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  1. i think i would know the difference of a glitch or texture fault im more experience with zombies then you. compared to something hidden in the map. lol damn u guys are funny hahahaha i thought you guys played zombies maybe i was wrong. i was way wrong. no offence to you but i just dont think you guys play zombies and i know you dont know what your talking about. when a zombie glows gold and the dog is shineing like god from heaven and changeing colors brightly like lsd and heads are flying from nowhere flying around you multiple heads from nowhere i think thats not a glitch buddy. and theres alot more then that. learn before you speak. now please get off this thread or have something to add that is postive in finding out the secret thank you. now pls feel free to comment again. you do know your going to look and feel stupid once i have my videos ready right?
  2. your a lil retarded sorry but ur pissing me off. confusing people with glitches????? I SAID THESE ARE NOT GLITCHES.so do not be misunderstood period . PERIOD. PERIOD. this is something undiscovered CALL IT AN EASTEREGG OR CALL IT GOD I DONT GIVE A SHIT. its not a glitch it is triggers to activating something greater. thank you and have a good day. bluntman does any1 else have any suggestions or comments that are positive feedback for this legitimate find claim.?!?!?!?? i have a job and a life, stupid, im not here to troll im here to find out my favorite map secrets why else would i be here am i 11 years old?? i guess i am. dam dude dont talk smack or get the f off my thread. read and listen and learn. it really seems like you guys dont know nothing about this topic. so please dont defer my claim from what i know it is. just because you have no clue.
  3. hi i really liked this post, i think you should check out mine, Dark Hidden Secrets. its in grief mode fourm. i have alot of ideas also im not sure what to believe, i kinda think it ends on the island on grief mode. but id like your advice on this. my stories are all messed up i need some theories regarding my cell block hunt.
  4. nice intro huffpuff. i love zombies too. heres my fav perks in a list. 1. double tap 2. speed cola 3.mule kick 4.stamin-up 5.cherry
  5. whats some translation for the voice at the begging of the game hahaha at last... so what does that mean. lol ,who is yellow??? who is red? who is nothing? spirits,good,evil,and neutral. why would the hellhound be eating zombies, and who in the hell is his master,were does the dog go? does he ever take a shit? is he or she a stray? the dog can be possessed, and exorcised.. your the guy feeding it....can the dog do tricks? feeding and walking the dog is what i call it. i know the color yellow comes from within the red zombies but we just think or know there red i dont know... then also enters the dog. so what would that mean people? some kind of spirit stuff going on right..control,power,and possession. numbers kills headshots illuminati. FOOD. brutus also has a tint of yellow to him. now what i would try to do is get brutus by the dog and headshot him there. see what that can produce for souls? or what about a zombie yellow glow then a brutus yellow glow to the dog same time?????. the dog problly also loves meat is there any way to give the dog a piece of meat hes loves human food . its time,effort,and exercise. (its all triggers) this mystery will unlock something far greater then we can ever imagine so get to work and if you need my help in a game ill come im down. we need to crack this case asap. we need to put in work. go over the entire map and scope it out fully and come up with our game plan. but (whatever happens on this website, stays on this website). theres something very odd about the meat in grief also. ive thrown it on people before and its bounced 5ft and hit other player.. and u can see it bounce. ive also thrown it on people and they died then once revived the meat was still on them then they instantly die again. lol. also ive had the meat stick on me for more then 8 rounds with zombies comeing at me full speed untill i died.. i wish i knew all the triggers but i do not at this time. something to look into though. there is also a way to go into negitive points in grief its to do with someone dieing,traps,and box,anything to do with money. if you figure that one out letme know its pretty easy im the only one who can do it that i know of though. ive also hit the box before and got the same reaction that i got with a sniper on the roof looking at the fireworks you know.another thing i have thought of i dont wanna believe it but this may be possible only in a public game. alot of weird stuff we need to add into the conclusion,what could be the end result?!?!? a lil far fetched but id hope to get the red eye rank if there was one. thats what i want. this map is red eyed zombies... i ensure you im not full of shit im here to help these are not glitchs.whats really got me confused is that treyarch is hideing this one really really good some things i try to preview in my theatre and there disappeared so you cannot copy and try it again and some of the things will show but only to your eyes unless you have someone download the video then play it but from your lobby it only shows you., so there has to be a reward guys,i hope i have gained some of your respect. some really weird stuff goes on, still undiscovered, still yet to be conquered. thanks. comments pls. bluntman420 ill post photos and videos asap.
  6. wow audio cool thanks. hey i cant find it can you give me a direct link? i typed it in the search bar nothing came up.. ive been looking for days. i want to hear that audio story that sounds badass. is it a scary demonic voice telling the story? evp..? lol id like to hear this story so then i can tell you my story on what i think about all this.. but i dont wanna sound too ridiculousness.. lol i have alot in my mind on what i think so ill share that after i hear storyline.
  7. that may be true i dun keep up with posts an updates and glitches that much, but i do play this map alot and its 300% not a glitch. its activation.to activation to activation i think... you only need 1 zombie. its totally awesome you have to see it in action.. rather than me explain its even so hidden the theatre wolnt show certin things that you do see in the game its really really weird let me tell you.. this also reminds me of the zombie illuminati. ive always thought theres stuff hidden so deep and dark that treyarch is trolling us as we achieve. so therefor watch out, always watch your back, and dont get caught up,or you might get killed. and if something seems suspicious it could mean something greater.. so watch out, and always have your eyes open. for the enemy is lurking. . (.)(.) there watching us now.
  8. hahha yes! i dun know the story line i need to know the story line i need help with that. that would really help a stoner version of it plz. if any1 has1 lol.
  9. in this case. i hit it about every game i do for some reason in pubs its to do with shooting the zombie right in the right place or places or something i dunno and i think maximizeing your kill or something to do with headshots and numbers im not sure but i like to do it with the tommy gun or the porters. more pics tomarrow yea bro for sure i can do that when i wake up but itll take me a lil time. im trying to make good ones not lame i have no credit yet and i plan to so lol ill take some good ones i just need some time to gather, and experience, and thought. and this tourney just came up cash $ prize hellsyah countrys vs countrys its gonna be on fire!.
  10. thank you really.its xbox360 online public. but it wasnt a particular game in grief ive done this piece several times in several games. it is legit the zombies glow gold,the dog glows gold when activated, glowing zombies yes glowing then he goes all crazy and heads start flying out of nowhere and a theres music tone to it. and im sure of theres more too it there has to be. and soon as i can ill get back with some better stuff and more info for sure but untill then i got a tourney im plannin on winning..and im not that good with fourms and editing uploading takeing the pics right the videos right i dun wanna ruin it ok its a challenge and i need time. id like to hear what you guys all think also. thanks man, give this guy some brains or a golden star.
  11. im not insulting anyone. let me make that clear.. trying to help me? hes giveing me a brain tumor. ive showed proof to grills me and him cool now, we fixed the problem,untill im organized this is all i have for now. now do you have another problem im not the problem solver here.. what are you talking about graphical glitch yeah buddy if thats what you wanna think go right ahead no one is stoping you. but i will say it is not a proven glitch its not a glitch at all. period..your information that you reading is wrong. thats just my opinion. im decideing on what im gonna decide to do to as we go. just learning the fourms u know.
  12. yea letme fix that. Personal videos proof at this time.or view on xbox. just cuz u read that doesent mean ur entitled to it lol ur not the boss. so stop going off topic please. this thread is for serious zombie players.
  13. ive alluded possesion to of my video? no...your wrong sorry. everything else you said im not gonna bother to read. i recommend you join the grief tourney if you have personal issues with me. your boreing. ill say it again i have given out all information on this topic that i can at this time i will present more info when more is completed. thank you. bluntman ^^ but if ud like you can add me and put in disc and ill take you to the movies.
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