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Der Riese: Fast Low Rounds (To 50)

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Man I don't know if I'd even attempt to setup windows that early.


I was in a lobby with both Steve and Scottie when they did their 5 runs.  Scottie started on 42 or something, and it took him 4 hours the first time.  I know in the end, both guys didn't do it until past 46 as they thought it was a little slow in there earlier.


5 is such a crap map as rounds 35 to 50 take so damn long.  

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Not sure he'd want me to tell you ;) but it was on one of his practise runs.

On his first run, he needed help with just where the trap parts were!  It was one of these practise runs where it took 4 hours, and then he went down almost immediately getting cut off going back into the trap room.

I think it was run 4 which was the 176.


These guys never ever stream their first attempt, no-one is that good ;)

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Awesome, glad to see it works. Did you also test the insta kill rounds in the type 100 room?

Yes, but just have your ray gun ready, sometimes dogs create a clusterf%ck in there. Otherwise, zombies only come from 3 ways: the box spawn, the steilhandgranates, and the dt area.


Yeah I thought it would work good, you should usually be able to kill the dogs with the type 100 if there's just a few.

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