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Device on back of Zombie


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I havnt seen this posted yet, just something i noticed in the trailer for Origins.

There is a zombie running and he has some kind of device on his back, looks like a bomb or a controlling device. What do you guys think? Do you think it could hold some purpose or is it simply a cosmetic thing?

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Its a supply pack, if you didn't know, Origins is based on a WW1 Map, these are soldiers we are talking about...

well any idiot knows its in WW1, sure it probably is a supply pack but it looks like it has a antenna on it, and some numbers, its not the clearest picture but thats what i can see.

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well any idiot knows its in WW1, sure it probably is a supply pack but it looks like it has a antenna on it, and some numbers,

Let's not flame. I'd say it's the soldier's kit.

Also that's an entrenching tool, not an antenna.

ah okay, iv never heard of an entrenching tool. im not hot on WW1 stuff really. thanks for the replies guys just wanted some opinions

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Well the map name is origins and they said they were taking it all the way back in time to hopefully explain some things. Maybe it has something to do with how the zombies came to be, who knows. Didn't one of the devs tweet something about giant robots awhile back before die rise came out?

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The first thing that came to find was a remote-controlled C4. That just sounds like torture to be honest, but hey - just letting my imagination flow here. :lol:

But indeed, it does look very much like a supply pack. I've never seen it constructed that way, however. Me thinks it would be a remote control...possibly for the giant robots. If it is, then I will eat my shirt with a spork.

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Hmm, maybe it's part of the character model. It does look like a pack of explosives though, which would be pretty neat in my opinion. You could potentially take out a crowd of zombies by killing one strapped with an IED.

i guess we must wait for the 27th to find out for sure. but i like your idea about crowd control.

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