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What's One Weapon That You Miss?

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The Thunder Gun, I don't care what anyone else says, this was honestly the best Wonder Weapon of them all. 'Twas perfect in my eyes.

well,the BEST is probably the sliquifier,or the wunderwaffe on waw shi no numa :) .Or arguably the jet gun pre-patch.But most powerful,and safest?Of course ;)

The efficiency of the Thunder Gun is what makes it the best in my mind. You could run relatively fast for carrying a giant cannon, when PaPed it had a decent amount of ammo, always OHK, and technically had the ability to literally kill every single zombie on the map in one blast.

The Sliquifer is only truly efficient if you're near an edge, and the DG-2 wouldn't actually kill all zombies and had far less ammo. They're good guns but nothing beats firing off a giant blast of pressurized air that sends zombies flying like rag dolls.

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-Thompson(used too but Motd fixed that :D)


-Wunderwaffe-DG2 I miss it so badly!

-Old version of the galil. The blops 2 version is nothing like it.

-Famas. I loved it but it ran out of ammo way to quickly. but i would take it, use all its ammo and spin again so i do miss it.

-QED's are by far the coolest tac grenade and need to be brought back. (seriously nothing tac wise is being introduced and its already almost Map pack 3.)


-China Lake. Im serious i do miss it. Its like that annoying bratty sibling you have but it just dosent feel right without it.

-Not a weapon but PhD flopper

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