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first day fourmans

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gt.sactown dizzle hey everyone stoked about motd like any true zombie player i bought the season pass im going to be playing as soon as soon as my comcast downloads it. but im curious if you guys got a four man ready becuase id hate to pop this maps cherry with a random so reach out to your fellow forum mate party up and get ready for motd.

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I'm looking to get a team together as well for the day of release. I decided to take the day off work (had a bunch of PTO as usual lol), so I'll probably be on quite early. I normally wake up at 5 am for work, so I'll probably be on around 6 am central time on Tuesday. Not that you'd have to be on that early, but I probably will be on.

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I'll probably skip school because yolo. I would like to get that 4-man medal in the process. ;)

I can record, as always. I'm not much for easter eggs, but if I need to help anyone out tomorrow with it, I'll try to tag along. :)

I have a tradition of getting my bearings via solo first though, so I'll probably be ready to play at around noon EST

GAH! 2 more days! So excited!

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Already got my 4 man crew. When I get back from work Tuesday, I know I'll play the shit out of it. Hopefully I can download the map pack while I'm at work, otherwise I'd have to wait another whopping 2 hours once I get home. I also patched up my shotgun ranks so I wouldn't lose it any time soon.

Anyway, you can add me if you want. We can talk about steps towards the Easter Egg.

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