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  1. the podiums only appear once all staves are upgraded and ALL generators are activated.
  2. i heard somewhere, may or may not be true i dont know. But keep digging more and more after you get the helmet and you get boots, which make it so you can run normally through the mud
  3. The MotD crew died in Alcatraz, they were eaten by zombies, so they became zombies. It could of been a clever reference to the new zombie blood power up
  4. this has been known and confirmed for ages, samantha has been the demonic announcer since WaW
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -test.html i just found this article online, and as soon as i saw the tank i thought of Origins. It looks almost identical to our O4s transportation, although it does look A LOT bigger. the article goes on to say that the tank has a cannon capable of firing long distance rockets able to turn London into brick dust. When i read this i thought possibly we could be using this cannon to destroy the giant. In the Apocalypse trailer they say "it will be used for fighting off zombie hoards, and also uncover some easter eggs along the way" so if the tank is part of a easter egg, i would say there is a good chance we could be using it to take down the giant, so long as our tank has this cannon on it described in the article. What are you guys thoughts on this? could i be onto something or not? oh and at the bottom of the article it goes on about a "wind cannon" the nazis created i.e. our trusty Thundergun
  6. i guess we must wait for the 27th to find out for sure. but i like your idea about crowd control.
  7. This is either leaked information or a rash accusation... Either way, greif is a loved mode... Turned is... Less of a liked mode... mainly because the downs count.... It's likely grief is returning, somewhat possible turned is too, and very likely we'll see some more survival maps... As we haven't seen those sense Green Run.... grief really isnt that loved. i mean i never see more than a few hundred (maybe less) people playing it. havnt been on cell block for a while though, that may be super popular compared to the rest.
  8. Let's not flame. I'd say it's the soldier's kit. Also that's an entrenching tool, not an antenna. ah okay, iv never heard of an entrenching tool. im not hot on WW1 stuff really. thanks for the replies guys just wanted some opinions
  9. well any idiot knows its in WW1, sure it probably is a supply pack but it looks like it has a antenna on it, and some numbers, its not the clearest picture but thats what i can see.
  10. I havnt seen this posted yet, just something i noticed in the trailer for Origins. There is a zombie running and he has some kind of device on his back, looks like a bomb or a controlling device. What do you guys think? Do you think it could hold some purpose or is it simply a cosmetic thing?
  11. Grief and Turned are not returning.
  12. i believe that Mob of the Dead is its own standalone map with next to nothing to do with the story line. now to begin with i thought it had EVERYTHING to do with the story line. but as i learnt more about the story and the O4 and N4 my mind quickly changed. i think MotD was released purely to show what is happening in our main story, a cycle. a cycle that needs to be broken. at the start of almost every zombie game, one of the characters says something that imply they have been there before e.g. "we need to tun the power on, how original" cant think of anymore off the top of my head. but yeah, i honestly believe that MotD is just there to show whats happening in the story. but on a much smaller scale. just my 2 cents.
  13. i beleive the giant was created at Der Riese, there is plenty of info around to back this up. The only place they could house a giant robot there would be the spawn area witht the teleporter and pack a punch. Also look around the map, its half destroyed, walls crumbling. Could these be signs of a escape? maybe the mechanical man bust his way out.
  14. So, i was playing Die Rise just now and something happened i had never experienced before and just wanted to get peoples opinions on what it might be. Check it out: http://youtu.be/GLrImowJ82k For people that cant view the video for whatever reason its basically me on the roof in Die Rise, and i get a Max Ammo so i throw my Monkey Bombs. After i throw the first one i hear Richtofen laugh, like when the box moves. So what could it be? as soon as i heard it i expected to be given a pistol and no points haha. thanks
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