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Dark Hidden Secrets


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Theres possible hidden challenges and eastereggs for grief. more to explore more to find more to achieve. gl and happy hunting bluntman420kj. heres some photos i took with iphone im trying to get organized for more info and hd screenshots n videos and clues maybe but have a look at these for now. http://tinypic.com/r/2ikf4go/8     

http://tinypic.com/r/v7f47s/8   glowing zombies glowing dog floating flying heads that come out of nowhere.

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I was talking to this guy in an xbox live party today. That picture is all he has and he thinks it is somehow an easter egg or a "challenge". It's just a graphical glitch that he probably found when going through one of his games in theater mode, and how hes spreading these fake easter egg rumors. Don't listen to him, he's a phony.

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you just kept asking me how how how how and i wouldnt tell u the steps cuz you were being annoying so you left. its ok say what u want.. (IT IS NOT A GLITCH OR BUG) i have videos too.. what then?? grief? nubs these days...think they know something and criticise everything lol gotta love em. i wouldnt be on here if it wasnt for real, you.kick rocks.




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Please go away. Don't come back.

If you had a valid argument here is what any sane logical person would do:

Present minimal proof, if not all available proof in order to gain support.

Be polite in attemtping to gain support.

Provide a method in which people can repeat and recreate your result.

Thing is, you haven't.

So either you have nothing, or you aren't a sane logical person.

Please go away. Don't come back.

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the proof is the pictures and personal videos that i have that i will share later once completed or u can view on xbox. what else would u like?? nothings ever good enough huh lol...(instructions sorry) i dont have any im not your teacher..there is no arguement unless you decide to grief yourself and keep debateing this isnt a debate.. im just here relaying the secret. so please go away and dont come back. bum:p


like i said before i wouldnt be on here if it wasnt for real. im here to let u know what i know and thats all i know right now so goodbye. leave ur comments beeeellowwwww














                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           i love zombies

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I'm sorry, what photos and video?

You haven't linked to any of them in this post.

You'd only be here if it was real?

Based on your attitude it is much more likely you're here because you have nothing better to do and you just want to upset some people.

Again, please go away and don't come back.

You don't belong here.

I'll spell this out for you slowly.

Premise: You don't belong here.


Your attitude is poor (you used sarcasm or flat out insults on at least two members so far.)

You aren't providing actual evidence, just claiming to have possession of it.

You aren't willing to negotiate, or discuss your findings. This is a forum for discussion.

You aren't sharing any replicatable situations. Easter Egg hunting thrives off each player being able to replicate something.

Conclusion: You don't belong here and would be better suited somewhere more receptive to your type of communication.

I hope that makes sense to you.

Good bye.

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i have videos. noone on here has asked to see them. can you believe that? and i havnt offered to show on here at this time.. so what are you talking about?? im trying to get organized for more info and hd screenshots n videos and clues maybe but have a look at these for now. (is what i said)                          now reference to that, are you asking to see a video? and what would u like to see in this video?

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You've alluded to your possession of this video already.

Generally that would be followed by showing the actual video.

Just as well, you completely threw out the idea of giving steps earlier "I'm not a teacher" sound familiar?

Couple that with your excellent insult "your weird" and we can see what kind of attitude you have.

How you've responded to me, is nothing compared to how you've responded to Jbird.

Your posting attitude is atrocious.

Come back when you've gained a little eloquence.

This is boring me, you have no wit. No skill. You're empty words.

I recommend you gather all your data, and come back with a new account, better typing skills, and a better attitude towards those who question you. You'll do a lot better.

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ive alluded possesion to of my video? no...your wrong sorry. everything else you said im not gonna bother to read. i recommend you join the grief tourney if you have personal issues with me. your boreing. ill say it again i have given out all information on this topic that i can at this time i will present more info when more is completed. thank you. bluntman
















                                                                                                                                                           ^^ but if ud like you can add me and put in disc and ill take you to the movies.

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the proof is the pictures and videos that i have. what else would u like?? nothings ever good enough huh lol...(instructions sorry) i dont have any im not a teacher..there is no arguement only if you decide to grief yourself.

Oh would you look at that? Word seven looks a lot like "videos".

I also enjoy so very much, how every "come back" you've used on me, was just a watered down versions of what I've said to you. No substance. Just empty words. I'm sure this attention you've gotten from me, is the most you'll get.

Best of luck with your future here.

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Okay, this is going far enough. Don't insult Mega. That's just rude. He's trying to help you for god's sake! You joined the site yesterday, and he's been here for over 2 years. That's not on. He was also a Moderator, which means he has dealt with problems like yours a billion times over.

Also, making another thread after a moderator locked the last one is plain ignorant. You saw GRILL's requests for it to be unlocked. So far, what you've delivered us is a picture of a graphical glitch which was PROVEN to be a glitch a while back. Seriously, the nerve. I think you are a decent person, and everyone deserves a chance, but this is a site for people who take the game seriously (sometimes a little too seriously, and I personally am guilty of this stuff. I took 3 days off school because of Origins) and unless you can deliver definitive proof, then this must be locked AGAIN. If you have super proof, then you should have waited until you had compiled it into a good quality video before posting this. If you've waited days and days for this, I'm sure you could have allotted 2 more hours to get it done properly. 

Also, most of your "proof" contradicts one another. One second you'll be saying you won't tell us the steps, next minute you're saying that we need to go deeper here, as if you have found a slight lead, but not a full thing. Also, at the beginning, you said "The achievements don't lie" and so far, I see no secret magical hidden achievements in this game. If you have everything achievement-wise in this game, it will say "100%", not "Kinda 100%, but not quite."


Please, don't take it personally, but unless you can give proof very soon, even a half-baked video "progress" would be enough to satiate us enough to give you the time to get a perfect "guide" (which you say you can't tell us). Also, even if you think you can prove it exists, there are always doubts about modders and cheaters, so unless you provide a guide to replicate your steps, even roughly, there is a much higher chance of you being believed.


Take into account what I have said here, and if you are as serious about Zombies as you say you are, make a post over in the Introductions section to get a fresh start.

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im not insulting anyone. let me make that clear.. trying to help me? hes giveing me a brain tumor. ive showed proof to grills me and him cool now, we fixed the problem,untill im organized this is all i have for now. now do you have another problem im not the problem solver here.. what are you talking about graphical glitch yeah buddy if thats what you wanna think go right ahead no one is stoping you. but i will say it is not a proven glitch its not a glitch at all. period..your information that you reading is wrong. thats just my opinion. im decideing on what im gonna decide to do to as we go. just learning the fourms u know.

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Yes, I unlocked his thread after he provided a picture. He wanted to start fresh, so I gave him a new topic.

A lot has happened on this thread, but from when blunt man and I talked, it was clear to me that he's just trying to figure out what happened in this particular grief game on Cellblock.

He's new to our site, where we are used to long textbook quality finite works of theories. He encountered something strange and is trying to present it. I'm not defending his lashing out, but I'm just saying what I perceive of the situation - in the hopes that we all can move on and maybe just discuss if this is a graphical glitch, or anything more.

Apparently - he was feeding glowing zombies to the dog in MotD Cellblock, and the dog would change colors when eating. Sounds like a texture glitch to me, but I'd like to see a few more pictures if blunt man is willing to take them whenever he has time.

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thank you really.its xbox360 online public. but it wasnt a particular game in grief ive done this piece several times in several games. it is legit the zombies glow gold,the dog glows gold when activated, glowing zombies yes glowing then he goes all crazy and heads start flying out of nowhere and a theres music tone to it. and im sure of theres more too it there has to be. and soon as i can ill get back with some better stuff and more info for sure but untill then i got a tourney im plannin on winning..and im not that good with fourms and editing uploading takeing the pics right the videos right i dun wanna ruin it ok its a challenge and i need time. id like to hear what you guys all think also.



thanks man, give this guy some brains or a golden star.

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Did it just start randomly happening each time? Or did you do anything special, out of the ordinary? The way you describe it almost sounds like you trigger something. (Also reminds me of the LOL Easter egg for Extinction PoC). Do you think you could grab more pictures for us tomorrow?

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Blunt, I'd like to know whether you could possibly PLEASE provide a written guide to your steps? We know you want the community to figure it out on their own, but I'd like to see if we could make it occur more than once. If we can, then you've got yourself a crew of damn good easter egg hunters to get this sorted.

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in this case. i hit it about every game i do for some reason in pubs its to do with shooting the zombie right in the right place or places or something i dunno and i think maximizeing your kill or something to do with headshots and numbers im not sure but i like to do it with the tommy gun or the porters. more pics tomarrow yea bro for sure i can do that when i wake up but itll take me a lil time. im trying to make good ones not lame i have no credit yet and i plan to so lol ill take some good ones i just need some time to gather, and experience, and thought. and this tourney just came up cash $ prize hellsyah countrys vs countrys its gonna be on fire!.

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