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"Sounds like a paradise"


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I just saw Jimmy Zielinski's tweet about life on mars sounding like a paradise.

CNN wrote: Life on Mars was once possible, says NASA (from CNNLightYears): http://on.cnn.com/X46ZnW

then someone else posted something else then Jimmy posted

@assyriannuni @CNN @KSherwoodOPS sounds like paradise!

BAM! right there! Shangri-La is meant to be a paradise... But recent disscusion has proved that Shangri-La could be on mars! This just proves that Shangri-La is on Mars!

Thanks! This was kinda rushed but hopefully its okay! :D

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I think it was already mentioned beforehand, though I don't exactly recall if any topic was made about it.

Seemed more likes a tease towards us. I would even go as far as saying that Jimmy agrees with Shangri-la being on Mars, but that isn't a very definite answer to our questions.

You could take this two ways:

"Seems like paradise...Shangri-la IS paradise so therefore..."

"Seems like paradise, BUT..."

Definitely worth noting. Thanks to bringing this up (and having it revived), friendos. :)

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