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  1. you guys got any cool ideas or some pictures for some badazz zombie cloths and hats?
  2. i think i would know the difference of a glitch or texture fault im more experience with zombies then you. compared to something hidden in the map. lol damn u guys are funny hahahaha i thought you guys played zombies maybe i was wrong. i was way wrong. no offence to you but i just dont think you guys play zombies and i know you dont know what your talking about. when a zombie glows gold and the dog is shineing like god from heaven and changeing colors brightly like lsd and heads are flying from nowhere flying around you multiple heads from nowhere i think thats not a glitch buddy. and
  3. your a lil retarded sorry but ur pissing me off. confusing people with glitches????? I SAID THESE ARE NOT GLITCHES.so do not be misunderstood period . PERIOD. PERIOD. this is something undiscovered CALL IT AN EASTEREGG OR CALL IT GOD I DONT GIVE A SHIT. its not a glitch it is triggers to activating something greater. thank you and have a good day. bluntman does any1 else have any suggestions or comments that are positive feedback for this legitimate find claim.?!?!?!?? i have a job and a life, stupid, im not here to troll im here to find out my favorite map secrets wh
  4. next winter i plan on going to europe to see were my forefathers came from, im very interested in the diffrent lingos and terminology also lol. ive met alot of dutch,germans,brits,scots,irish i plan on learning and fine tuneing my self from you guys lol. americas lingo is very confusing and not very intelligent compared to other countrys, i agree we have too many races and diffrent talks and lingos, sayings. mines a regular white boy talk lol i was also on the island of hawaii for 2 years that really got me talking a lil diffrent. and i also did not graduate from school unfortunatly.
  5. well him calling women bitches.. hes not a very mature person than is he..hes disrespectful and immature, sounds like hes trying to act cool but really he is far from that. being stoned and around girls can be fun yes, but he is not a person id wanna hang out with or be around talking like that atleast. im gonna go look at other threads i got alot of reading and researching im trying to do ill ttyl, good talking guys have fun and stay clean. be responsible is all i ask.
  6. i would recommend smokeing pot for your first time if you must try something, or have a beer if your old enough. you gotta be 18 to smoke pot and its illegal pretty much everywere except washington,colorado,netherlands. some people with weak brains try a bag of mushrooms or lsd and there never the same after.. it just depends its not something id play around with.
  7. no lsd can ruin your brain just as much. i personally jus think its safer then mushrooms. ive done em both and they fall under a hard drug. like brain damege hard.
  8. shrooms and lsd is pretty safe medical wise. but will kill ur brain cells. i wouldnt recommend it. if i had to recommend it id say take one hit of lsd. but you havnt even smoked pot yet so your in for a bad trip. ur brain is not ready. your too young. are you that bored with life rite now? try marijuana first. tripping out on mushys isnt that cool. but when your older if ud like to, id say yeah ive done those before pretty fun time i had. but u know what my friend would say he would say that was the worst 8hrs hes ever had in his life never again. i totally agree with yah hells warrr
  9. we dont need to talk about drugs on here, i know you guys are all interested, and everyone likes to talk about it, but its wrong, just dont even think about whats good whats bad,whats right whats wrong,there all bad ok, hes saying cocaine is medium which it is, but its also hard if u use to much or abuse it shoot it up or smoke it u understand? if ur ever wanting to do anything smoke some pot and drink a beer ull get a buzz going. dont ever let drugs take over ur life and u can do whatever you please. but be cautious you dont wanna play with drugs and the devil and ur life and your future. for
  10. yes moderation i agree experimenting is fine with marijuana but dont let that gateway take you away cuz us humans are known for having addictions and craveings. be responsible and dont let anything ever take over or reflect your good life from you and you will be fine mate.
  11. yea i try to stick to just marijuana and some beers for game night lol. dont ever start smoking cigs ulll never beable to quit i cant.
  12. lol, were just trying to help, i think marijuana is fine in everyway, but that also can be a drug and abused, and definitely lead to other drugs.. alcohol and cigs are bad. in my opinion, but i do use them both recreationally, anything else drugs are bad, ive lost the love of my life over hard drugs,drugs and friends who use drugs are not a road you want to go down trust me my friend, its a never ending hell hole and it could take over your life, u dont think it does but it does.. the people you hang around with and the stuff you do can reflect really bad on some things, the choices u make nee
  13. hi i really liked this post, i think you should check out mine, Dark Hidden Secrets. its in grief mode fourm. i have alot of ideas also im not sure what to believe, i kinda think it ends on the island on grief mode. but id like your advice on this. my stories are all messed up i need some theories regarding my cell block hunt.
  14. nice intro huffpuff. i love zombies too. heres my fav perks in a list. 1. double tap 2. speed cola 3.mule kick 4.stamin-up 5.cherry
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