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  1. gt.sactown dizzle hey everyone stoked about motd like any true zombie player i bought the season pass im going to be playing as soon as soon as my comcast downloads it. but im curious if you guys got a four man ready becuase id hate to pop this maps cherry with a random so reach out to your fellow forum mate party up and get ready for motd.
  2. no stupid elavator shafts that down you when you fall at the wrong angle
  3. Theres traps again why even pick the raygun up past round 20
  4. its possible and maybe the bolts on the side are symbolic of the lightning ability that depletes while in this mode
  5. The only problem with your theory is Area 51. We already know the USA got a lot of stuff from Area 51, so why would they need Alcatraz? But, in reality, I can't say whether you are right or wrong on a map that hasn't came out yet. You make a good point but at this point we know the us is testing 115 the pentagon and at green run its possible that alcatraz was one of many us testing facilities this could have led to it eventually being shut down
  6. I created a thread on my red eye theory and was directed here id still like to here some replies .... is my theory a sound one?
  7. So we no yellow is sam and blue is richtofen the only othe time u see red eyes is in doa my beleif is that no one is in control of the zombies bear with me now remember in der reise when you play the first radio maxis has a zombie executed because he couldnt control it so who was contolling it? Anwser is..... no one if you keep playing radios maxis continue to states that the us had 115 in the nevada base i believe the us was testing 115 on inmates in alcatraz causing the zombie out break. That is why in five jfk is already familiar with zombies.
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