman is asking us, Nero's apprentices, to retrieve his Amulet. I believe this is the one he is wearing, but it looks a little differently so I'm not sure. It was either for Nero or for Shadowman. The TV is just showing differently edited scenes of Nero from the intro and gameplay cutscene although there may have possibly been new footage as well.





The TV goes to black, and suddenly the guy dressed like Campbell opens the tent. He tells us to hurry the fuck up (literally) and leads us to the shipping container. We all pile in, it's all dark with a few candles and lamps to light the scene, and than I hear a familiar tune. It's the Mob of the Dead Round Start music, and immediately I was fan girling.

So before I go on, I'll explain. We had 20 minutes to escape, but before that, we had to find the Amulet. If we didn't, the zombies would break in and get us.

Alright, so we're all locked in. Shadowman greets us and is watching us. I can't tell you guys, it literally felt like a real life easter egg. The voice you can hear anywhere, him reacting to what you are doing and saying, looking for clues and stuff.

My one regret is here, I didn't take a good enough look at Nero's diary. The others had, but I constantly felt rushed for time, and felt it didn't have any more answers. I think it was only used in the first step.




I'm not really sure how we progressed in the early steps but I believe the diary had something about the pictures on the wall. On the wall, were pictures, and in the corner was two small white letters. Mind you there is over 10 pictures, I believe we had to form a word with them. The answer was Pull Skirting Board. So we look around the room, trying to feel for a Skirting Board to move. I end up lucky and find it, remove it, and Nero's Cane is inside. The others tell me to put it in a hole above in the roof so I do. Out drops a key. It opens up one of the chests. I didn't get a good look (this would've been another great one to read), but it had a newspaper that said "Local Magician Questioned Over Disappearance", which I am going to guess is Nero's wife. We also had the detective's badge in there as well. There was some writing too that once figured out, said "Remove Wall Switch". So I end up finding a knob on the wall and twist it. Shadowman confirms that's it when I start to leave because it wouldn't budge. After much pulling, I pull it out, and a key is attached to it. We head to the other box, open it, and are greeted with a pair of boxing gloves, this weird magnet thing, and this note.




"Nero is not who you think he is!! GET OUT NOW. the Amulet brings the DEAD"


At this point I'm freaking out. What? I begin to wonder if the things we find in this are canon to the story to some extent. Is Nero not who we think he is (mind you I haven't looked at leaks so I don't know anything about him, the others or the map). Anyway, after fiddling with the detective's badge and the magnet, we found our way over to the trophy cabinet, where we had to hang the boxing gloves, and place the badge in a hole. After that, three items in the trophy case lit up in red, blue and green, and had a number with them. It was the code to unlock the last chest, as it had a certain colour above each lock. After that was placed, we open it and recover Nero's Amulet.





At this point, Shadowman starts sounding urgent, and I begin to think we don't have much time left. We only had 20 minutes and I'm not sure how much time had passed since we started. He says we need to leave through the door, but the door is stuck. The gumball machine is in the corner, and next to that is a cabinet with a hole in it that says "Gumballs Only". So we start putting in Gumballs from a jar that had been lying around, but we needed more. There were some coins lying around as well, so we used those on the Gumball Machine, got more Gumballs, and it was than I realised the bowl we were dropping the gumballs into was on a weight. After there were enough, it dropped a key, which we got, which was used to unlock the door. Shadowman sounds urgent, wanting us to get out. We escape into another room, and Shadowman tells us to bolt the door behind us.

The new room is much smaller, but lit more. The wall across from the door we came through had mirrors, to the right was the spinning target board Nero threw his knives at and where he killed his wife. To the left were hands sticking out with knives on them, a giant blood 7, and a box.





Shadowman says the answers are in the blood. So, 7 is one of the answers. On the ground was a bloody 8. The last one I have no idea how the answer was found. Shadowman basically gave it to us, but I have no idea where the blood splatter was. Looking back I think it was on the roof. But it was a 0. After a couple tense moments, we unlock the box, and it's a laser. At this point, we had to guide the laser into a hole in the roof, and only than would we escape. The amulet had a mirror on it, and had to be placed in a certain spot. With some fiddling around, the spinning target board opened up.


We're greeted by a staff member, making sure we didn't take anything with us. After that, she congratulates us, lets us know we did it in roughly 15 minutes (which is way less than I thought, I thought we had like 1 minute to spare). We're told to go into another tent, where we get a picture taken. It's a gif as well, as the photographer said he's taking 6 pictures. So as he counts down, a zombie jumps and scares us, making for a good picture. I would post it, but I wasn't even in the picture :/ Literally got cut out since I was on the side, but oh well. After that, we said goodbye to the other fellas and went on our way.


I can't say how much I loved this. Like I said at the start, I just never thought I'd do something like this unless I went to America since in Australia we don't get a lot of those fancy advertisement stuff. But it happened, and it was amazing. The MotD music just worked so well, and I immediately thought the connection between the two there is meant to be. It was my first Escape Room as well, so it opened me up to doing those as well. Apparently this was a short one, there are some that can go for hours. But yeah it was great fun, anyone who lives in Victoria I strongly suggest you give it a go. It's on till Friday, when BO3 releases.

Anyhow, I recorded the whole thing, so if you guys wanted to watch it you can.



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I really hope that I will one day get to experience something like this for cod zombies, I could literally die a happy man right after doing so.

And this certainly does make me wonder how much of that will actually figure into the story/easter egg. I can imagine the amulet being an item we'll have to obtain and use somehow. I bet we'll have to deposit a bunch of gumballs into something like that too. And it seems a bit more obvious now that Nero is going to be the Ricthofen of this group, somewhat who has some idea as to what's really going on with a highly questionable background.

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