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The Zombies Saga: The Rise and Fall of Edward Richtofen


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*UPDATE 9/18* Updated the original timeline Origins in full, will update with the new timeline Origins at the end of the thread. Mob of the dead will remain as is for now. Stay tuned.



NOTE: This is not a new thread. This is copy of my old thread that I released more than six months ago. The images need to be reloaded, and formatting needs to be updated (as I took this from the Vb site). Please be patient as I make these updates.

Welcome for those have not yet viewed the thread. The link in my signature hasn't worked for quite some time basically ever since the last crash. This a just a reload of my old thread which I found on the vb site. I couldn't be able to tell you how much time I've put into this thread, and has been a giant headache putting it together. I can't tell you how many times I had to go back and delete something I took awhile to write because I found evidence to the contrary. With the upcoming zombies info coming in fast, I figure it's best to get this out now and then just to continue to work as we go.

     I have always strived to provide as much in-game evidence to support any theory I have. After all, it's the best evidence. I've studied the quotes religiously. Viewed terminal files on a daily basis, torn apart CJ's soundfile videos, all in the search for answers. Over the past two years it's been a bit of an obsession for me to say that least. BO2 gives me hope we'll see an even more complex storyline that will ensure this storyline continues.

     Dr. Maxis had first met Edward Richtofen at Heidelberg University in Southern Germany, where he was impressed by the potential that the young scientist held. Richtofen however was affected deeply by a tragic accident, when he suffered the lost of both of his parents. After the tragedy, Dr. Maxis takes Richtofen under his wing, inviting the scientist into Group 935 and filling the role of a father figure.

Richtofen is grateful for what Maxis has done, and he quickly finds himself meeting many other influential figures within the organization. These executive figures however only had one goal in their eyes: building deadly weapons to arm their military. Maxis becomes concerned with the recent decisions being made by his new assistant.

From his very first day studying at Heidelberg, Edward displayed an intellect and maturity well beyond his years. However, the impact of his parents' death has affected him deeply. Though I have tried to provide him with some sort of father figure, I fear his choices may be increasingly influenced by his new found friends within Group 935.

Working under the German Imperial Army, Group 935 is attempting to create new weaponry with 115 as promised. During the Great War, firearms manufacturer Mauser is contracted by the Imperial German Army to provide the firearms needed for their soldiers on the frontline. Mauser would produce over 150,000 C96 semi-automatic pistols for the German army during the war. Dr. Maxis uses this same type of pistol, the C96, to develop a new prototype weapon for the German army. On January 5, 1915, Maxis completes the designs on this revolutionary new weapon, dubbed the "CXS".

The CXS was the first unofficial "Wonder Weapon" for the German Army. After the success of the CXS the Imperial German Army becomes even more interested in Group 935 and these revolutionary new weapons, and begin an official Wonder Weapon program in hopes of producing more.

There is one problem however, as the 115 source is running low. It is not until two years later that another source of the element is found.

September 1917. Northern France.

In September 1917, as the war between the Allies and the Central Powers was continuing, an enormous amount of 115 is discovered at an ancient site in Northern France by the occupying German Army. Reports from the frontlines about the discovery get back to Dr. Maxis at Group 935, who quickly sends in a team to begin the excavation of the newly found element.

Dr. Maxis arrives with Edward Richtofen and his team of Group 935 members. As they approach the site, a strange and ancient mound of earth comes into the view of the team. Upon the initial investigation of the site, they discover that the mound they contains an highly concentrated source of Element 115 on an extremely large scale. Also on top of the mound is a large set of rune stones, which strangely could not be moved despite all efforts.

Dr. Maxis: Researching Element 115 continues to yield unseen results. The conversion process creates localized energy fields, which appear to function as portals, bringing forth objects of indeterminate origin. It is my hypothesis, however outlandish, that this transferal of matter may actually be occurring through space and time. I believe the answer may lay with the broken rune stones, located at the mound. Perhaps channeling sufficient energy into the *inaudible* generators, to their location, may prove fruitful.

Group 935 begin to construct a makeshift facility in order to continue their study of 115. They quickly discover the electrical capabilities of the element, and work feverously to find a way to harness the power. Dr. Maxis constructs a prototype 115 Conversion Generator inside the laboratory, which was able to utilize the element's power through a conversion process, providing power to any electrical devices in the area. The test was a great success, and five more generators are installed throughout the area.

     In a short time at the new site, Group 935 members began to experience these side effects. Even Dr. Maxis himself begins to succumb to the virus after conducting their initial research, showing signs of short term memory loss. Richtofen becomes worried about the behavior he is seeing in his mentor, and makes a note of it in his personal journal.

September 22nd, 1917

When we began the site excavation, our group could not have predicted the dark path down which our work would lead us. The doctor remains both adamant and optimistic that the potential applications for the new found element are worth the associated risks. I concur with the sentiment, but feel increasingly anxious as to the changes I am seeing in my oldest friend...

Despite his worries, Richtofen continues to help his friend and mentor, Maxis.

As they continued the excavation of the main site, they eventually discover the entrance into a large, underground chamber. The team discovers a strange blue seal at the base of the large room, but are unaware of exactly what it is. Try as they might, they are unable to open the mysterious seal with brute force. The team also finds ancient text within the main chamber that spoke of earthly elemental stones, which when harnessed could produce tremendous amount of power. The text also mentions this energy can only be harnessed with what is known as an Amplification Rod. Maxis makes a recording in his audio log regarding their discoveries.

Dr. Ludvig Maxis: The ancient text describes an artifact known to them as the Amplification Rod. It is my firm belief this item is instrumental to harnessing the energy of the Elemental stones. Unfortunately, neither the rod, nor the stones, have been recovered from any of our dig sites. I feel we must push forward regardless. As such, I have drawn up plans to make replica rods based on the descriptions from the main chamber. I will instruct Richtofen to begin fabrication immediately.

Despite the extensive amount of excavating throughout the months, the ancient elemental rods are never found. Maxis was able to solve this problem by designing replicas, based on the descriptions found inside the main chamber of the mound. After drawing up blueprints, he places Richtofen in charge of constructing them.

Back inside the main chamber, Group 935 members are still struggling to open the mysterious seal within it. Even with the best tools and the strongest men, the seal can not be broken by brute force. In order to relieve some of the tension off the exhausted excavation team, someone brings in a gramophone and a record to play for the men.

     In light of recent events within the main chamber, Maxis ponders if the same results would occur at these other locations.

Also discovered inside the subchamber at the excavation site was the elemental stones mentioned in the ancient texts. Maxis is one step closer to completing the ancient elemental staves.

While testing on these ancient stones, Maxis makes a breakthrough of monumental proportions.

Dr. Ludvig Maxis: When 115 is channeled towards the ancient stones, an energy field appears to drag unknown objects into our reality. Is it possible that Element 115 is disrupting the space-time continuum itself? How else could an ancient box, created eons ago, bring forth weapons from different eras, perhaps including even our own future! Further study is needed to understand these powerful and unpredictable forces.

Maxis is now almost certain that Element 115 is actually capable of pulling matter through space and time. It is a conclusion he was hesitant to reach, but his research has proven this is indeed possible. Maxis' interest in 115's teleportation capabilities would continue for many decades to come.

As Maxis continues to make new scientific breakthroughs with the element, Richtofen's has focused solely on producing new weapons for the German Army. Edward no longer has the desire to work in the name of science, but only for pleasing the leaders of Group 935. This fact begins to worry Maxis, as he notices the changes in his young assistant.

Though Edward's work was integral to our initial analysis of Divinium the rift between us grows deeper each day. I fear his loyalties lay only with group nine three five and their insatiable desire for yet more devastating weaponry. I myself can no longer continue on this path in all conscience. Though my actions will inevitably be viewed as treason, I am more concerned with just how Edward will react when I tell him of my contact with the allies...

The discovery of the large 115 source at Site 64 led to numerous advancements in military vehicle and equipment as well. A modified M1914 captured by the Germans near the site was fitted with a 115 converter, allowing the vehicle to be powered by very small amounts of the substance.

     After opening the main chamber at the excavation site, he attempts to play the record at the other ancient catacombs. The record however does not open the other four sites. In an another attempt, similar records are played at the sites, and the doorways suddenly reacts.

The doorway that opens from the result of the record playing leads to a strange and mystical new location. Dubbed "The Crazy Place", the door led to a gateway between another dimension. After passing through a strange tunnel of light, anyone that entered the doorway would end up at a magical new location within the Earth. The small chamber served as an entry chamber, which guarded the entrance into Agartha.

[agartha description]

Within "The Crazy Place" was chamber filled withundead Agarthan Soldiers, who served as guardians of the gateway to Agartha. The guardians served as a last line of defense into the entrance, and prevented any human from opening the doorway.

[pic of agarthan guard]

At each of the four catacombs the doorways would open from the sound of various records playing, but they all led back to the same location, "The Crazy Place". Maxis became obsessed with these records and the powers they held to open the doorway, and h obsession grew even more he begins to hear a voice in his head.

He begins to hear what he thinks is the voice of a young girl. The girls states that she has been trapped inside Agartha, the location Maxis had just read about in the ancient texts. And things only get worse, when after repeated contact with Maxis the unknown entity goes on to state that she is her daughter.

Dr. Ludvig Maxis: The child's voice calls to me more frequently than ever. At first she spoke only of her imprisonment in a mystical realm known as Agartha. Now she claims to be my daughter, even though I know no such child exists! I fear my sanity may be slipping away from me.

Maxis believes his mind is now starting to deteriorate from the prolonged exposure to 115. No matter what he does, he continues to hear the voice of a little girl inside of his head. He quickly shows signs of obsession with this strange new voice, and his behavior begins to reflect the influence she has on him.

Richtofen notices this new behavior from Maxis getting increasingly worse over time, turning to the point of obsession. Richtofen is forced to report his erratic behavior of the doctor to the high command at Group 935.

May 13 1918

The journal of Pablo Marinus has been a most valuable source of information... We now stand at the edge of a brave new world. Our survey of the site has led us to believe that this location may hold the largest single source of 115 yet discovered. We have been authorized to begin work immediately...

Maxis has become obsessed, he neglects the true focus of our mission and instead chases legends and myths. I fear that the girl's influence may have irrevocably poisoned his mind. It is with considerable regret that I must report his current mental instability to Group 935's leaders...


As the war continues on, Allied forces are sent in from all over the world to the battle lines in France. German armed forces have seized control of Northern France and are gearing to release something huge. The Germany Army in WWI, under the command of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Commander in Chief of the German Armed Forces, hoped the mass production of these deadly metal machines produced by Group 935 would win the war for Germany.

The Allies quickly took action when discovering Group 935's operations, sending in three special agents to investigate the site and do recon.

On October 6, 1917, a Japanese soldier by the name of Takeo Masaki is shipped to France to join the Allied forces as they take on the German forces controlling the territory. Before he ships out, he makes an entry into his journal about his upcoming mission. The Emperor of Japan fears the world's push to develop the machines will lead to a new age of warfare. Takeo's mission is to secure plans for the country of Japan.

[pic of takeo from origin]

A month later, on November 19th, 1917 a young American Marine by the name of Tank Dempsey is sent to the frontlines in Northern France. A week before he arrives, he writes a letter about what he'll experience. The Marine Corps unit is there to support the Allies as they investigate the German's development of these new machines in Northern France. Rumors circulating describe strange sightings on the battlefield aside from these machines, from strange lights in the sky to a strange new plague.

[pic of tank from origins]

On December 10, 1917, a Soviet soldier, Nikolai Belinski, receives a letter from his homeland to partake in a vital new mission in Northern France to join the investigation of these new war machines. Intelligence states German Kaiser(Emperor) Wilhelm II was ready to unleash a new danger upon the world.

[pic of nikolai from origins]

As the three soldiers and the Allied forces were closing in on Group 935's facility in Northern France, the events at the site were reaching a boiling point. Maxis' condition was worsening by the days as 115 was taking over his body completely. And bad goes to worse, when an incident occurs at the main dig site.

During the night, an ancient evil is released at the main dig site of Site 64. A crew of workers installing generators in the subchamber breached a wall in the room, releasing an undead horde of age-old zombies onto the world. Dressed in ancient Templar clothing and possessing strange bluish eyes, the ancient evil quickly tears apart the excavation team within the subchamber.

[opening cutscene part 1]

Dr. Ludvig Maxis: When I awoke this morning, I learned of mysterious events that took place during the night. Men working on the installation of the generators reported seeing ancient figures emerging from the mound. I would doubt their story, but for the fact that by morning, many of the men were either dead or missing.

The ancient evil released during the night escapes the main chamber, and begins to destroy everything in it's sight. The camp is being overrun at an astonishing rate, and the doctors are quickly running out of options. The element has taken over Maxis' body, and he is quickly losing his battle and succumbs to the sickness. In an attempt to preserve his mind, his brain is removed by Dr. Richtofen and placed into a preservative jar.

Final entry

In just a few short months, Group 935's work with Element 115 has allowed the Wonder Weapon program to progress at a rate beyond our wildest expectations.

However, our work was not without consequence.

The Ancient evil unleashed from the mound has carved a path of terror and destruction across the entirety of the camp. With Maxis too having succumbed to the sickness, I am forced to take drastic action to preserve what remains of his mind.

I now face an uncertain future, alone.

The first part of the operation is a success, and Maxis' brain is removed. Now Richtofen must find a new host body, as well a new location to finish the operation. After receiving the intel Maxis had previously provided, the biggest force of Allied troops had arrived at Site 64. The three Allied operatives Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo are first to arrive on scene for a special mission: the recovery of Dr. Edward Richtofen.

In order to escape capture and certain death, the doctor has no other choice but to flee the site, to the relative safety behind German lines. With Maxis' brain still in the preservative jar, Richtofen successfully makes his escape.

As the doctor narrowly escaped captured, the Allied forces moved in, and discovered a site they could not believe with their eyes. Undead running rampant, giant robots, strange experiments. Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski all do recon on the base for their respective countries, and discover the doctor is already gone.

Field report. Confirming arrival at site identified in our intel. No sign of the target nor the other agents believed to be on intercept course. Dempsey. Target area appears affected by an unknown contaminant. Enemy personnel had degenerated to their primal instincts, exhibiting irrational and unparalleled savagery. Recommend all allied units set up excursion zone until further intel is available. Dempsey out."

The American is first to arrive, and confirms that neither the doctor nor the other two Allied operatives were at the location. Tank reports back to command to setup a parameter zone around the location after discovering a strange virus that has spread through the camp.

Nikolai Belinski arrives later and discovers the undead hordes that the American had come across, as well as the giant robots constructed by Group 935.

"What in Lenin's name is going on? I saw a huge steel beast, tall as the spires of Moscow Cathedral, just what have the Germans been doing in this place? My every step is beset by attacks from legions of unnatural creatures, stumbling, rotten.. filthy corpses!"

Takeo Masaki arrives in order to secure data and intel regarding the giant robots for the Emperor of Japan. And like the other two, his main target while investigating the site is Dr. Richtofen.

Our concerns of the German plan appear well founded. Huge mechanised weapons stalk the battlefield. I must ensure the emperor learns of these developments

In a combined effort by the overwhelming Allied forces, the site is contained and bombarded with airstrikes. The three giant robots are destroyed, as well as the excavation site and the majority of the Element 115 found at the site. After the outbreak is controlled, the soldiers move in to secure the base for investigation.

Each country does it's own investigation at the site to secure as much data as possible. While Tank Dempsey is at the site, he recovers material detailing a 115 Excavator that had been previously drawn up by Dr. Maxis. The blueprints would be used in the future to extract 115 for America.

Dr. Richtofen manages to escape any capture by the Allies and returns to a safe haven deep within central Germany. Fortunately, the doctor was able to keep Dr. Maxis' brain safe from harm during his retreat back to the homeland. Dr. Richtofen is able to successfully transplant Maxis' brain into a fresh, young body uncorrupted by the element.

The two doctors however are now on their own. Group 935 was dissolved, and nearly all of their research was lost or seized by the Allies. In the following years, Maxis and Richtofen would conduct research on 115's ability to distort space and time, in an attempt to use these powers to their advantage in the creation of a prototype teleporter. It would be nearly two decades until Maxis' and Richtofen produce the first concept teleporter, titled the Matter Transference Device.

1932. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California. USA.

Alcatraz Island, "The Rock", "Uncle Sam's Devil's Island", "Evil Island". The small island of the coast of California goes by many names. But to the federal prisoners locked up there during the Prohibition Era of the early 1930's, only one word came to mind: hopeless.

     Al had been incarcerated and placed in Alcatraz and was one of the first prisoners to arrive at Alcatraz Island Federal Penitentiary in the early 1930's. On February 26, 1932, Al begins drawing schematics of an airplane he plans to use to escape Alcatraz. He hopes that materials found throughout the prison will be able support a functional plane that can get him off the island. The plans take many months to perfect, and after he finally completes them, he makes an entry into his journal describing what needs to be done next.

"I've completed the aircraft's schematics, using only components that I know can be found within the grounds. However, everything hinges on gaining the trust and help of some of the facility's most notorious residents.

They may make fun of me sometimes, but they know I can do anything if I set my mind to it. I've planned enough jobs for them in the past to know that I can convince them to join me as Icarus takes flight.

Speaking of Icarus, same old story. The Editor defaced my art, scrawling nasty little comments on every page.

When I get out, I'll show him how wrong he is..."

During his time being locked up, Al finds comfort in a side project: an outerspace adventure comic entitled "ICARUS FROM MARS". He hopes that he will be able to get his comic book series published, but the editor in charge of the publishing company is repeatedly displeased with Al's work. Time and time again the Editor rejects it, leaving unpleasant comments on every page.

Al vows to find the Editor once he escapes on his makeshift plane, which he names Icarus, after his comic books. Icarus was also a reference to the character from Greek mythology, who attempted to escape from Crete by means of makeshift wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Al hopes that he will be able to prove his worth to the Editor once and for all.

His first step is to secure pawns that will help him in his plans. Luckily for Al, in the spring and summer of 1932 his old acquaintances from the DeLuca crew would be arriving at Alcatraz Island Federal Penitentiary.

     Billy Handsome was Sal's go to guy when he needed a guy whacked. No matter what the case, he would get the job done. Billy looked up to DeLuca, and was willing to do anything to please him. Billy does not regret that murders he's committed as a hitman, and even gets a sense of sick joy from it. He was eventually convicted on 116 counts of murder, and was sent to Alcatraz.

     After some short time they come up with an escape plan, and go over the plan tediously. They decide to make an escape from their cells during the 9:30 round being made by the guard, Stanley Ferguson. The plan is for Al to fake an illness, and when Ferguson opens the door to check on him, Al kills him and steals his keys. Day after day, they review the plans as they await the perfect time to make the daring escape, even playing it out in their heads.


The plan was set, but just as soon as they devised the plan, the team began to fall apart. Constant fighting and arguments lead to a sense of mistrust in the group, and the three began to plot against Al. Billy, Sal, and Finn discovered that Al had only been using them to succeed in his plan, and decide to take revenge on the Weasel. On the night of New Year's Eve, 1933, the three lure Al to the roof and with makeshift weapons beat him to death. They leave his lifeless bloody body laying on the rooftop under the dark storm filled skies. But then, something strange happens. Instead of Al's soul moving to the afterlife in peace, his soul travels to Purgatory.

Something has brought Al back to his past for a reason.

Al's soul arrives in Purgatory and he finds himself back at Alcatraz, in the Afterlife and overlooking his body inside his cell. He is forced to relive the night of his death. Unable to convince the other three to help him, the night always ends with the same original outcome: He is lured to the roof and beaten to death on the rooftop of the jail cell. Al is forced to repeat this unfortunate cycle of death and purgatory until he can change the events of that night and convince the other three to help him build the plane, instead of killing him.

     When they arrive, they begin to relive the night of their escape that Al has been reliving for almost three weeks. The night begins again with Al crying in pain to the guard with a stomach ache. Ferguson notes this wasn't the first time he's tried this. But unlike before when Al was not able to go through with the murder and chickened out, he kills Ferguson, thus breaking the old cycle.

The broken cycle caused by Ferguson's death has serious repercussions within Purgatory, and will eventually end up affecting history. All of this causes an ancient being to take notice within the Aether, which is often referred to as "The Controller".

Aether is another dimension inaccessible by any human being, only souls can exist in this world. The Aether dimension surrounds the Earth and its atmosphere, allowing the controller within Aether to see anyone at any time. There are no physical properties within the Aether: no touch, no smell, no feel. An immense amount of energy flows through the Aether, energy that can be used for multiple purposes. Not much else is known of the Aether dimension.

The Controller within Aether has an immense amount of power, having the capability to manipulate beings on Earth at will with the energy from Aether. With enough of this Aether energy, the power as controller can be used to turn back time, bring humans back to life, enter physical bodies at will, speak through airwaves to anyone at will, and reanimate dead corpses into mindless killing machines. There is an unlimited number of powers when in full control of the Aether dimension.

As Al frees the other mobsters and they prepare to leave the cell block, a moan grabs their attention. After Ferguson was killed, his soul left his body and traveled to the Aether. With his lifeless body left in the cell block and a new cycle being started, the mobsters are now faced with a new challenge as the prison quickly begins to change.

Ferguson lifeless body has been transformed by The Controller, and the first zombie is born.


After the four die in the end of the cutscene, they begin a different cycle of events than what had originally happened, and begin by climbing back into their deceased bodies inside the cellblock. After entering back into their bodies, the mobsters discuss what had just happened. Sal, Finn, and Billy are all surprised at what had just occurred, but Al (having already experienced what's happened) was not, and tries to explains one important thing about Purgatory.

Finn:Alright. Slow down, slow down. Let's think about this. There's gotta be an explanation.

Weasel: We all saw the same thing. We saw our bodies right before we climbed back in them. Let me explain something to you right off the bat. Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever crazy shit you think up to rationalize this crazy shit, remember one thing: it won't fucking matter.

The three were startled by their previous state as a soul in limbo, in desperate need for a body. They were unaware that they were destined to relive the experience of that fateful night like Al was, in order to cleanse for their sins and "break the cycle" that Al had been repeating. Al needed to change the events of what happened that night, and in order to do so he had to convince the guys again of what needed to be done. Maps we're placed around the prison, as well as checklists of what needed to be completed. It's likely that Al wrote these maps in the previous cycle before the other three arrived, but does not yet recall placing them there. The checklists match the notes he's made in his personal journal, "You know what's strange? That's in my diary... but I sure as hell don't remember writing it!"

The four begin to explore their cellblock and kill off the zombies that begin to overrun the area. As they are defending themselves, Finn asks why these zombies are inside the prison.

Finn: "Anyone got any idea why there's fuckin' corpses runnin' around Alcatraz?"

Billy: "I don't think an explanation's gonna help us."

Albert: "Don't you realize what's happening? Doesn't anything... feel familiar to you guys? I think we've been trapped here..."

Sal: "Shut up Weasel, If I say we're gettin' out, we're gettin' out."

Al is all too aware of what's going on. The feeling of reliving the same night has once again overcome him, but the other three still have not picked up on the continuing cycle of events. Al knows that this night will end the same way as before unless he does something about, but he still can't help but think to himself whether it will ever end any differently.

"Are you scared Al? You should be. If they don't already suspect you, they will soon, and then what? What will you do when the truth's revealed? When your whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Will you confess, or will you run? Where will you run Albert? All around the mulberry bush? There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide. You know there's only one way this is gonna end up. Poor, poor Weasel."

Although Albert has his doubts on whether it will actually work this time, he begins to rally the mobsters to begin looking for the parts needed to build the plan. He lets the other guys know they should follow the instructions found on the wall, "Guys, you better take a look at this."

Weasel: Let's focus on finding the parts so we can get out of here.

Finn: Listen, I think Weasel's right. I don't wanna hang around and see what other weird shit's gonna happen.

Billy: I ain't gonna argue with that.

Sal: Agreed. Let's get the hell off this rock.

The four find the warden's key, and gather the five parts found around the map needed to complete the plane. But as they get nearer to reaching their goal, a familiar face resurfaces, but in a hellish new form.

Stanley Ferguson has been reborn in this new level of personal Hell as Brutus, a new type of zombie that has increased strength and intelligence. The change in the cycle has brought upon a change in Ferguson's soul upon his death, and he has now been imprisoned in this new state of Purgatory, just like the four mobsters.

Brutus begins to charge the four, letting out an emphatic roar as he nears. One of the mobsters lands a headshot on Brutus, knocking the helmet off of the guard's head. Follow up shots to the exposed scalp drops the monsters. But before he goes, he speaks to the mobsters on the fate of their group. "YOU CANNOT ESCAPE YOUR SINS! I'M TRAPPED HERE, JUST LIKE YOU. YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF ME!" This is not the last the four would see of Brutus.

The gang begin to gather the parts seen in the blueprints: two heating units suspended underneath wings made of prison clothes and other fabric would give the aircraft elevation, much like a hot air balloon. Rope and other rigging would be used to bind it all together. Oxygen tanks found on the docks would be used in combination with a set control valves found in the infirmary of the prison keep the supply of oxygen constant.

The four are able to reach the rooftop of the prison. But instead of the three betraying Weasel on the roof, they build the aircraft seen in Al's journal.

"It's working! Looks just like my drawings" exclaims Al after the plane is built on the make shift runway. The mobsters take one last look and kiss Alcatraz goodbye, as they begin their flight through the stormy night sky.

"That's a strange looking storm." notes Billy as they begin to take flight.

The aircraft miraculously holds elevation, but things take a turn for the worse. Their flight is ended. A bolt of lightning from the surrounding thunderstorm strikes the aircraft, and they are forced off course as they quickly lose elevation. They find themselves heading directly towards the Golden Gate bridge. Unable to control the aircraft, the plane crashes over the top of the bridge, and the mobsters fall to the roadway being constructed below.

When they come to, they realize they're back at the Golden Gate bridge. They have relived this event before, and Weasel tries to tell them this.

Sal: This place… It's weird. I think we've been here before.

Finn: Sure we have. It's the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sal: New Year's Eve. It's always New Year's Eve!

Billy: What are you talking about, Sal? You ain't making any sense.

Weasel: Sal's right. The plane, the escape plan. We've done it all before.

The three are beginning to feel the same way that Al does, and realize they are repeating the same night as they reflect to themselves about the events.

Sal: "All of this for nothing? I am done with this stuff, ya hear me!? I'm done. I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I ain't playing no more. Either wake me up, or just fucking kill me already! You hear me!? I'm done!"

Finn: "This is all just a game, isn't it? A big, twisted, fucked up game. What am I suppose to do? Come to some great realization about my life? Throw myself to the ground and beg for forgiveness? Well I got news for you, it's not gonna happen!

Billy: "Where the fuck? What is this shit? The bridge, the fireworks over the city. I know I've been here before, I just don't know why. Is there something I have to do? Something I'm suppose to say? Answer me!

While the three are still trying to get a grasp on what's occurring, Al questions why he's been put in Purgatory like the others. He does not possess the same evil qualities that the other three have.

Al: "I don't even know why I'm here. I'm not like the others. Not like em at all. Sal, Handsome, Finn, they're all stone cold killers. Those bastards are evil to the core. So why me? Why am I here!? Why dammit!?"

Left without any viable exit from their location on the bridge, all hope begins to fade. Zombies quickly begin to storm the bridge, and their old fiend Brutus makes another return to harass the four.

Suddenly, a lightning flashes across the bridge, and four electric chairs appear. Their fate seems to be coming clearer by the minute. Hell begins to seem like a better option for guys like Billy and Finn, and they beg for it before ultimately resorting to using the electric chair to kill themselves, thus repeating the cycle.

They return to the prison, and a sense of hopelessness begins to fall upon Sal and the guys.


As they begin to kill the incoming hordes, a zombie's death triggers a wolf like creature on the wall, sent straight from the depths of hell. The gang goes on to kill 5 more zombies feeding what would later be discovered as The Beast, a reference to Cerberus, the 3 headed doglike creature that guarded the gates of hell, stopping the living form entering and the doomed souls from escaping.

     The name describes exactly what the weapon is used for. The Native American weapon held supernatural powers, forcing the souls of the zombies killed by it to travel to hell to be redeemed by The Controller. However, upon these souls being retrieved by the tomahawks, they are only sent back into Alcatraz to face the mobsters.

The gang doesn't know what to do. They are forced to redo the events of the past cycle and rebuild the plane, even with doubts it'll actually make a difference. Reluctantly, they search the prison to find the fuel cans, which would be needed to refuel the "engine" of their aircraft. After they refuel the plane, they're ready to once again attempt their escape from the island.

They board the plane yet again, and begin their fateful flight. And again, the storm strikes the plane, sending it into the Golden Gate bridge. All four of the members begin to understand why they're there.

Finn: We're not ever getting out. Not now. Not ever.

Billy: Why do we keep doing the same shit over and over? Are we in hell?

Sal: I don't think so. I don't think hell knows what to do with us.

Weasel: We're in purgatory.

And just like the events of the past, the others start to suspect Weasel might somehow be behind it.

Sal: "I got it now Weasel, I know what you did. You shoved something into my food. Something to make me hallucinate all this. What I don't know, is why? Yeah, I get it Weasel, and you can be damn sure you get it too! Soon as I wake up."

Finn: "It can't be like this forever. There has to be a way to break the cycle. What did I do wrong? How do I put things right? What the hell do you want from me?"

Al: "They all think its me. They think I did something to them. They're thinking "another scheme, some roost, a game. I didn't do anything, why won't they believe me? I just want to understand!"

The cycle continues, as the mobsters are ultimately overrun at the bridge and forced to enter the electric chairs to return to purgatory and into their empty bodies at Alcatraz. Upon their arrival at the prison, one of the souls notices a glowing skull while in the afterlife. When they return to their bodies, the skull has dissapperead. One of the mobsters however decides to throw the Hell's Retriever at the location, and the skull is pulled from the afterlife.

     Al was familiar with this weapon, and had seen it before. He was also aware of a way to upgrade the weapon with parts found in the prison. The result is an Acid Gat, a gun capable of spraying a highly corrosive acid with the pull of the trigger. Before leaving the room, The Controller announces himself, and warns the prisoners of their impending doom. "Prisoner 872, your time is up!".

After acquiring the Blundergat and leaving the Warden's office, a new doorway can be seen while in the afterlife leading to a narrow hallway behind a group of cells. Within the hallway, a spork can be found on the ground near a skull. One of the souls zaps the spork, and it's returned to the cafeteria from which it came. When they arrive back at the office, another Hell's Retriever is throw at the spork, pulling it from the afterlife and into the arms of the mobsters.

Ready to make what they hope will now be their final flight from Alzatraz, they begin to refuel the plane. After acquiring all five gas cans, they get the engine's refueled and ready for takeoff. With their hopes up that things will change, they depart from The Rock. "We're going down again!?" shouts Al as the plane is struck by lightning. To the four's dismay, the plane crashes into the Golden Gate bridge again, and they find themselves stranded at the bridge.

Sal: "Fuuuck. What do you want from me, huh? Oh no, oh no is this it? Is this all there is? I escape, but then I don't escape? Somebody? Am I suppose to learn something from all this? Answer me damn you!"

Billy: "How do I stop this? What am I suppose to do? I don't understand! I can't change what I've done, so you might as well just end this. Kill me, kill me right here right now, I'm not afraid to die!"

Al: "Is it the other? Are they behind this? No, it doesn't add up. How could they be? What am I dreaming? Am I dead? Do I just need to wake up, and all this ends? I need an answer, something that makes sense!

Finn begins to question what has brought all this to Alcatraz, and what has caused the evil events that have been occurring, and recognizes the Warden and Ferguson might be behind it.

Finn: "How's my more times? What do I need to understand? This is some kind of black magic voo doo shit?! Someone make this all happen? The warden? Was it the stuff in his office that caused all this? I wanna know the truth. I wanna know who's behind this. I wanna know what they want. Is it cause of the guard we shanked? What was so special about him? What made him different? I can't change the past, I wish I could but I just can't."

The four have now repeated the cycle for a third time without success, and it would seem that nothing can ever be done do change what happened and fix the past. Al has now completed the three stages of redemption in order to repent for his sins and fix the mistakes of the past. He is now ready to return to the bridge for a final time.

And after gathering up the fuel cans, that is exactly what they do.

This time however, the four enter the afterlife before boarding the plane to escape. This would serve as a crucial step in order to escape Alcatraz. When they make their journey across the bay, they arrive on the bridge to find their empty bodies in the electric chairs. Instead of repeating the cycle of dying at the bridge and reviving themselves back at Alcatraz, they die at Alcatraz and revive their empty bodies at the bridge. This process is able to reverse the occurring cycle, and as a result Al is able to break the cycle, and escape Purgatory.

But he's not free quite yet. In order to fully redeem himself for the events of the past, he must kill his murderers in order to stop the cycle from repeating. Al is not sure why he has been chosen, but the others have reached the conclusion that Weasel is at fault. And like the events of the night when Al was originally killed, the gang turn on him. As the zombies begin to crowd the bridge and the final showdown is taking place, the three notices the zombies and Brutus are not going after Al.

Finn: "Look who's pal-ing around with the Weasel."

Weasel: "No, no. I didn't do nothing! I'm not the bad guy."

Finn: "You're gonna die for real this time!"

Al Arlington as now fallen out of the sights of the Controller after repenting for his past sins, and the zombies and Brutus react by going for the other three mobsters on the bridge. With the end in sight, the Weasel begins to fire upon his betrayers, seeking the the revenge he so rightfully deserved. With the help of the distraction that the zombies presented, Al is able to kill all three of the mobsters that had once left him bleeding to death on the roof of Alcatraz.

Immediately after Al kills the last mobster, the zombies fall to the ground, and the battle for redemption is over as Al escapes the grasps of the Controller and Purgatory. Sal, Finn, and Handsome are left to answer to The Controller.

1939. Lower Silisia, Near Breslau, Germany

The year is 1939, and Ludvig Maxis and Edward Richtofen are back in Germany.

Group 935 has been restructured. A facility in central Germany known as Der Riese ("The Giant") was chosen as the new site for the group. Gathering the best scientists from around the world, the goal of the scientific group was to improve the human condition. Dr. Ludvig Maxis is the leader of Group 935, and places his old friend Dr. Edward Richtofen as his primary assistant. Der Riese was the host of Die Glocke ("The Bell") project among other things. Dr. Maxis addresses his newly chosen members, and makes his introductory speech:

Dr. Maxis:"Gentlemen, allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you group nine three five. This is a prestigious moment in the history of our race. You represent the future of technological advancement. You are the pioneers of human discovery. In your hands lies the destiny of mankind. In our hands is a great power and with that power comes a price. You have volunteered to be part of this great experiment and with that decision comes the responsibility of absolute secrecy. No one is to know what you do, where you work, what our research has discovered, or what our purpose will be. You will have no further contact with your governments or with your families. Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to Group 935 is absolute. In your lockers you will find your field ops manual which will direct you should our manifesto get compromised. We cannot afford to let this power fall into the wrong hands and therefore the field ops manual should be considered your bible. Make your preparations now. A new dawn is beginning for mankind.

While both Maxis and Richtofen were old friends and had worked towards this same goal early in Group 935's inception, they were two very different people.

Ludvig Maxis is the founder of Group 935 which he started to conduct research that would improve the human condition. Stubborn in nature and very impatient, Ludvig Maxis was not the most social of people, preferring his work in the lab over all else. Everything except for his daughter, that is.

Samantha Maxis was born in the mid 1930's. After her mothers death, Maxis vowed to keep Samantha safe at all times, taking her wherever he went. He brings Samantha, who is around 6 years of age at the time, to the newly formed Der Riese facility.

Dr. Edward Richtofen, known affectionately as "The Butcher" to his victims as they scream in agony moments before he snuffs out their light. All through his career, Richtofen has been at the forefront of torture and information extraction research. Richtofen is an incurable sociopath and sees no moral distinction between natural death and murder; the victim is the victim, regardless of how their demise manifests itself.

Doctor Richtofen has a collection of stuffed animals, most of them posed in positions of terror at the instant of their death."

Edward Richtofen's sadistic nature and sociopathic tendencies were instilled in him from a lifetime of death, most likely stemming back to psychotic behavior displayed as a child. Richtofen takes joy in his kills, and he'll soon find himself on a path of death and destruction as he begins his work with Maxis.

Der Riese Facility. December 4, 1939

At the beginning of Group 935's research, Dr. Richtofen is in charge of creating a working MTP teleporter, as well as designing and creating a new weapon, the Wunderwaffe DG2. Maxis' main focus will be to create a way to control the undead minds of the zombies infected with Element 115.

The MTP, or Matter Transference Prototype, was the first prototype teleporter created by Maxis, Richtofen, and other members of Group 935. The first MTP was a small scale device, but served as a stepping stone to much larger teleportation devices in the future. The MTP is fueled directly from an Element 115 source. The energy that Element 115 produces is vital for completing the teleportation process successfully.

On December 4, 1939, Dr. Richtofen with the help of another 935 scientist, Dr. Schuster, continue their testing of the MTP. After more than a hundred failed attempts, the two scientists decide to dial down the weight of the test subject. They decide to test on a walnut to prove that teleportation is actually possible.

Edward Richtofen: "Log entry 38. Date: September 4, 1939. The matter transferring prototype is prepared for test run number 151. We have now reduced our test subject's mass to prove that this is possible. Dr. Schuster, please give an overview."

Dr. Schuster: "Yes Dr. Richtofen. We have a new test subject, a walnut, weighing in at 10 grams. The target platform is now at three feet with no obstructions. We have one microgram of the element which, according to our calculations, will be entirely used up during the test."

Edward Richtofen: "Excellent Dr Schuster. Commence test number 151."

Dr. Schuster: "Yes, Doctor. Please insert your earplugs."

(Buzzing, whizzing, clanging, and propelling are heard)

Dr. Schuster: "Good God! We've done it! We have powered a prototype. And it moved a walnut directly from the prototype device into the receiving device. It moved instantly. It... it teleported."

Edward Richtofen: "Get me Dr. Maxis immediately!" [/

The test is a success, and the walnut is teleported thirty feet away from his original location. Finally, teleportation was a success. Richtofen believes a big breakthrough has been made in moving forward with the production of the MTP, and is anxious to inform Maxis of the great news.

Ludwig Maxis: "But this is not the crucial experiment you were supposed to be working on..."

Edward Richtofen: "With all due respect, Doctor Maxis, this is a breakthrough of unimaginable proportions."

Ludwig Maxis: (Sarcastically) "What? That you moved a walnut a few feet? Yes, Edward, we will improve the human condition by revolutionizing the walnut industry. I can see it now: 'Edward's Walnut Delivery."

Edward Richtofen: "Don't be obtuse."

Ludwig Maxis: (Angrily) "How dare you call me that! We are at war, Edward! (slightly calmer) I will admit that there is promise here but until this war is won..."

Edward Richtofen: "Correct me if I'm wrong, Doctor Maxis, but Group 935 is a research organization with what was the motto to improve the human condition. What business of ours is it?"

Ludwig Maxis: (In a defeated voice) "Fine, Doctor Richtofen, I will let you in on a little administrative secret: we are finalizing a deal with the Nazi party. We need funding, we need equipment, they need new weapons. Chances are this war will end soon with a treaty or two and we will be in a much better position to help the world."

Edward Richtofen: "Are you certain this won't cause massive defections? We have scientists from all over the world working with us."

Ludwig Maxis: "That is why it is with the utmost confidence that I share this with you. No one will know of this. This is simply the breaking of an egg to make an omelet."

Edward Richtofen: "Think of the tactical advantage we will have..."

Ludwig Maxis: "Think of the cost, think of the time! We can provide the Nazis tactical expertise in various areas without putting all our eggs in your (angrily) walnut basket. Good day, Edward, and get back to your real work."

(Feet hitting the ground and a door slamming can be heard)

Edward Richtofen: "What a jerk. I think Doctor Maxis has lost his perspective. No matter... we will do this on our own and publish the findings before he has a chance to..."

Dr. Schuster: "You're not suggesting that Dr. Maxis would steal this technology and perfect this without us, are you?"

Edward Richtofen: "I would by no means discourage that thought. Great scientists must stick together and achieve great science."

However, Dr. Maxis is not impressed by Richtofen's so-called "breakthrough". Maxis criticizes Richtofen's accomplishments, and insists that bigger strides need to be made if the war will be won in their favour.

     Edward is concerned this might cause problems within Group 935, as there are scientists from all over the world within the organization, but ends up playing along with Maxis' reasonings for the Nazi backing. Maxis tells him to get back to developing a working MTP, one capable of more than walnuts.

     Foolishly, Richtofen decides to touch the ancient pyramid, and recieves a sharp shock from the cold surface. A moment later, he bangs on the Vril pyramid again, but this time he does not get shocked. It's at this point that Richtofen first begins to hear the voices for the first time. Richtofen hears a voice with him in the dark cave within the Moon. The darkness of the room makes it impossible to see, but Richtofen assumes it's Schuster in the room with him. However, all he is hearing is whispers from the voices in his head. These dark voices will continue to haunt Richtofen throughout the years.

     When he arrives at the temple, the water of the nearby river can be heard in the background, and what sounds like a local tribe approaching him. It's unknown exactly what happens when Dr. Richtofen first arrives at Shangri La, but during his visit he manages to convince the local people of the jungle temple that he is a god. In honor of Richtofen's god-like presence among them, they build a shrine in his honor at the entrance of the temple chamber.

     Richtofen is gone for more than two weeks. It's not until 19 days after he was first teleported that Richtofen arrives back at Der Riese. Schuster is in one of the facilities pondering the doctor's disappearance and is debating on scraping the MTP, when Richtofen suddenly bursts through the doors.

Der Riese. January 23, 1940

Dr. Schuster: "Log Entry 43. Date: January 23rd, 1940. I cannot be certain what happened to Dr. Richtofen. Once the test was commenced, he just disappeared from the machine into thin air. I have searched the area for days and have no evidence that he is anywhere. I am afraid I might have to scrap the-"

(Banging is heard)

Edward Richtofen: "Don't stop anything. We have done something, something wonderous. Shhh. Do you hear them?"

Dr. Schuster: "Dr. Richtofen, you're alive!"

Edward Richtofen: "I'm more than alive, Mr. Scheuster. Is the device still intact?"

Dr. Schuster: "Yes, but, what happened to you?"

Edward Richtofen: "Aaah, something wunderbar! That chamber was incredible, the wonders we could learn!"

Dr. Schuster: "What are you talking about? Are you alright?"

Edward Richtofen: "Get in the matter transference prototype, Dr. Schuster. We have work to-"

Richtofen is already showing signs of something influencing his actions, and is continuing to hear these mysterious voices in his head. Schuster notices Richtofen's unusual behavior and questions the doctor's health. Richtofen tells Schuster of a big discovery he's made, and insists the scientist get in the MTP so Richtofen can bring him up to speed.

Richtofen has devised a twisted plan.

During his time at the Moon and Shangri-La, he learned about the Aether dimension and the capabilities of The Controller that rules within the Aether. He learned that the Vril Pyramid on the Moon is a direct way to become The Controller within Aether. However, whilehe knows the purpose of the Vril pyramid, he does not yet know how to access the ancient machine.

The first step in his plan will be to build a secret base on the Moon to conduct further research on the Vril pyramid. But he will not be able to accomplish this feat alone...

Griffin Station. January 1942.

The year is now 1942. Two years have passed since Richtofen first teleported to the Moon. Griffin Station, the Moon base constructed to conduct their research on the Vril pyramid, was complete. Materials were secured and sent to Griffin Station by a variety of chosen Group 935 members.

These chosen members would go on to live double lives within the organization, working for Maxis and Group 935 at Der Riese, as well as secretly for Dr. Richtofen at Griffin Station.

Dr. Richtofen: "Gentlemen, for two long years we have toiled here and at Eagle's Nest to build up fortifications. For two long years we have taken equipment to build up our labs. For two long years we have worked under Group 935, believing that Dr. Maxis truly wants to help the world. For two long years we've led a double life. Today, that all ends."

(Inaudible conversing is heard from crowd and continues through Richtofen's speaking.)

Dr. Richtofen: "I bring to you what this project is all about. What I have worked to keep from my enemy."

Dr. Groph: "What is it Dr. Richtofen? It looks alien."

Dr. Richtofen: "It is an ancient vril machine. And you, Dr. Groph, are now the lead scientist here at Griffin Station."

(Applause for Dr. Groph is heard.)

Dr. Richtofen: "You will be the one to discover how it works."

(Applause ends.)

Dr. Groph: "We first must discover what it does."

Dr. Richtofen: "Nein, Dr. Groph, I know what it does. It is a direct connection to another dimension."

(Crowd begins conversing again.)

Dr. Groph: "Preposterous!"

Dr. Richtofen: "No more preposterous than teleporting all of you to (Static) Griffin Station."

Dr. Groph: "Is it (*Static*) How do you know what it does?"

Dr. Richtofen: "I found many interesting vril artifacts here. I have decoded them and all signs point to this device being a stable gateway to the Aether"

(Loud conversing again)

Dr. Schuster: "Dr. Richtofen, I am aware of a project being run by Dr. Maxis at Der Riese concerning vril."

Dr. Richtofen: "As am I. I am going back to my port at Group 935 to continue the charade. I will be figuring out just how much information Dr. Maxis has (*Static*) Once the machine is operational, I will enact my plan and return. Gentlemen, let the games begin."

(Applause is heard.)

Dr. Richtofen: "Shhhh, the voices are so loud!"

Richtofen's first step in his plan is complete. Griffin Station is operational, and he now has a group conducting research on the Vril pyramid, or the Moon Pyramid Device (MPD) as Griffin Station members would come to call it. A former 935 scientist, Dr. Groph, is placed in charge of leading the research on the pyramid.

While Groph is in charge at Griffin Station, Richtofen begins the next step in his devious plan: Get rid of Dr. Maxis. He travels back to Der Riese to begin the act. Richtofen is also informed that Maxis is currently working on a project at Der Riese concerning Vril, and leaves to see what Maxis knows about the matter.

Richtofen has devised a plan for how to dispose of Maxis, but he must first play along with Maxis' tests until the moment is right.

Der Riese. January, 1942.

Back at Der Riese, Richtofen is proceeding with his plan, putting on an act during the first of the human testing of the Matter Transference Device by Dr. Maxis. The first two subjects die during the experiment put on by Maxis and Richtofen, as well as the third subject.

Dr. Maxis: Initiating test number 3. Subject is within the test chamber. Activate power.

*Teleporter is activated*

Dr. Richtofen: Oh... oh my god!

Dr. Maxis: Get a hold of yourself and clean that up! Test number 3 unsuccessful. Test subject has been reduced to the same state as previous subjects. CLEAN UP THE TEST CHAMBER AND RECALIBRATE THE SYSTEM! Let's do it again.

Dr. Richtofen: Yes, Doctor.

The tests are a failure for a reason. It is Richtofen that is entering in the specifications of the test, being ordered to do so by Maxis. But what Maxis was unaware that Richtofen was purposefully sabotaging the test. Richtofen, already well aware of how the teleporter worked after years of experience, entered the wrong data to sabotage the tests.

Resources are now beginning to run low on Element 115 at Der Riese. The next few tests begin to deplete the supply of the Element to very low levels. The testing of the MTD begins to slow as a result.

     Richtofen, still in charge of calibrating the system, sabotages the coordinates on the test once again, and sends the dog to Aether. Maxis' test fails yet again, but Richtofen's test is successful, and the dog is sent to Aether. This test will serve as a trial run for Richtofen's future plans of betrayal against Maxis.

*Dog barking*

Dr. Maxis: Edward tie the damn thing down. We can't have it running around during the test.

*Dog whimpers*

Dr. Richtofen: It's tied down now, Doctor Maxis.

Dr. Maxis: Initiating test number 5. Subject is within the test chamber. Activate power.

*Teleporter is activated*

Dr. Richtofen: Searching for vitals. No reading Doctor. And, the subject... has disappeared. Doctor Maxis, we've done it!

Dr. Maxis: Don't be foolish! Test number 5 is unsuccessful. Subject has vanished, yes, but has not reappeared at the mainframe. RECALIBRATE THE DAMN SYSTEM NO-!

Maxis becomes frustrated with the results. He cannot understand what is happening to the subjects after leaving the starting platform. He discusses the results with Richtofen, and Richtofen tells Maxis that the subject are actually moving through time, not space. Maxis makes note of his discussion with Edward in his personal journal.

After years of working with the Element and dealing with the voices in his head, Richtofen begins to show the side effects of 115 radiation. Maxis notices this, but continues to work with the doctor on their projects.

With the fifth test being a failure, the testing of the MTP must now be put on hold. There is no longer a large enough supply of Element 115 left to proceed with the MTD testing, and the small supply remaining will need to go towards finishing the DG2.

Due to the low supply of funds coming in from the Reichstag High Command, Richtofen and Maxis now focus on building the new wonder weapon for the Nazis. They must focus solely on completing the Wunderwaffe DG2 in order to receive more funding for the MTD testing. They must deliver on their word and reassure the Nazi Party they are worthy of their continued funding. Edward Richtofen is put in charge of building the DG2, and in a short amount of time, Richtofen is able to complete the first prototype.

Maxis enters the specifics of the prototype in the data terminal for further reference.


Wunderwaffe DG-2 Summary

Prototype developed by Doctor Edward Richtofen, origin Der Riese Facility

Powered by Element 115, the DG-2 carries 200K amperes of chained electrical energy.

Effects consist of electrical current output that creates a chain reaction from initial target up to 10 subsequent targets within a 5 yard radius.

Minimal loss of power with use, 8 second reload time.

Next generation DG-3 JZ currently under development.

The initial testing of the DG2 prototype exceed all expectations, but Group 935 begins to run into a shortage of funds. Maxis attempts to contact the Reichstag High Command of the Nazi party in order to recieve more funding for his organization, as well as address the need for a regular supply of Element 115. He writes a letter and gives it to his assistant Sophia to deliver to the Reichstag High Command.

Dr. Maxis: Sophia, this letter is to go to the Reichstag High Command immediately. Gentlemen, it is with the utmost urgency that I draw your attention to the lack of funding being injected into The Giant project. While I believe we are close to realizing the ultimate plan, we still have several years of development before it is ready. It would be folly to cut our expenditure so early in our development.

As you know, early tests on the DG-2 have easily outperformed expectations and we fully anticipate mass producing the Wunderwaffe within the next few years. Work on the matter transference has however come to a standstill. We simply do not have enough Element 115 to continue the experiments. The test subjects have survived teleportation but are currently unresponsive to commands and cannot be controlled. If we are to overcome this obstacle we need to increase the frequency and size of the experiment.

To this end, I suggest we not only find a regular supply of 115, but that we also find a larger conduit to channel the energy. Our operatives in America have informed us that the US has a large supply of the element at the Nevada base, so time is of the essence if we are to stay ahead of them. This cannot be done if you cut the budget, nor can it be done if you insist on pressuring us into action before we are ready. I am of course available for discussion of the matter but in the meantime, I will continue with the work here and try to win this damned war. Signed etc. etc. Doctor Maxis.

Shortly after Maxis sends out the letter, reports begin to come in from Group 935 operatives about a new Element 115 meteor recently discovered in the Japanese swampland.

So while Maxis stays at Der Riese to work on programming the undead army, Richtofen is sent in with other Group 935 members to the Rising Sun Facility at Shi No Numa to investigate the claims.

Shi No Numa Facility, Japan. 1942-1945.

Richtofen and the other Group 935 members arrive in the swampland to investigate the mysterious claims, and discover the Element 115 meteor outside of a Japanese communications base, just like the reports had described.

The Shi No Numa meteor was a vital new source for Element 115. With the discovery, Group 935 could now continue their testing of the MTD. Back at Der Riese, Maxis enters the newly revised list of all known Element 115 locations.


Locations of Element 115: Rising Sun Facility (Shi No Numa), Tunguska, Groom Lake, Der Riese Facility, The Moon (Confirmed via Astronomical Team)

Uses of Element 115: Transporter technology, power source for DG-2, general weapon upgrades via Pack a Punch, reanimation of dead cells via inherent electrical properties.

A raid was performed by Group 935 with the help of the German forces in order to secure the Japanese communications base for their own personal use. During the seizure, blueprints are found for a strange new gun, codenamed the "Ray Gun". The design incorporated the use of microwave technology, and was powered directly by Element 115. The design blueprints are sent back to Maxis at Der Riese for further study.

Der Riese Facility, Germany. 1942-1945

While Richtofen is away at Shi No Numa, Maxis is left with the task of discovering a way of controlling the undead. The Nazis believe that if it's possible to control the minds of these zombies, they can create an undead army that could help them take over the world. Maxis however has his doubts it will work when he first begins his brainwashing attempts on the Zombies at Der Riese.

During the initial testing, the subjects struggle to respond to commands. Time and time again, the zombie must be killed when it stops listening to commands and attempts to kill the scientist.

Dr. Maxis: Stand up.

*zombie moan*

Dr. Maxis: Stand up!

*zombie moan*

Dr. Maxis: Good. Look at me.

*snaps fingers*

Dr. Maxis: Over here! Good. Now walk forward.

*zombie moans and begins to walk*

Dr. Maxis: Excellent. Further. Keep coming.

*zombie hitting something*

Dr. Maxis: It's all right. Stay there.

*zombie screams*

Dr. Maxis: Calm down. I order you...

*zombie screams*

Dr. Maxis: Kill it!

*two gunshots and zombie dies*

Dr. Maxis: Bring me another.

Maxis is frustrated with the lack of results. He determines that if he is going to be able to control the minds of the undead, they must be brainwashed extensively. Maxis would need a projector large enough to brainwash multiple subjects at one time, and it was determined that an Nazi-controlled theater in central Germany would be a perfect location for the testing.

Also during his time at Der Riese, Maxis was able to build a working Ray Gun prototype based off of the blueprints taken from Shi No Numa. The gun fired burst of green plasma energy, and was extremely lethal. The only issue with the Ray Gun was that it was dangerous to the user, causing significant damage when used in short proximity. This issue would be addressed by Dr. Max Porter, a Group 935 scientist that would produce an updated version, dubbed the X2. The weapon was a big success for Maxis, and he enters the specifications of the weapon into the Der Riese terminal after it's completion.


Ray Gun Summary

Prototype developed by Doctor Ludwig Maxis, origin Der Riese Facility

Based on designs seized from Rising Sun facility at SNN

Powered by Element 115, the Ray Gun works on microwave technology, and discharges a burst of green plasma energy between 220 and 230V.

Second Generation currently under development by M. Porter to reduce excessive peripheral damage.

With the development of the Ray Gun complete, Dr. Maxis leaves Der Riese to an alternate Group 935 test facilities to continue his research. He hopes to further advance the brainwashing of the undead subjects, as they seem to be impossible to control. Maxis heads to the theater at Kino Der Toten, in hopes that the new programming he has developed will be successful. Maxis intends to use the theater's projector in the new program.

And while Maxis is gathering his things to move to the theater of Kino Der Toten, Richtofen is getting ready to make a departure of his own.

Griffin Station, Moon. 1942-1945

During the time that Maxis was at Der Riese and Richtofen at Shi No Numa, Dr. Schuster and Dr. Groph discovered how the pyramid works. They made a breakthrough completely by accident. During one of their tests, a rat that found it's way into Griffin Station is killed near the pyramid. The soul of the rat is sent into the pyramid, and the two scientists conclude that the pyramid is powered by the energy within the souls of the dead.

Dr. Groph: Log 1075. Dr. Schuster and I have spent countless hours with the pyramid device in an attempt to understand how it functions. We have made little progress... until now. Today we uncovered what appears to be some kind of tank with a glass-like front. The glass itself seems-

Dr. Schuster: I've got you now rat!

Dr. Groph: Kill it Schuster!

*Squishing sound followed by a whooshing sound*

Dr. Schuster: Did you see that?

Dr. Groph: Look! The capacitor is illuminated, the tank is filling-

Dr. Schuster: The machine. It seems to be activated! What did you do?

Dr. Groph: I think we just discovered what powers this machine.

Kino Der Toten, Germany. 1942-1945

As Richtofen is beginning his new research at a Siberian Group 935 outpost, Dr. Maxis reaches Kino Der Toten with his daughter Samantha and his assistant, Sophia. There to continue the attempted brainwashing of the undead, Maxis hopes that the films will be able to break through to their subconscious and create an undead army they can control at will. Element 115 is supplied from Shi No Numa's meteor. During his time there, he records the progress of the subjects used in the programming.

Dr. Maxis: The test subjects have been undergoing treatment for five days with little progress. I have been assured that given time, the programming will take hold.


Dr. Maxis: In the past weeks, we have made great strides in breaking through to their subconscious. I have had the projectionists make edits to the few. These changes have been very effective.


Dr. Maxis: Subject two-six has had a breakthrough. He is responding to the treatment and following basic instructions. The violent outbursts have been greatly reduced, and given time we feel this method of treatment will be 100 percent effective in most cases.

Dr. Maxis is making great progress with the new programming at the theater. One subject in particular, Subject 2-6, was making breakthroughs with the commands it was given. Despite his initial doubts, Maxis is on the verge of making a breakthrough and one step closer to creating an undead army.

Dr. Maxis: The timeline for deployment can be accelerated. Given the progress we have made in the past two weeks, if patient two-six can retain the impressions longer than twenty-six hours, we will have the process perfected.


Dr. Maxis: Another setback, patient two-six was killed this morning in a field test. He lost control and attacked one of our handlers. His injuries were minor but patient two-six was destroyed. The break in programming coincided with the flashing lights and loud noises of the fire alarm in the test facility.

*Knocking on door*

Dr. Maxis: One moment!

*Knocking repeats*

Dr. Maxis: What is it?!

Subject 2-6 was killed after a fire alarm went off within the facility during on of the tests. The sudden, high pitch sound of the alarm set off a reaction in the brainwashed zombie and the program wore off instantly. Subject 2-6 had to be killed after it attempted to attack the scientists.

The new programming at Kino is a failure in Maxis' eyes. Just like he once feared, it's finally realized that the undead cannot be controlled.

Also at Kino Der Toten was another Group 935 scientist, Dr. Frederic Steiner. Dr. Steiner was studying a new gas, Nova 6 on human subjects at the theater. The gas had severe reactions within humans, and resulted in a bizarre mutation of the body. The tests done by Steiner resulted in the birth of the Nova 6 Crawler.

The morning after Subject 2-6's death, while Maxis is recording an entry into his audio log, he is met with a loud knock on the door. Authorities with the Reichstag High Command have learned about the progress Maxis had made at the theater, and have arrived to investigate.

     Groph and Schuster reluctantly must kill the prisoners near the MPD, to allow their souls to travel into the MPD and power the device. Dr. Richtofen is updated on their progress.

Dr. Richtofen: Griffin station. This is Eagle’s Nest. Status update. Over.

Dr. Groph: Hello Doctor. We have the shipment, and are carrying out your orders.

*Gunshot, grunting, and a whooshing sound are heard*

Dr. Groph: It is grim work Doctor.

Dr. Richtofen: All in the name of science Dr. Groph. Continue until the tanks are full.

Dr. Groph: Yes... Doctor.

*Gunshot, grunting and a whooshing sound are heard*

Dr. Groph: May God have mercy on us all.

The souls will eventually be used to power the pyramid, one of the final steps in Richtofen's sadistic plan of world domination. As the Griffin Station scientists continue with the task, Richtofen is continuing the study of his test subjects at Call of the Dead.

Verruckt. Wittenau Sanitarium, Berlin, Germany. September 10, 1945.

Richtofen is now continuing the programming on only Nikolai and Takeo at the Siberian base. Meanwhile, an American Marines unit lead by Sergeant Tank Dempsey is sent into an asylum named Verruckt in Berlin, Germany.







**Please use Agency standard cyphers for operative identity.


We successfully inserted Peter into Group 935 as a research assistant based out of Munich. Current location is unknown, but his last transmission suggested he had been transferred from the Der Riese facility to a top secret location known only as Verruckt. Most recent communique indicated that the 935 experiments are barely under control.

Attempts to secure all visible Group 935 research of Element 115 technology have been unsuccessful.

We fear that Peter's identity has been compromised. Sending in a Marine Recon unit to extract Peter from the asylum before it is too late. Operation leader will be one Tank Dempsey.

The asylum must be contained at all costs.

Cornelius Pernell

Verruckt was another Group 935 facility located deep in the heartland of Germany. Once the Wittenau Sanatorium, the building was transformed into an asylum for the first batch of zombie test subjects. There were many experiments conducted at the top secret site and for this reason, it was a point of interest for the Americans.

The Marine's mission is to recover one of their double agents, Peter McKay from the Asylum. Peter McKay had been working as a spy within the organization, sent in to secure research and data on Element 115 technology, as well assess the status of Group 935. Intelligence from Peter stated that the testing by Group 935 is spiraling out of control, and thus the OSS decide to send a team in to recover their agent.

Tank Dempsey, a hardheaded, fearless Marine that was born to serve, is assigned to lead a crew into Verruckt to recover Peter. Tank takes the lead on the mission, and conducts recon of the facility ahead of his team. However, Tank is discovered outside the facility. With his cover blown, he is sent to Richtofen for his brainwashing experiments.

Dr. Richtofen:

Log Entry 1472

Date: September 10th, 1945.

Deeeear diary,

Today was? a good day. The swelling has subsided, the ice helps.

They made liverwurst for lunch. It was *static*. I still have not had any luck reprogramming any of the live specimens. Dr. Maxis says the key to unlocking the human mind will be more easily discovered of someone who isn't dead yet. I am not convinced. The army is stored until I can fix this, this trust barrier. Oh. Apparently someone in security? found a spy today, they are delivering him from Verruckt, to replace the one that I broke.

Call of the Dead Base. September 17, 1945.

A week later, Dempsey arrives at the CotD Base.

Dr. Richtofen:Log Entry 1473. Date: September 17th, 1945.

Dr. Richtofen: Deeear diary, Today-

Dempsey: Get your hands of me you damn dirty Nazi.

Dr. Richtofen: Oh ho! Get *inaudible*.

Dempsey: Yeah that's right, you want some of this? I'm talking you home in bags, freaks!

*scuffle occurs*

Dr. Richtofen: Nien *static* little Americans!

Dempsey: Ok now I'm mad!

Dr. Richtofen: I suppose this must be the replacement specimen. Time to get to work!

Dempsey: I can still hear you*


Tank's capture proves to be beneficial for Richtofen. He now has another test subject to experiment with along side Takeo and Nikolai in his brainwashing program.

But back at Verruckt, another group of Marines are closing in on the facility. They are armed and ready to secure their brothers at all costs. On September 18, 1945, the battle begins.

Verruckt Event. Wittenau Sanitarium. Berlin, Germany. September 18-19, 1945.

A week after Dempsey's capture, a four man rescue team is sent into Verruckt to rescue Tank Dempsey and Peter Mckay. Little did they know, Tank had already been captured and imprisoned prior to their arrival, and Peter McKay had already escaped to Shi No Numa. When the four Marines arrive, everyone is gone, and all that is left is the hundreds upon hundreds of zombies buried outside the Asylum. The zombies begin to break in, and the four Marine prepare to fight for their lives.


The four Marines make a final stand and fight for their lives. Sadly, the four ultimately fall to the zombies during the night.

Call of the Dead Base. September 20, 1945.

Back at the Siberian base, Richtofen continues his tests.

Dr. Richtofen:

Log Entry 1474

Date: September 20th, 1945:

Deeear diary,

It would seem that the O.S.S realized that we have captured one of their spies. They tried to send a rescue team into Verruckt that was killed by the first batch of test subjects. I suspect that there are other moles in the organization, Dr. Harvey Yena, or Doctor Peter McKay to be precise.

Dr. Maxis doesn't (static) any Americans at group 935, no matter how much genius they have. Stupid Americans with their... Apple pies and baseball and children, but I digress.

The new American Test subject is interesting, and muscly, His intellect seems low but his will is strong, like the others he doesn't seem to know who he is anymore. Unlike the others, he keeps breaking the restraints and yelling at me.

Test Subject N3WB is still staring at the floor muttering what sounds like some kind of proverb over and over again. I think his mind may have been destroyed by the (static)... Oh well.

The Russian subject recently begun responding to stimuli, but only after injecting him with a new serum made primarily from vodka. Perhaps this is the break through we've been waiting for.

Nikolai, Takeo, and Dempsey have all now lost their memories from Richtofen's programming. The effects of Element 115 exposure quickly cause memory loss in all three subjects. Richtofen even fears that Takeo, the subject with the longest exposure to the element, is being destroyed mentally by the effects.

Call of the Dead Base. Septermber 20 - October 1, 1945.

While continuing his tests on the three subject, Richtofen is contacted by Dr. Groph at Griffin Station.

Dr. Groph: Eagle’s Nest. This is Griffin Station. We have an update. Over.

Dr. Richtofen: Dr. Groph, have you made any progress?

Dr. Groph: Yes Doctor. The machine is ready. Awaiting the conduit.

Dr. Richtofen: Very good, I will proceed with Operation Shield and join you shortly.

Dr. Groph: Security Protocol 935.

Dr. Richtofen: Yes, I will dispose of Dr. Maxis and that little brat personally. Do not... touch... Anything.

The scientists at Griffin Station have completed their task of filling the viles of the Moon pyramid. The shield for the pyramid is now down, and the device is ready for someone to enter it. This is the moment Edward Richtofen has been waiting for. With this accomplished, he will be able to enter the Aether through the pyramid and gain control of the zombies.

Just as Richtofen's receiving the great news from Griffin Station, he receives bad news from Maxis at Der Riese. During the conversation, Maxis tells Richtofen that the DG-2 will not go into production, and may never will. Richtofen is infuriated by this fact, as the DG-2 is Richtofen's greatest invention. Edward is now more motivated than ever to get rid of Dr. Maxis. At the end of the conversation, Maxis invites Richtofen back to Der Riese to help him begin testing on the MTD once more.

Dr. Richtofen gathers his things and his test subjects and readies to leave the Siberian outpost. Before Richtofen and his gang of test subjects teleport to Der Riese, he records one last entry into his audio log.

Dr. Richtofen:

Log Entry 1475

Date: October 1st, nineteen hundred forty five.

Deeeear diary,

As for the control group tests, they have been put on hold. Recently I discovered that Dr. Maxis has not been mass producing the DG-2 as he swore he would. If he wont move those plans forward, then I wont continue following his dream of an undead army! He doesn't deserve his perch of? power. He doesn't know what to do with it! I know just what to do with him, but I'll take care of that little brat when I get the chance to.

Der Riese. Early October, 1945.

In early October, Richtofen and his test subjects Takeo, Nikolai, and Tank arrive at Der Riese. Maxis is getting ready to continue testing on the MTD, after two years since the last test. In the following weeks, tensions would reach a breaking point.

When the four first arrive from the Siberian base, Maxis is introduced to the four test subjects. It was Maxis who developed the plan to test on live subjects, so he is pleased to see that the brainwashing process is beginning to take hold on the gang. Maxis directs Dr. Richtofen to continue leading the experiments on the three, and enters the information about the gang into the Der Riese data servant.


Experiments ongoing, observed a new effect as a result of experiments. Dr Edward Richtofen as witness.

Outliers as follows: Tank Dempsy, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki.

Subjects display unique side effects compared to previous subjects. Baseline psyche remains intact, but all specific memories have been lost. Dr. Richtofen will continue observations.

But Richtofen is not here to continue the test on the control group. He is at Der Riese for one reason: to destroy Dr. Maxis.

Also during the time back at Der Riese, Maxis notices that his assistant, Sophia, has been more friendly than usual. He believes that Sophia has developed an attraction to him, and worries because he begins to think about her more and more. He makes a record of the situation in the data servant.


I fear Sophia has grown unnecessarily attached to me. I catch her looking in my direction but she quickly looks away. I admit she is an attractive specimen. I should send her away, she is a distraction from my work. My mind wanders to thoughts of her.

Maxis contemplates sending Sophia away because of the growing attraction between the two. In the following days, he would find himself fearful for her life, as Richtofen begins to show more and more signs of frustration and anger. Richtofen has began staring intently at the assistant, as well as Samantha and Dr. Maxis himself. He notes his fears about Edward in the final entry he would make on the Der Riese data servant.


Edward has grown impatient. He insists on accelerating our projects regardless of the fact that the 115 is limited. He grows angry. Short. It was a mistake to invite him. He cannot be trusted. He watches me, he watches Samantha, he watches Sophia. And his latest creation the monkey. It screams when set aflame. Then again perhaps it is the 115 affecting my mind. I can no longer discern.

After years of experimenting with the element, Dr. Maxis and Dr. Richtofen have both suffered from the side effects of 115 radiation. The element has been affecting their minds over the year causing symptoms like delusion and paranoia. Also during this time, Richtofen had created a bizarre and strange weapon: The Monkey Bomb.

After persistence from Richtofen, Maxis decides to use some of the Element 115 they have left on hand to finally conduct another test of the Matter Transference Device. The moment Richtofen had been waiting for had finally arrived. During the sixth test of the MTD, Edward spots a chance to send the doctor away once and for all, and makes good on it.

Dr. Maxis: Initiating test number six. Subject is within test chamber. Activate power.

*Teleporter is activated*

Dr. Maxis: Damn it Edward! Did you set up the device correctly?

Dr. Richtofen: Yes Doctor. As per your specifications.

Dr. Maxis: If you had done it to my specifications then it would have worked, wouldn't it? As usual your incompetence has... What?

*Hellhound noise*

Dr. Richtofen: Do you hear that, Doctor?

Dr. Maxis: Quiet, you fool! Test number six is a failure, but the experiment has caused some kind of electrical force to energize within the chamber. Well, open the door.

Dr. Richtofen: Doctor, I don't think-

Dr. Maxis: Open the door NOW!

*Door opens and dog growls*

Samantha Maxis: Daddy, what are you doing with Fluffy?

Dr. Maxis: Damn it, Samantha. I told you never to come in here. Edward, get her out of here.

Dr. Richtofen: Yes Doctor.

*Samantha screams*

Samantha Maxis: What's wrong with her? Daddy, what did you do? Fluffy!

Dr. Maxis: Come back here! Samantha. Stop her! Easy. Come here Samantha. Good girl. Gently Samantha. That's not Fluffy anymore. We must get out of here.

*Door closes*

Dr. Maxis: What? Edward what are you doing? Open the door. Edward. Open this door now!

Samantha Maxis: Dad. I'm scared.

Dr. Maxis: Damn you... Stay by me, Samantha.

Dr. Richtofen: Goodbye, Doctor Maxis.

*Teleporter is activated and Edward laughs*

Dr. Richtofen finally completed the betrayal he had planned for so long. He assumes that both Maxis and Samantha were sent to the Aether, but that was not their destination.

Griffin Station, Moon. Immediately following Richtofen's betrayal Early October, 1945.

Immediately after Dr. Maxis and his daughter Samantha are teleported from Der Riese by Richtofen, a alarm is set off at Griffin Station, where Groph and Schuster had been waiting for Richtofen to enter the Moon Pyramid.

Dr. Groph: -tor Schuster, Report.

Dr. Schuster: The tanks are full and the shields are down. The machine is humming nicely.

Dr. Groph: Good, but what of the shipment?

Dr. Schuster: Most are buried outside of the base, the live ones we’ve sent back to Kustover Posten.

Dr. Groph: Excellent, then there is nothing left but to wait for Dr. Richtofen’s return.

Dr. Schuster: Perhaps this is a good time to work on my low gravity putting putting in the bio-dome.

Dr. Groph: Yes, I did believe that time would-

*Alarm sounds: “Intruder Detected - Receiving Bay”*

Dr. Groph: Security, Report.


Dr. Groph: Can you repeat?

Dr. Schuster: She’s coming right towards the-

*A girl’s scream heard*

Dr. Groph: Get her!

Dr. Schuster: Get back here!

*Girl’s screams are retreating, running footsteps heard*

Dr. Groph: Nein! Do not let her-

*A loud bang, smashing glass and hissing gas sounds are heard*

Dr. Groph: Dammit, Dr. Schuster, find a way to get her out of the pyramid, I will contact Edward, let him know there’s been an incident.

Samantha teleported to Griffin Station, and ran inside of the Moon pyramid in fear of capture, unknowningly rendering her in control of the undead. Shortly afterwards, while Richtofen is planning to enact Operation Shield and flee Der Riese, he is contacted by Groph and Schuster about the incident.

Dr. Richtofen: How did she end up there? No matter, I know what must be done, in the meantime see if you can find Dr. Maxis, perhaps he can talk some sense into her.

Dr Groph: Did you not deal with him already?

Dr. Richtofen: Yes, but if the child ended up here, then Maxis must be somewhere too. Find him.

Dr Groph: How do you propose-

Dr. Richtofen: Dr. Groph I cannot do everything for you. I leave this in your capable hands. There is much to be done.

Dr. Groph: Yes Doctor.

Dr. Richtofen: Oh and Groph?

Dr. Groph: Yes?

Dr. Richtofen: I'd keep an eye out for an evil looking dog while you're at it.

Richtofen is surprised that Samantha ended up there, but is not concerned as he knows how to get her out. Edward assumes that Dr. Maxis was sent there as well, since he meant to send them both to the same place. He tells Groph to look around for him. Maxis however is sent to a much different location, a wretched tunnel within Shangri La. Richtofen leaves Groph in charge of finding Maxis and begins his plan of getting Samantha out of the pyramid. With the help of his subjects Takeo, Nikolai, and Tank, he will be able to transfer Samantha's soul with his within the Aether.

Dr. Richtofen sounds the alarms and activates "Operation Shield". The emergency operation intended for an enemy invasion, involved destroying all vital information at the facility and avoiding capture at all cost. As the facility begins to become overrun with zombies now being controlled by Samantha, Richtofen makes his retreat with the gang. He leaves his fellow Group 935 members to fend for themselves in the chaos . A radio with it's microphone on catches a 935 member's last moments before he gives his life for the cause, as the Group 935 Field Ops Manual tells them to do in case of capture.

Unknown Man: But I'm all out of hope, Auf Wiedersehen (goodbye) my friend.

Repeating P.A. system: Warning, the shield is now active, destroy the designated materials and report to the barracks, this is not a drill.

Unknown Man: Dammit! I can't find my pills...they are coming. I must do what I must do. God forgive us all!

*Chair scraping and sounds of choking*

*People talking and screaming, drowned out by Zombie moan**2 Gunshots*

Shortly after "Operation Shield" is enacted, the Americans and Russians invade Der Reise. Richtofen quickly teleports to Shi No Numa to escape capture and meet back up with his subjects. All that's left when the Allies arrive at Der Riese are the numerous amounts of zombies, and a massacre ensues as the undead test subjects are destroyed. A cousin of Lev Kravchenko took part in the massacre at Der Riese, which ends in a standoff between with Americans and Soviets.

     As the Americans invaded the Der Reise facilty, the Russians were there as well. They we're searching for scientists like the Americans were. They hoped to capture Dr. Freidrich Steiner, and collect as much intel on the Nova 6 gas as possible. However, Dr. Steiner managed to escape the Der Riese facility before the takeover, and transports the supplies to a facility up the Elbe River into the North Sea. The last remnants of the scientists disappeared on October 29, 1945 near the Arctic Ocean.

     Immediately following the seizure, an interrogation is done on a low-level research assistant of Group 935 regarding Der Riese and the Die Glocke project. However, before the assistant can go into detail about "The Bell" project, he dies from the cyanide pills taken before they were captured, per the Group 935 Field Manual.

Der Riese has been taken by the Allies, and Richtofen and the gang must now travel to the secret base at Shi No Numa to escape capture and obtain more Element 115 from the meteor, which will be needed in Richtofen's journey to get Samantha out of the pyramid.

Shi No Numa. Early October, 1945.

As Der Riese was seized by the Americans and Russians, all remaining Element 115 was taken. Group 935 had fallen apart. Richtofen and the gang were forced to travel back to the Shi No Numa base to seek refuge from the invading forces. Richtofen plans to travel back to the base to retrieve the additional Element 115 needed for future time travel.

But Richtofen and the gang are not the only group interested in the swamp base.

American Marines under the command of the OSS have been tracking an SOS signal they began receiving days ago. The mysterious signal was originating from somewhere within a remote jungle in Japan, and a squad of Recon Marines were sent into the area to investigate. However, the Marines never make it to the facility when night begins to fall and they are forced to retreat.


We’ve got some bad news. The zombie infestation previously plaguing isolated areas within Germany has spread to the Pacific. Communication is shoddy at best, but we’ve pinned what sounds like an SOS signal to a remote jungle location in Japan.

Heavy fog and impassible swamp terrain have left reconnaissance efforts near fruitless. However, we have secured intelligence supporting the survival of an Allied force in the area. The map below was found on the ground near the signal location, but evacuation became necessary as night began to fall.

Our recon squad is made up of some of the toughest and meanest soldiers you’ll ever meet, but they’re smart enough to get out before the dogs start preying at night; those hounds of Hell make their living counterparts seem about as threatening as a bunch of kittens after dinner.

With the war demanding every ounce of strength we can muster, there’s no telling when a full search and rescue operation will be conducted. For now we can only hope that our soldiers in the swamp can hold the zombies off.

The SOS signal was being sent from Peter McKay, an American spy who infiltrated Group 935 and had been working at Verruckt. Peter had arrived at Shi No Numa after narrowly escaping Verruckt with his life, leaving one of his arms on the power switch back at the overrun facility. In desperate need for help, he sent out the SOS signal to command.

As the gang arrived at the base after a long travel from Der Riese, Richtofen is busy confronting and ambushing Peter after hearing the signal. Richtofen lures him into a trap at the swamp base and kills him. A shallow marked grave is later dug in the Shi No Numa swamp for Peter's body.

Meanwhile, Tank, Takeo, and Nikolai are discussing the trip and their new location. Dempsey boldly exclaims "We're here, this is the place". "Finally, I was getting tired of Takeo's rambling!" Nikolai replies sarcastically. "Shutup Nikolai, and get your gear on!" demands Tank as zombies begin to crowd the base. Richtofen reunites with the group in the upper floor of the main hut, and the gang begin to fight off the undead Imperial Army.


As the battle begins, a radio can be heard in the background playing a message:

"R-4808n 37 14 06 115 48 40. I hope you're receiving this transmission Peter, if you are not, then all hope is lost. You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum, that we had to move the experiment here. Location. The numbers will guide you. The giant must remain *static* at all costs, repeat, Der Riese must be contained at all costs. The DG-2 experiments continue. You'll be our only advantage now. Find Doctor Richtofen and Doctor Maxis, they may know what's going on. The use of 115 is dangerous at best. I'm not sure if we can continue here. We've lost most of our best *static*. I hope you get this. I hope it hasn't happened there too, but I'm almost out of hope. 60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94."

The message was intended for Peter McKay, and is sent from a fellow OSS agent who also went undercover in Group 935's organization, Harvey Yena. Using the codename "Cornelius Pernell", Harvey Yena sent a message from the Group 935 Siberian base, where he had been transferred by Richtofen after his time at Verruckt. Richtofen had suspicions that Harvey Yena was a spy within Group 935, as well as Peter. Unfortunately the message from Yena arrives too late, and Peter has already been murdered by Richtofen.

As the hordes continue to attack, Richtofen insists on returning to Der Riese, in order to teleport to Griffin Station to assist Groph and Schuster in getting Samantha out of the MPD.

Der Riese. October, 1945.

The gang arrives at Der Riese. When they arrive, the facility is quiet. The Allied forces are long gone, after securing all research and staff from the Group 935 site. Richtofen leads the crew around the facility, linking the MTD to the mainframe for use. But as they reach the building, zombies begin to break into the once abandoned location.

     Much like the MDT crafted by Group 935, the Gersch Device functioned by creating a wormhole that would travel directly to Aether for a split second, before being sent to the final destination. This is what Richtofen has brought the gang to Ascension for.

Gersch however was unaware that the device was actually creating a direct gateway to Aether, and inviting a soul named Samantha. This mistake would cost the Russian scientist his life.

As the gang arrives in the powerless facility, a voice comes across the PA system inside the facility at Ascension.

"Please, help me. She's coming! The mechanism must be prepared!"


The gang does not recognize the voice of the mystery man, but after hearing radios inside the facility, it can be concluded this is indeed Dr. Gersch speaking from Aether. Other radios found around the map provide the details of how Dr. Gersch ended up in Aether after creating the Gersch Device:

Dr. Gersh: I give you my sincere gratitude for that... but, down to business, I am pleased to report all projects are running smoothly again after these recent personal changes. As I had previously mentioned, Yuri Zavoyski is a brilliant scientist, but he has been so far incapable of handling "Project Mercury" - or as you call it, "the Gersh Device", and so due to numerous setbacks and delays I am forced to transfer Yuri to AK64-A experiments. I have decided that your nephew should take his place. I look forward to working with him directly. The recent incident with the Casimir Mechanism leaves no doubt in my mind that this is the right decision. The explosion caused the Mechanism significant damage, it will take time to re-manufacture all of the parts, unless some of them can be salvaged.


Dr. Yuri Zavoyski: Rockets! He transfers me to work on rockets! These experiments require no finesse, no imagination! My intellect is ill served blasting a bunch of monkeys into the atmosphere! But I can’t fight Gersch on this. I was able to hold onto my keys, *static* as well as my research. No one else really understands what "Project Mercury" is capable of. Until then, this lab will have to do. Wait, is that a matryoshka doll? Did someone let a child in-?


Dr. Yuri Zavoyski: I found a box today. Some lebanke left his teddy bear in it, a disgusting and filthy toy! Who keeps bringing their child onto this base? Thank God they did not take the diary: the things I have learned about the Element 115. I'll have to conduct this research on my own, away from the destructive hands of Gersh! His research into Project *static* has stalled, but will HE be transferred? I doubt it! As long as Project Mercury remains on track, his friends at *static*. I must think small.


Dr. Gersh: I can assure you that our craft will be far superior to whatever the Americans, or should I say, Canadians are developing. Finally, Project Thunder is nearing completion. My staff has assured me that the remaining limitations of the effective range and power cells will be solved within the next few months. Oh, and also, you should know that Dr. Zavoyski does not appear to be adjusting to his new position. He has been hostile towards the other scientists, at least, more than usual, and has frequently been seen muttering to himself. The transition must have been hard for him, but if he does not learn his place soon... I may require another, more competent scientist to replace him.


Dr. Yuri Zavoyski: They're entering my head! Always my head! I can't thnk, I can't, OOF, I can't stop it! Keep it out! I want you to LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Calm down there! Calm down! No, no I won't! ShutTheShutTheF*ckUp! J-Just stop! Fine... Okay, okay, I will.


Dr. Gersh: This had better be good Yuri, the fact that you're in this lab again is reason enough to have you permanently removed! If you've done anything thsat will ruin it-

Dr. Yuri Zavoyski: Do not worry, you will not be disappointed. In fact, I'm sure you won't forget it! But I can't take all the credit. If you will do me the honors?

*Gersh activates Gersh Device*Samantha Maxis: Having Fun?!

Dr. Gersh: What the-?! No! No! Yuri, you!

*Gersh screams as he is sucked into Gersh Device*

Dr. Yuri Zavoyski: *Triumphant laugh* You fat pig! Enjoy your bed! Heheheh, heh... Oh no. No! Nononono! Nonononono! What have I done?! What have I do-?!

Dr. Gersch is now seeking the help of the crew as they arrive inside the foreign facility. "Usually the voices sound so ANGRY!.." exclaims Richtofen, "..Maybe we should help this thing"

The gang begins their familiar journey to turn on the power. They make their way to the control room, and while turning on the power, discover the mystery box inside the room. Richtofen opens the box, and immediately retrieves the Gersch Device, "The Gersch Device! Nothing's better than a personal black hole. Why is there no Richtofen Device?". Richtofen uses the device to teleport a generator outside the base and transfers it to the Kassimir Mechanism.

"You've done it! Now, it needs as much power as possible. Hurry, she's getting nearer!" Gersch announces, as Samantha hunts him down within Aether.

Soon after, Richtofen activates Node 1 of the Kassimir Mechanism. "This Kassimir Mechanism sounds intriguing!" Richtofen ponders to himself. He's certain he's heard that name before. Then Richtofen recalls something "Kassimir? Could this be related to Hendricks’s work?". Hendrick Casimir was a Dutch scientist, and in 1948 discovered the Casimir Effect.

The Casimir Effect can be summed up as: the energy produced between two plates facing each other inside a vacuum. These plates, when placed parallel from one another, will produce a small amount of energy. This is however dependent on the amount of vacuum being applied. The more vacuum, the stronger the effect. Space, for example, can be a source of unlimited energy if calculated and harnessed correctly with the Casimir Effect.

The Kassimir Mechanism is used to create a tremendous amount of energy through the Casimir Effect. This, in conjunction with the Gersch Device, can create a stable gateway to Aether. However, this mechanism cannot work unless a TREMENDOUS amount of energy is applied to it. And that's why the gang needs to supply that energy with Gersch Devices and 115 infused weapons for it to work correctly. It's the only power source stong enough that could create enough energy.

While the gang is activating the first node, Gersch is being attacked in Aether by Samantha. Strangely, she takes mercy on the relatively harmless scientist. Gersch screams for help, "Three more! No, stop it!"

As they activate the other three nodes of the Kassimir Mechanism, Gersch is getting closer to being killed once and for all by Samantha. Thus far, she has taken mercy on his soul within Aether, but she begins again to hunt down Gersch's soul within the dimension. He shouts out for help as she gets closer"Yes, YES! Almost there! Hurry! She's coming! LUNA!!" . A light can be seen on the ground, and Richtofen places a Gersch Device on the light.

Gersch, stuck in the Aether can now see the pathway out of Aether, but there's a problem. "I can see the outline, but there isn't enough power!" Gersch proclaims. Richtofen responds, "There is so much power here already, and you need MORE?"

Richtofen throws another Gersch Device, but this time he orders the gang to unload with Thundergun and Porter X2 shots, as well as other powerful weapons taken from the mystery box. The 115 from the weapons causes an abundunt amount of the element to be supplied to the Gersch Device/Casismir Mechanism. This in turns creates a portal strong enough for Gersch to escape Aether. He spots his chance, and escapes. His soul float towards the sky, and as he leaves he thanks the gang for their help "Ah yes, I'm free! I cannot thank you enough for releasing me from this horrible place." praises Gersch as he floats away.

With Gersch's soul free, Richtofen and the gang now continue their mission. Richtofen must now return with the gang to the Call of the Dead base to retrieve the Golden Rod that Ed has left there. The Golden Rod aka Vril Generator/Vril Staff is a staff that is used as a channel for harnessing Vril. It is described as "a hollow staff with 'stops', 'keys', or 'springs' in which Vril can be altered, modified or directed to either destroy or heal. Some staffs are more potent for destruction, others for healing. Richtofen must aquire this Rod before retrieving the Focusing Stone, which will be the source of energy used to open the pyramid.

Richtofen sets the Gersch Device to travel to the base at Call of the Dead. He assumes he knows how to properly work the Gersch Device. And while they do end up at the right location, the time in which they arrive is greatly miscalculated by Richtofen, and they travel too far into the future.

Call of the Dead Base. Siberia, Arctic Circle. March 2011.

They have arrived at the Siberian base where they were once tested at, but Richtofen's calculations are off. When they arrive, they are stuck inside a closet inside the old 935 base. The power is out, once again. "Ah! I'm blind! I'm blind. In my eyes!" Dempsey agrees, "Holy shit balls, me too! What did you do Richtofen?!"

"I did nothing! Where's the light switch?" Richtofen replies just before finding the supposed switch. "Ohhh, I think I found a lever! Perhaps this will turn on the lights!" Dempsey quickly shouts out. "LET GO! THATS NOT A LEVER! RICHTOFEN!". Touchy feely Richtofen gushes in excitement "Hahaaa".

Suddenly, noises are heard outside the door. A strong female voice is also prominent in the noise. "Do you hear that?" says Richtofen, and Nikolai hears it as well "Sounded like someone outside. Hey you, hey! I need vodka!". Richtofen asks for their help, "Hellllo! Can you help us? There must be a blown fuse or something. It's dark in here." Takeo, suffering from the nausea attributed with teleportation, is puking in the corner of the small room. "Ah man, that's wet" says Dempsey disgusted at the sight.

"Sure, why wouldn't we help some evil sounding voice while we're busy fighting zombies." replies the women on the outside of the room, before she runs off to find a new fuse. A minute or two later, the female voice returns, and the power is restored to the room. "Lights are on, now what?" she asks.

"Ahhh, much better. Now I can see the problem. We must've gone too far into the future. Look the teleporter's completely broken. The time circuits are daamged. We'll have to remov--" Richtofen states before being interupted by Dempsey, "Wait! You took us here on purpose? Where are we!?" "A better question Dempsey is w--"

Nikolai, bored by the argument between the two, starts playing with buttons inside the teleporter room. Fueled by luck and stupidity, and the little bit of vodka left in his blood, Niko's eye is caught by a light on the board. "Oh look this blinky light! What's this button do?" slurs Nikolai as he presses the button.

"NIKOLAI! NOOOO!!!!" screams Richtofen. "Oh great Nikolai, you just activated the MDT security system. Nikolai pouts back "Good!". "Excuse me, you outside, yeah, the handsome one" asks Richtofen in need of more help from the strangers before advising them on what to do. "We need you to locate the power sources of the security system. They look like little half domes with a hole on top. Kinda like a big-- forget it. If you destroy those, it should shut down the security system."

"Litte half domes? Not exactly super specific, but I'll see what I can do." exclams the women on the outside." She runs off and finds the various power sources around the map. She throws a few well placed grenades, and soon returns to the door where the voices are coming from, "Uh, hello? I blew up all the little half domey thingys?" She successfully destroys the security system power units, and the room is no longer under security lockdown.

Alrite, looks like that did the trick! Dempsey happily responds. Richtofen again begins to work on the teleporter's time circuits "Yes. Takeo, can you hand me that screwdriver?". Takeo however is still puking in the corner of the room, and is continuing to gross out Dempsey, "Ok, Eww." mummbles Tank as Takeo throws up even more than the first time. "Is that all he's going to do this trip" wonders Richtofen. Nikolai is oblivious to the situation, and is still moaning on about getting some more vodka, "Ugh, I have such a headache, I need vodka!" "Now is not the time for drinking" argues Tank, but Nikolai insists, "I heartedly disagree! Now is perfect time for drinking!"

Richtofen realizes this might provide a great distraction for the gang, "Ahh vodka, that might give me the distra-- I mean, good idea! There couldn't possibly be any thing left to drink around here, could there?". Nikolai is pleased, "See Tank, it's always good time for drinking!

The women leaves, and returns a while later. She found a bottle of vodka frozen in some ice near the base. She inserts the bottle in the receiving tube for the teleporter room. The room is silent for a short time, but a bottle can be heard in the background. The woman knocks on the door, "Uh hello? It sounds like you got the bottle?"

"Oh Hello! Thank you so much!" Ed joyfully replies. The gang is now drunk, and Richtofen has the gang distracted like he wanted. "So now that they occupied, could you do a special errand for me? I need you to retrieve a very important device. It looks like a long stiff hard Golden Rod, with fingers on the end! Ohhh delightful! But it will take...*need end of this quote*

"Do you guys have to be so cryptic? It's kind of been a long day" touts the woman outside the door, before scampering off in search of the Golden Rod for Richtofen. A long time passes before she returns. Eventually she returns to the room, and inserts that Golden Rod into the receiving tube, "Umm, you guys get your thing ok?"

Richtofen slides the Rod in his pocket, and his mission for coming to the Call of the Dead base is complete. Dempsey notices a bulge in Ed's pants, and questions it, "Kinda sick that I have to ask that, but Richtofen, is that a rod in your pocket?" Ed quickly dismisses him, "Nein! Let's go, I've got just what we needed". Nikolai agrees, "Hahaha yeah! Drunk!

Richtofen is now ready to leave the base and head for Shangri La to continue his plan. He thanks his strangers for their help during their stay, "Thank you so much for your help out there! Bye Bye!" Edward activates the teleporter, but the MDT malfunctions and shorts out, an occuring problem with the teleporter. " Ugh, the fuse box must've shorted out again!"

"Another fuse? What do you think this is a hardware store out here?" the woman retorts, before hitting the control panel outside the room. The impact temporarily fixes the short, and the teleporter is set to go.

Richtofen makes sure the calculations are correct, and set the coordinates for Shangri La. Before they leave, he says his one last goodbye, "Thank you again stranger. Perhaps we will see you another time. Goodbye!" Before they go, Dempsey questions their visit to the Siberian base to begin with, "Yo sourkraut, you never did tell us why we came, whereever this is?". "All in good time my Dempsey, all in good time." The teleporter is activated and the gang is sent to Shangri La.

Shangri La. Jungle, Unknown location. Late 2011-2012.

****Himalayan Mountains, Tibet****


entrance to hollow earth


The gang arrives at Shangri La, an ancient temple hidden by the mountains surrounding it. It's exact location is not known, but Richtofen is aware of it's coordinates.

Richtofen: “We’ve arrived! This is the place we’re supposed to be. Oh, and we need to turn on the power.”

Dempsey: "Uh, finally we’re out of that damn closet! Ancient temples, Russian Cosmodromes, being stuck in a dark closet with Richtofen. Eh, what an adventure. It sure was nice to hear the sound of a woman though. Too bad I couldn’t see who it was. Could’ve been someone famous.”

Nikolai: Yeah, but it was nice break, no?"

Takeo: "Not for me, that was horrible experience…ugh!"

Richtofen: "You just need to bite down on something."

Nikolai: “Takeo, you are really really bad dancer. Second wife dances better than you, and she’s dead!” Ha!...I miss her.”

Richtofen: “Shh, I hear my precious angels!”

Richtofen: “Let the slaughter begin!”

Takeo: “Oh, I have nothing left to puke”

Richtofen: “Good, I was really tired of cleaning it up.”

Nikolai: “Ah, that closet reminded me of home. Home smelled a little worse though. Less sanitation."

Dempsey: “Ancient temples, Russian Cosmodromes, being stuck in a dark closet with Richtofen. Eh, what an adventure. It sure was nice to hear the sound of a woman. Too bad I couldn’t see who it was. Could’ve been someone famous.”

Takeo: “It is your breath Russian piglet!”

Nikolai: “Hey! That’s a lot coming from one who’s been intimate with a stuffed monkey. AH-AH (monkey)”

Dempsey: “Shut up you two, I hear em coming. Time to raid the refrigerator!”

The horde begins to attack the four men. As they begin to slaughter the undead, Richtofen stumbles upon the switches to activate the eclipse. He orders the gang to hit their buttons simultaneously. After the zombies die down, they hit the four ancient buttons near the Quick Revive machine. It works, and the crew is brought to the ancient past during a solar eclipse.

Dempsey: “Whoa, ok, what the hell just happened?”

Nikolai: “Why does everything look blue?”

Takeo: “Look! There’s an Eclipse!”

Richtofen: “Fascinating! And look, there’s a giant meteor on top of the temple. I must have it in my pockets!”

Dempsey: “Yeah, good luck with that. Let’s go figure out what’s going on”

A giant 115 meteor has just landed on top of the temple. The size of the meteor is enormous, but Richtofen has a plan to get it all. He plans to shrink the meteor with the help of Maxis' 31-79 JGb215 and the focusing crystals found throughout the map.

The crew investigates the area, and during the search Dempsey hears a noise coming from one of the structures, "Hello out there, hello?" He hits a button on the wall.

Dempsey: "Hey there’s somebody in there!"

Takeo: "Hello? Where are you?"

Nikolai: "Hey guys, there’s some British guy in this "will!"

Richtofen: "The voices! Wait, that’s not in my head."

Brock: "We are stuck behind some kind of mechanism.

Brock: "Whatever you did moved it slightly, we could really use some help here!"

The gang goes in search of a way to free the the explorers from the cave system of Shangri La. They stumble across a wide variety of stones throughout the area. After decoding the pattern, they are able to move the mechanism that is blocking Brock and Gary

Brock: "The stone is moving! It seems to be working!"

Brock: "Oh wonderful! There’s some kind of crystal rising from the floor!"

Dempsey: "Well, well, well, I have no idea what that is"

Nikolai: "Oh a big diamond thingy! I could use that for next wife."

Takeo: "A crystal rises, the plum blossom swirls in autumn twilight"

Richtofen: "Look! A focusing crystal. I was wondering where they were."

Richtofen's plan is gaining ground as he discovers the first of the focusing crystals. As the gang works to help Brock and Gary out, Richtofen is secretely getting ready to retrieve the Focusing Stone. After the crystals are set in place, a shot of the upgraded Shrink Ray is reflected and maginified off each crystal, increasing the stregth of the blast. When the shrink ray finally hits the 115 meteor, it is strong enough to shrink the meteor into the Focusing Stone. The meteor falls through a hole on the roof in which in landed on and into the chamber below.

The gang makes their way to the wall behind the pack-a-punch machine, located at the entrance of the temple. The wall has now been destroyed thanks to Brock and Gary's dynamite, and Richtofen retrieves the stone.

“It’s mine! MINE! I will control them all!” exclaims Richtofen, now having everything he needs to get Samantha out of the pyramid and take control. All that's left to do now is travel to Griffin Station. But they must travel to Area 51 in America to use the teleporter found at Hangar 18 to get to Griffin Station. It is the only working MDT left capable of teleporting there.

Back in the USA, a controversial classified government program had begun which would come to be known as Broken Arrow. The program was a joint operation from both the CDC and CIA, and members from both organizations secretly helped conduct the program. It’s main objectives were to study the nuclear properties and effects of Element 115 on undead cells, as well as the zombies behavior and after effects of the virus.

One operative of the organization was a man known simply by Russman. Russman was …..xx [character description] xx……

The Broken Arrow program was working as planned, however the operation would soon come to a screeching halt. A nuclear incident occurred at the facility that would cause a large release of radioactive 115 isotopes to go airborne. This would result in the American public to be affected nationwide by the nuclear fallout of the blast. Side effects of the virus on living cells included short term memory loss, psychosis, delusion, and paranoia. Upon death, the element’s reaction within the dead’s blood cells would cause reanimation, bringing humans back to life as a zombie.

Immediately following the incident, members killed in the blast are reanimated by the high concentration of Element 115 at ground zero. Broken Arrow members that survived the blast began burning records of their confidential research, before being overrun by the zombie outbreak surrounding them.

Shortly after the explosion and outbreak, a military recon team is sent in to investigate and search for any possible survivors in the blast:

Saber 10: "Recon 5, this is Saber 10. Our sweep failed to find evidence of any survivors on site. Broken Arrow is not viable for new FOV." ... "That's a negative sir, records appear to have been destroyed in a fire prior to the facility being overrun." ... "Sir, we believe staff may have been trying to destroy evidence implicating them in the outbreak." ... "Understood sir, confirmed drop in T-5. Retreating to safe distance."

After their search of the facility, the Saber 10 recon team calls in a bomb drop, and retreats to a safe distance, destroying all records of the controversial incident. Much like the Green Run event in 1949 that exposed 115 to the public, the government tried to cover up the Broken Arrow event.

Soon, however

1960's. Nevada Test Site/Area 51, Nevada, USA.

As Richtofen and the gang is , a covert battle between American Black Ops soldiers and Russian Spetsnatz begins within the Nevada Test Site upon a secured nuclear test ground. The operations are highly classified, and the battle is ended as a new prototype nuclear bomb is being tested by the AEC a few hundred yards offsite. To the dismay of the unknowing soldiers, the bomb is dropped killing everyone involved in the battle.

     The distress signal from the scientists at Nuketown is picked up by personel at Area 51, and a team of CIA and CDC agents are sent in to investigate, unbeknownst to them that the radiation scientists have already been killed and turned. When the CIA and CDC agents arrive, they lose contact with command back at Hangar 18 (Area 51/NML). Hangar 18 had already entered the first stage of the zombie outbreak shortly after they left, and was the reason the agents could not communicate back with the base. The agents must start the battle for their lives.


     Shortly after Hangar 18 had fallen, the gang arrives at the hangar to alarms and undead soldiers swarming from all sides. They teleport to the Moon to begin the final steps of Richtofen's grand scheme of taking Samantha's place within Aether. As the events of the Nuketown Zombies map carry out, radios found throughout Nuketown can be heard transmitting audio from Griffin Station of the gang getting closer and closer to completing Richtofen's plan. As the agents fight for their lives, Richtofen completes the first step in his plan of world domination and takes Samantha's spot as controller within the Aether. The CIA and CDC agents experience the change in power first-hand, as the eye colors of the zombies at Nuketown change from orange to blue.


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I'm really glad that you reposted this Shooter. It's such a great read to show the Hoards.

I was fortunate enough to read your original here in the nic of time before it was moved to the VBull & have re-read it a few times there aswell. (the font is massive on the VB on my phone) You must of been very disappointed that you spent so much time creating a masterpiece & it was only on show for a little while only to disappear from here.

Cant wait until you fine tune this great story & add more to it.

The Zombies Saga Part II: The Fall of Richtofen

Great work again mate.

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