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  1. I remember seeing a lot of hate for the double tap perk on many forums, but honestly I think it doesn't get the love it deserves. It also depends on what style of play you are doing. For Kiting the Doubletap perk is not as essential. It does help some in later rounds but not necessary for kiting the zombies around. If you are camping with a group then the doubletap perk is extremely useful in very late rounds such as 25+. You will notice that when you start hitting mid 20s in rounds even the heavy machine guns take to long to kill oncoming zombies and you find yourself constantly backing up or whipping out your ray gun. If your gun is packapunched it will save you until probably rounds in the late 20s, but you will again find yourself backing up due to your machine gun taking to long to kill the oncoming zombies. So in late rounds Doubletap really helps to kill the zombies quicker. Some people say it just wastes your ammo, but if you can get the zombies to come at you in a straight line and you are accurate at head shooting then Doubletap is well worth it for campers.
  2. There are a handful of factors at play here. I will go through the things I have experienced. I think each of these power weapons has its uses for different play styles. if the player is Kiting and allowing the zombies to chase them around the map then the Thundergun is by far the more advantageous gun due to the fact that it immediately removes a large group of zombies directly in front of you and knocks them away so that you have less chance of getting trapped. Many times when you try kiting with the Wunderwaffe DG-2 you can get trapped while trying to zap any zombies that may come in front of you. Now however I have noticed something about the Thundergun when you are camping with a group. Especially in the later rounds you will notice that some of the zombies you shoot with the thundergun will fly back, but then get back up. So in a sense sometimes the Thundergun is not as effective at truly killing zombies in higher rounds. The Wonderwaffe DG-2 on the other hand will kill every zombie it zaps 100% of the time. So in turn the Wonderwaffe has a higher percentage of killing with each hit over the Thundergun. So the Thundergun may have more ammo but I find in the later rounds in a camping style you have to shoot more than once to kill close to half the zombies. In terms of the "coolness" factor the Thundergun is pretty dang sweet watching zombies go flying back, but to be honest there is something really cool about seeing a daisy chain of electricity zapping through a row of zombies and seeing their heads explode! That too me is at the top pure awesome. So I personally think: Kiting style play: Thundergun is most effective at keeping from getting trapped. Camping style play: They are fairly close in effectiveness. Thundergun has more ammo but not always a kill in later rounds, but Wunderwaffe kills 100% of the time with each accurate hit. Both essentially are tied. The look and Feel of the Gun "Coolness factor": I personally think the Wunderwaffe wins it hands down for me. So as you can see they each have pros and cons when I look at them. If I had to choose based on personal preference I can't deny my hidden love for the Wunderwaffe. Something about watching a row of zombies fry. :)
  3. Thanks. Im glad I came across the site. I hope we see more clues to zombie story continuation in Black Ops soon. You have a great site here.
  4. Hello fellow Call of Duty Zombie fans. The reason I came across this site is because of the fellows over at codblackopsnews.com. This is a great site and Im glad I found it. Its good to get all the updates on here. As far as me, I like gaming of course and love the nazi zombie mode on World at War. My wife and I play that mode quite a bit. The stroy line behind it is something that gets my gears going. I think its amazing that the mode was something Treyarch tacked on at the end and it became one of the most popular extra modes in a game ever. If you would like to check out the story I wrote for Cold War Zombies...They have Returned! Check out the Stories section on the site. Tell me what you think of it, even if you hate it or like it. I enjoy writing and when I came across this site I thought I would start a story. So I started typing and posted the first part of it there. Glad to see other fans out there.
  5. 1946: The Giant factory known as Der Riese is in flames. U.S. and Soviet forces have burned the place to the ground. Nothing left but rubble and thousands of crispy smoking nazi zombie skeletons laying in the dust and ash. Some of the military forces come across the bodies of the 4 men that fought the walking dead all the way to their deaths. These were the 4 men that stared death in the face and said, "Come...come with all you can muster...because we dont fear! We greet you, death with our middle fingers raised high...". These were the 4 who didn't care if they killed today and died tomorrow. They were; The American, The Russian, The German, and The Japanese. One of the soldiers looking down at the dead german soldier, Richtoffen noticed a small piece of paper stuffed in his coat. The soldier opened the partially burnt piece of paper and all that was legible was a sentence at the bottom that read, "Respawned...I shall return-Edward Richtoffen". The soldier pondered for a moment what that meant. The world would know soon enough... As the rubble was cleared the next few weeks the Soviets and U.S. leaders ordered the soldiers to take as much Element 115 from the area as they could. The Soviets and the U.S. fought over the element but finally agreed to divide up what was left in the area. Over the next several years the Soviets and the U.S. were on a race to discover and conceal as much Element 115 as possible. No one knew where the substance came from. All they knew was that it had come here during World War II in a meteor shower. For years the two countries studied the substance and experimented with its uses. Weapons were produced capable of imense power and yet to this day no one in the world knows of this element except government operations within the U.S. and Soviet Union. The near future held a time of conflict. Conflict between Communism and Democracy. For a time the zombies went out of mind, and out of memmory due to the proper containment and use of the element 115. But soon the walking dead would once walk again... 24 Years later: The American cargo plane had reached the outskirts of Vietnam. The dozens of American and a handful of Australian soldiers were ready to land on the fronts of the Vietnam war. But, the cargo plane was not only holding the soldiers. A large sealed container was also holding a supply of element 115. The American government had decided it was time to make use of this element to assure them victory in this war. The U.S. government was not about to give up very easily on this war against communism. They were prepairing to drop this container of 115 into a base there to produce powerful weapons and to use against the North Vietnamese in the war. One lone american soldier sat near the rest of his commrades smiling about the thought of getting in this war and killing some vietcongs. He was your typical American badass who didnt care about anything. He didnt care if he died. He didnt know where he came from and he didnt know where he was going. All he knew is that he was ready to kill. It was in his blood...the same blood that ran through his father's veins...his father...Tank Dempsey. He never knew his mother. She gave him up for adoption when he was born, but he spent most of his life on the streets until he signed up to fight in the war. All the other soldiers called him, "Apache". His name was derived based on his bold behavior and savage like fighting. It is also the name of an American helicopter design said to be very powerful and versatile. It was currently under development by the U.S. government. Of course the first flight of the apache helicopter was for a few years later. Apache loved his combat knife and was very good at the stealthy rugged kind of missions. Over in the other corner Apache noticed a rough looking Australian soldier that seemed to stand out among the rest. This Australian soldier loved his guns and by his appearance he was stocked with them. He looked like the dirty harry of Australia. "Aye, Mate. Ya lookin to get in a barney (australian word for fight), bloke?", asks the australian soldier. "Sure. I love em...the bloody gruesome kind.", replies Apache with a smile and a chuckle. The Australian soldier goes back to cleaning his FAL rifle. This soldier has a very vague background, but he spent most of his child hood hunting and doing what most rough outdoors australian people do...hunt, eat, sleep, drink, and fight. He goes by the name of "Flynn". Suddenly a loud boom is heard all throughout the cargo plane as the engine bursts into flames and the plane goes crashing behind enemy lines in the jungles of North Vietnam... Moments later Apche awakes looking at the ground as he realizes his gear is caught in a tree and he is hanging upside down. All he can remember is jumping from the plane before it hit the ground and exploded. As far as he knows he is the only one that survived the crash. As he looks he can see a strange redish mist glowing on the ground near the burning plane. Its like something he hasnt seen before. Apache begins to try and cut himself loose when he hears something... "Xac dinh minh! Xac dinh minh! Identify yourself!", yells a tough looking N. Vietnamese soldier as he points his pistol up at Apache. (This North Vietnamese soldier has always been a fierce warrior. He has been trained in combat since he was a child and been taught to give no mercy. His name is Quan.) Apache quickly pulls out his pistol yelling, "Drop your weapon, you dirty viet! Drop it now!" The two of them continue yelling at eachother and cursing when the strangest thing happens. The two men hear strange singing coming from close by and its in Russian... "Oh, R ewe pa3 ONJIN XEHWNHA N noJIb3y{OTCR ee KaxAbIN AeHb!..." (Meaning: Oh...I once banged a lady and enjoyed her every day!) The singing got louder as this person approached. Then out from behind some tall grass a strong looking Russian soldier is seen holding a vodka bottle in his left hand and a Tokarev pistol in his right hand. The drunk Russian sees the two men with their guns and points with his finger at them when he says, “Who the F__K are you two bastards? And what are you doing here? You are working for the soviets aren’t you!? Well you can tell them I’m not going back! I left those Soviet pigs when my group came here to resupply the North Vietnamese. Im done with them! They try to take my Wodka! But I won’t let them! Neither will I let either of you bastards!” “Take it easy boozer! We aren’t part of no dang Soviet group. You must be wasted bro.” “Ahk! I don’t care who you you pansies are.” This Russian soldier has a familiar face to someone in World War II. This man is non other than the son of Nikolai, born from one of Nikolai’s mistresses. Nikolai had many children with his many women, but they were all girls except this one. “ The name is, Vlad. Pleased, to meet you, but I must be on my way now to get away from those Soviet pigs before they find me.”… As Vlad was talking there was a strange noise heard that sounded like a girgeling hissing and an odd groaning noise in the distance. “What the hell was that?”, asks Apache. “What kind of weird things you got in this jungle, Viet dog? Quan had a stunned appearance on his face when he replied, “We having nothing that makes that kind of noise in my country. I have never heard such a thing.” Apache cuts himself loose and climbs down the tree as the hissing and deep groaning noises become louder and much more frequent. The three men stand silent, trying to listen. A few short moments later a man seen in the distance is sprinting out of the jungle mist with his pistol in hand occasionally turning to shoot at something not able to be seen by the 3 men. A few seconds later that man can be heard yelling in English, “Aye!! Ye, Mates run! Run!” Apache exclaims, “That’s that Australian that was in my cargo plane! Guess I wasn’t the only lucky bastard to survive. He’s must have more toughness and wits than I thought.” “Run, ye crazy blokes!”, yells Flynn again as he is getting closer to the three men. The 3 men standing in amazement can see in the distance a large group of what looks like people coming out of the mists, except they are walking, running, and stumbling around in a strange manner…as if they were walking dead. Quan looks in amazement as he says, “di chet…di chet (meaning: walking dead)!...ZOMBIES!! They have returned!” Quan points his gun at the crowd of zombies who are now about 50 yards away and fires a few rounds before he looks at Apache, and Vlad to yell, “Run! To abandoned village! Follow me! Follow me!” Flynn catches up with the other men as him, Apache, and Vlad run to follow Quan through the jungle periodically turning to fire a few shots at the oncoming horde of zombies. Soon they reach a small abandoned village with a few standing huts and Quan brings them inside one with a few windows and a couple locked doors to other rooms. Located in the room are a handful of Mosin-Nagant bolt actions, and a handful of SKS Simonov Semi Auto Rifles. The men look out the windows to see hordes of zombies approaching the village… To Be Continued! UPDATE: PART 2! Jungle Hut Zombie Onslaught The stench of death fills the air as the oncoming horde approaches the hut… The four men take point in the initial room of the hut with 4 windows to look from. Vlad, Apache, and Flynn each pick up one of the SKS rifles while Quan picks up a Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifle. The groaning and hissing sounds become almost deafening as it seems like there are hundreds of them. The zombies begin to get close as they can see that they are all dressed in N. Vietnamese military outfits. These are those that had fallen in battle, now walking dead. Quan aims down his sites and pops the first one directly in the head about 50 yards away, and zombie brains splash in all directions. The other three men begin opening fire upon the oncoming zombies. “This is like something out of a F**king sci-fi movie!”, yells Apache as he blows the leg off of an oncoming zombie with the SKS rifle. “I never believed the tales, but now I do!”, says Quan. “What the F**K is that supposed to mean, Viet?”, says Vlad as he takes another swig of his vodka and continues shooting. “There was a man that moved to a village I lived in when I was just a boy. He was Japanese, and he told me of a man he knew named Takeo that was sent to fight something terrible. He spoke of the walking dead. I never truly believed the stories until now. And call me, Quan.”, answers Quan. Suddenly a zombie reaches its arm through one of the windows and hits Flynn in the shoulder and makes him stumble. “Ahk! Ya F**king, dead bastard! Ya wanna have a go at it!? Here, see what this tastes like!”, says Flynn as he raises his SKS to the zombie’s head and fires a quick burst of bullets to send zombie brain matter everywhere.“Yah! That’s what Im talkin bout, mates!” Another zombie busts through the window where apache is and tries to crawl through as it grabs him around the neck trying to bite. “The F**K you don’t, Meat bag!”, yells Apache as he pulls out his Bowie knife and stabs it through the neck once and then through the eye. The zombie falls but tries to get up, reaching for Apache’s legs, but Apache grabs the zombie around the head and with his knife cuts through its neck as the head rolls off..”RAAAHHH!! Ya like that, sh*t sack!?” Apache then raises his rifle and begins shooting again. The zombies continue to come with more and more numbers as they smell fresh flesh inside the hut. Vlad blows the head off of two zombies trying to get into his windows and then laughs, “haha! Ya, know I can’t help but think maybe Im so drunk on wokda that non of you guys are real and non of these walking dead are real. I bet Im probably sitting under a tree drunk as F**k while birds are Sh*ting on my head, ha!” “Ya, keep dreaming partner, cuz this is the real deal no matter how crazy F**ked up this Sh*t is!”, answers Apache. “We must go to other room! Better guns!”, yells Quan as he runs over to one of the locked doors and kicks it open. He runs over to a stash of AK 47 Automatic Rifles and picks it up in exchange for his Mosin-Nagant. “Time for Quan to make zombie stew!”, yells Quan as he looks out a window in the new room and starts unloading on oncoming zombies. Soon the zombies starts coming in the initial room and overwhelming the 3 men left in there. “Aye, mates we gotta move!”, yells Flynn. The three make it into the next room with Quan. Vlad picks up the AK47 and says, “oh, hello my long lost little friend. Time for you, my wodka, and I to have our threesome! Just like old times. HA!” Flynn finds an RPD Light Machine gun and lets out a loud grunt, “GRR! Oh Matey! Im going to rip me some Zombie limbs!”, and he turns as zombies begin coming through the windows in the first room. He aims and pulls the trigger, ~budda budda budda budda budda budda~ The machine gun sways back and forth shredding zombies and sends limbs flying into the walls. Apache sees something poking out underneath a large cloth. He throws the cloth off and sees an American made M60 lite machine gun. “Oh come to papa, my long lost cluster F**ker! Now its time for you to do some zombie F**king!” He also sees a SPAS Shotgun, and puts that on his back. Apache puts the M60 mounted up on one of the back windows of the room they are now in and lines up on a huge group of zombies running towards the window,…”Hey, puss buckets! “. Apache pulls the trigger as red mist starts spraying all over the jungle vegetation…”Ah…nothing like a jungle salad with zombie goo dressing. Yum!” Suddenly something bursts through the wood floor as a zombie sticks its head out and grabs Quan around the legs and starts to pull him down. The AK47 falls from Quans hands as he reaches for his pistol and starts shooting the zombie in the head. The zombie falls down below but then another comes up and pulls him even further. Apache sees what’s happening and spins his SPAS shotgun around to his front side, gets the SPAS almost point blank to the zombies head and pulls the trigger. ~BOOM~! The Zombie head disappears into shreds of brain and bone matter that splatters onto Quan and Apache. “Thanks, American.”,says Quan “Yah, later you will have to show me a swamp we can take a dip in to rinse off.”, answers Apache as he pulls Quan up. More zombies start breaking through the hole in the floor when Flynn pulls the clip from a grenade, walks over to a zombie, shoves the grenade in its mouth, and then shoves his boot in its face to force it below the hole. “Go show your friends your gift, maggot!” The guys jump away from the hole as the grenade goes off and zombie mush sprays out of the hole. “Nothing like a zombie Geyser.”, says Apache. “Aye, you blokes wanna give me a hand here?!”, yells Flynn as he impales a zombie that was coming through the window with his bayonet. Then another zombie starts trying to pull Flynn out the window. Quan gets up, and points his AK47 at the zombie’s head and sprays a burst of bullets that rip through the zombie’s skull. A large crash is heard on the other side of the room as a handful of zombies knock down a portion of the wall and start stumbling in to attack the men. The men raise their weapons and bullets shred through the zombies causing limbs and pieces of flesh to disperse. More zombies begin breaking through the hole in the wall and the men realize they need to use the ladder in the room that goes to the roof of the house. As the men reach the roof they knock the ladder down holding a couple zombies trying to get up. Quan spots in the distance a handful of Vietcong soldiers running out from a line of trees screaming as a large swarm of zombies is running out of the trees after the Vietcong soldiers. It is not long until the zombies catch up with the vietcongs and knock them down shredding their bodies to pieces and eating them quickly. “There is no end.”, says Quan as the four men stand on separate corners of the house shooting and knocking zombies from reaching the roof. These 4 soldiers are fighting for their life against an unrelenting onslaught. The zombies continue to increase and more begin reaching the roof. The soldiers can barely contain the swarm any longer, when suddenly a huge explosion rips into the side of the house sending zombie body parts everywhere. Suddenly a blasting arc of electricity is seen near the house as what appears to be a man dressed in a nazi uniform appears out of the arc, and yells up to the men, “Follow me gentlemen…it’s the only way…unless you want to give them your brains for dinner…hahaha!” This man seems to be a bit of a wacked up nut as he disappears in this arc of blue electrical sphere. More zombies get onto the roof as the men are pushed back into a corner. “As crazy as that was I think we gotta trust this crazed nut F**k!”, yells Apache. “Ya, I agree with the American. Me and the wodka are following that fritz bastard!”, says Vlad as he smashes the butt of his SKS into the face of a zombie and jumps off the roof to run to the strange blue sphere. The others follow close behind him and make it through the sphere as the sphere vanishes along with the 4 soldiers. To Be Continued… ,by Adam1983
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