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new marlton easter egg in tranzit mode?

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Well, my title says it all, I'm confused at what I just saw on the bus . Idk if it because I've never looked on floor of the bus or if it was added in sneakily in a patch, but, marltons in a picture of a newspaper on the floor. He must've been pretty important to his community , there's more to these characters than meets the eye apparently.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it old am I'm blind? There's also another one that looks like boarding instructions or somethings. Perhaps there's more to find in tranzit mode now that die rise and mob of the dead are uploaded the secretbof green run will start to unfold, ya know, like the layers of an onion?:)

If its old I apologize for wasting your time , if you find it interesting share your ideas and opinions , I'm interested to see hat people think eeither way

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Hmm interesting. I'll have to check out TranZit again at some point to see what your talking about. It's hard to play TranZit after having Die Rise and MotD...it just feels so void to me. It's possible that since it's almost summer time, I can't play it because it reminds me too much of Christmas lol.

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In tranzit mode, green run. There were always newspapers on the floor of the bus but they were alway blank.with no texture and then yesterday it showed his picture and the weird diagram . Also I could've sworn there was a crashed airplane by the farm, all the sudden its replaced with a pyramid that has rocks and trees on it. There are strange going ons in green run and incidently great leap forward as well.if you look at the moon in die rise there are a series of tiny red dots on the moon..I know its hard to go back after mob of the dead but it just seems like there are things unfolding as the dlcnavcards are being collected

Banished to nuketown? How did that come to be a fact? It looks more like he was giving a public announcement or something, glad I'm not seeing things though. Any ideas why he would be banished?

On another note, has anyone else on ps3 noticed improved graphics?? It feels like I never noticed these things until the graphics smoothed out and the zombies didn't lag me anymore in solo when I wiped out trains..either way after you guys check this out lemme know what you think!

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As far as I know, there was no crashed plane, but that pyramid was always there. Also, the red dots on the moon refer to meteorites of 115. They've been there since Der Riese. The red dots also reference Griffen Station to some extent, as well.

Marlton mentions banishment in the Nuketown bunker. Nobody really knows why he was "banished," or if he even was. For all we know he was just being dramatic.

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It's indeed ps3 and I never saw texture or images in the newspaper until this post, I'm going to try and snap a clear photo with my phone.

Hmmmm flamethrower, did you play A LOT of tranzit or were like the majority that hated it and went to nuketown ? I ask only because hating a map tends to deter you from exploring and noticing things . I'm not calling you out or calling you inferior, so please do not misinterpret my words , its just i could've sworn I saw the back end of an airplane on fire where this pyramid like texture is. Maybe i dreamt it lol I had a dream about die rise where you could climb through ventilation shafts to different rooms and those shafts were the only way to get to perks lol so close to being Devine Lolol

Ahh the bunker quotes I always kind of took that particular quote for him being dramatic . In other words the explosion or something else banished him into the bunker. But it does seem kind of like the paper could reference a banishment if he was involved in the outbreak somehow. And well, he is a genius germaphobe , maybe the lab in town was his lab? And he was unknowingly bringing the fall of man to his town by tampering with 115 and w.e else is in the cccp crates in the lab.

I will go into theater and try to get those pics now.

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