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Building up for Final 8 player map


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I have been doing some thinking, as I'm sure pretty much everyone on this forum and COD zombie lovers do as always. Before Black Ops 2 came out there were a lot of voices saying that they wanted to see new characters. Also many voices were saying that they wanted to see more players be possible in new maps. Treyarch as always does a very good job at listening to the community and what it wants.

The developers likely did not want to have the first few maps have the original 4 and 4 new characters thrown in. It would by no means allow the new characters to develop their personalities as well. We all know the original 4 are a staple of COD zombies. The original 4 would overshadow them. Treyarch wanted to satisfy those that wanted to see new characters. Therefore, they continued the story perfectly with Richtofen controlling the zombies, the mystery of what became of the Original 3, and Richthofen competing with Maxis to persuade a new group of characters to do their bidding. It was only logical that at some point there would be some type of struggle between Richtofen's will and the will of Maxis since the beginning of the zombie story had Richthofen essentially betraying Maxis and Samantha.

My theory, which I think is plausible is that the next couple DLC maps we will continue to see the new 4 characters develop as the struggle continues to either follow Maxis or Richtofen. I think possibly in the 2nd to last Zombie map the easter egg will somehow hint at a return of the original 4 with hearing the voices of Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai during the EE. From there we will see the climax between Richtofen and Maxis beginning to unfold. In the final map I have a bit of a feeling we may see either 2 competing teams or all 8 of the characters working together. possibly Maxis will have taken control and revealed himself to be the true "evil doer" in the story line. Therefore showing Richtofen (while crazy) was actually trying to restore and save the earth. In Tranzit remember we had hints of Richtofen when completing the easter egg we were on our way to "healing the earth". It was this quote from him: "Yeah, yeah you did it. Soon this beautiful planet will be healed once more and the flesh will cover the Earth! Oh what a glorious day that will be for you. He later says "You will be the hero that has saved all of the Earth...for me to play with!" We all know Richtofen is a mad man who loves experimenting on humans. Now that the earth is destroyed and seemingly no life except the new 4 characters, richtofen cannot continue "his work".

Throughout the story line it only seemed too obvious that Richtofen was playing the "bad guy". My thoughts are that actually Richtofen is just a loony psychotic nut, but however is trying to save the earth from Maxis' hidden "evil scheme". Richtofen in a sense blew up the earth in order to save it from samantha and/or Maxis. Seems sick and twisted now, but I think as the story unfolds more will make sense (maybe ;))

We all know the community was not only asking for new characters but for more players in a map to allow more of their friends to play together and also just for the sake of having more players in zombies. This is why I think the final map will be more than 4 main characters. My thoughts are it will be the original 4, and the new 4. At that point obviously Richtofen would no longer be in his "god like state", and is why I think Maxis will then take control somehow after the earth has been restored. If that is not the case I do think that in some capacity we will be able to play as Takeo, Dempsey, and Nikolai at least by the last zombie map in BO2. In my mind how could they not bring back the original 4? I am sure I am not the only one that greatly misses them among the COD Zombie community. Somewhere, somehow we will see the original 4 again and I think its likely we will see an 8 player main story line map. I think Grief mode should be enough of a hint to all.

Thanks for reading.

Please, express your thoughts below...

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Maybe.... We all would like to see the original again! :D

True that! The new 4 characters are nice and all, but they just don't come close to the original 4 in my mind. But I'm sure Treyarch were thinking that with any successful product, you don't want to over saturate it or its gets stale....however I think I'm already ready for them to come back! :)

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Just thinking about the new 4 meeting the old 4 is hilarious.

haha. yeah I'm sure there are plenty of interesting lines that could be said between them all. some maybe to do with either Dempsey and/or Nikolai hitting on Misty. Samuel Stuhlinger being Richtofen's "henchmen" and yelling things at him about what to do and what not to do during the game and stu treating Richtofen as his guide and teacher.

...possibilities would seem endless with what hilarious things would become of it.

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As cool as it would be to get an 8P megamap, I doubt we'll be getting it.

You know how in multiplayer, you can't have like 5 choppers in the sky at once? That's because with they amount of players running around killing each other and the AIs up there doing their thing creates a lot of data. It'd be crazy laggy to have all of that going to every persons' Xbox. All the zombies in Greif are laggy enough, but a full scale map big enough to hide secrets and EEs also? Not too sure.

I do think that the O4 will be affiliated with Maxis in the end somehow, though. Samantha still loves her daddy, and she might as well stick with the O4 (Ehrm, 3, if you ignore Richtofen's body) sense she's fighting a horde with them, and would give Maxis a reason not to have them dead.

Also, I can see Treyarch releasing a big map with sections you can choose to play survival or Greif at in the end. Notice how at the Die Rise loading screen, it only has one portion called Skyscraper. When I saw it I half expected there to be another area you can choose, like "Ground" or something. They definitely could make more sectional maps. This would satisfy the community's wants at least a little, and do something that isn't bugged out of it's mind.

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I've been thinking the same thing!

Maybe Maxis will solidify and begin taking form after the third tower is activated. He does mention a trichotamus system. And I think that then, the O3 and Samantha will be released, and unknown to them, will be supporting a bad cause.

Also, Richtofen was always my favourite character, evil or not. From a thread I read on here (I think it was like "The Rise of Richtofen" or something) it helped me confirm that he was trying to help improve human life, but Group 935 received funding from the wrong areas. I also saw the sense that he was abused and treated like he was stupid, when in reality he proved Maxis wrong a lot of times. I also think that he only did bad things because of his contact with the MPD. The vril made him do some bad things.

He was losing control of his life. I also believe that Maxis is the true villain. We saw how he treated Richtofen before the zombies. Even if Richtofen didn't go crazy, it'd still seem like what would happen eventually. People are killed all the time in COD. I also think Samantha was sort of "thrown" into the situation. Richtofen actually cared for her, but she was in the room with Maxis, and he had to get rid of him. Oh well. I'm gonna miss seeing Rich in his body.

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I would absolutely love an 8 player map, especially as the season finale of zombies meeting up with the original four, that would just be icing on the cake. I can only imagine how epic that map would be, probably as big as Tranzit without fog, maybe even all the perks, the Easter Egg would probably be challenging as hell too which would be awesome.

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