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La Source Noire


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I don't post all that much but I love reading all the research some of you guys do and its astounding to say the least. I decided to do a little research my self and found a few things I would like to point out. Perhaps some of you could piggyback off of some of it and take it much further.

Okay, I was listening to one of the radio transmissions from Maxis and heard him say that they were able to open the main tomb in the excavation site when a soldier brought a gramophone and starting playing a piece from a group called "La Source Noire". I could not find any record of an actual group called La Source Noire. I did find that La Source Noire means "Black Source" in french.

I didn't find much and thought my research would just stop there. But then I found a french writer named Patrice Van Eersel who wrote a book called La Source Noire. Patrice was born in 1949 so I dismissed any relation to the possible musicians from Origins. But then I found that this book of his was about near death experiences.


Now near-death experiences isn't all that strange of concept or idea and a book about such a thing would have some sort of dark name like Black Source. It wasn't until I went to the Wiki page for near-death experiences that I linked above that things really got interesting.

Things got interesting because I saw theses images...


Now if you ask me these both of theses paintings relating to near-death experiences resemble the sky from Origins as well as the ceiling in the crazy place. (Couldn't find a better image on such short notice but you guys have surely looked at the sky by now)

Now I know what your thinking. Okay they look kind of like the sky and whatever...Black Source... blah blah... just coincidence. Here is the kicker though. That top painting is called Ascent from the Blessed painted by none other than Hieronymus Bosch. Hieronymus Bosch whom you may or may not remember is the guy who painted this from Tranzit....

Now I say something with this map deals with near-death experiences and the philosophy around them. Near-death experience the term was said to be coined by a French psychologist named Victor Egger. The earliest recording of a near-death experience is said to be in the Myth of Er by Plato.

This is where my research ended. I thought I would throw these pieces out there for the pros to further examine and decipher. I still don't know how the root of all this research with the term, "La Source Noire" or "Black Source", which only came up with a book published in 1987 about near-death experiences relates at all. There seems to be too many correlations to just be coincidence. Someone just needs to fill in the cracks to make sense of it all. Thanks for your time and now I'm going to sleep.

P.S. I would love if someone could tell me way to make the images smaller or hide them or something to make them less atrociously large. Thanks.

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Nice found :)

But what if Maxis ment "La Sourcière Noire"? I was looking for it on Google also and I stumbled upond this website about some music....I don't know, I don't see why Maxis would mention that if it didn't have a meaning.

The website: http://witchesmusic.com/fr_happysamhain.cfm ->I don't know how to put as a URL :)

Sourcière = Dowsing

Source = Source

Sorcière = Witch

Sorry, I was tipping on my phone.

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