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New tactical variants: 2015

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So, this thread is going to be ALLL about tactical weapons: From tactical grendades (Monkeybombs, gershes, QEDs) to tactical weapons (Balistic knives, crossbow) 




I'm going to start with some ideas of my own: 



The laser gun: We've seen it in AW trailers and looks to be a cool addition to gameplay. I personally don't think it should have too much damage, but should constantly fire.  Upgraded it gains a charge feature: Push left, hold RT, release for a large blast, the longer you hold the trigger, the bigger the damage.  It also gains width in the beam of the weapon and one of 3 special capabilitys: 

-Medic: Firing at downed players will actually revive them, should they be caught in the beam long enough. (There is no added width to this beam) 

-Shield: Charging now doesn't result in a beam, but instead it charges a force field the protects the player from zombies in the front. You can not kill with the charger out however, you must rely on team-mates or quickly take out zombies before the field dies (lasts 5 seconds without being charged) 

- Death ray: MUCH stronger version of the weapon, by holding LT and operating the RCT one can change the SIZE of the beam, smaller being more deadly, larger hitting more zombies. Charging also is much faster. 





The tomahawk: Simple enough, you get 3 tomahawks, they are retrievable, one alone can be used as a melee weapon one round stronger then the ballistics. When upgraded the tomahawk becomes the siren's claw: Working much like a hell's retriever, the difference being one must go collect the tomahawk, after it has been thrown. It still links to other zombies however. 




The Canon: A deployable weapon: You must be prone to use. When fired, it launches a HUGE cannonball at zombies. Whipes em out, or knocks them down. The iron ball will then need to be retrieved before the cannon can be reloaded. Upgraded it becomes the pirate's chest: Same concept only multiple amo and it explodes after reaching a certain distance. 




The valve: tactical grenade, once shoved into a zombie one can melee it to "drop" the valve and release the blood from inside the zombie. Instant kill. 




The bear traps: Toss one down, let a zombie get cut in half, captured crawler does not die.  HELPFUL!




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They had bear traps in BOII campaign. I can legitimately see that being in zombies.

A good tactical grenade would be vulture gas canisters. You can throw it and get several seconds of invisibility. It's more balanced than Vulture Aid which has infinite uses.

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Box only tactical. 


It looks like a bouncing betty however instead of exploding it rises up and lasers come out from all sides. It rotates and cuts off the heads of any nearby zombies.

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How about an upgraded stun grenade? The player would receive these from the mystery box. While their uses are limited in comparison to monkey bombs or the equivalent, these "quake grenades" activate much faster, almost instantly. When they hit the ground, a seismic burst will bring all zombies to their knees for approximately 3-4 seconds. The player gets 4 of these every max ammo. This can be fully utilized for quick ammo runs, implemented into an easter egg, and would be even more helpful for a solo player than monkeys (save the player during redscreens).

Another tactical idea I'd have would be the standard combat knife- when the player receives this weapon from the box, he/she will be in dismay when they realize they have gotten rid of a weapon and replaced it with a simple blade. However, there are two different paths to upgrading this- after one has been completed, the player can pack-a-punch the knife and receive the knife with a chain wrapped around their arm- named the Scorpion's Tail ;) if the player melees, it will do the same damage as the combat knife on round one, however, if you use the shoot button, the knife will launch in a straight line through the zombies' eye sockets, chaining up to 12 at a time. Once it has chained the max number of zombies or reached a set length (ran out of chain), the blade at the end will expand into a set pattern and return, decapitating all linked zombies in the process at any round. There is a cool down for this weapon of course, however, ammo is not an issue. If upgraded without doing the challenge, the player receives Masaki's Katana- a one hit melee till round 30ish that can hit multiple zombies in one swing, with the downfall being- you have to melee.

Edited by BrayJayTheZombSlaya

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Tactical Flare

It is literally a flare that makes a crazy bright white light. Any zombie that passes within a certain distance of it once dropped will stagger, slow down, change direction, or just be generally disoriented by the light. It would last at least twice as long as a monkey to make up for its limited area of effect and the fact that it doesn't explode.

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