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Cryogenic Slumber Party.

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I've heard a lot of theories about what became of our original crew, so here's mine.

One of the achievements for the large Easter Egg in Moon was named "Cryogenic Slumber Party", so I believe that somewhere unseen on Griffin Station, Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Sam found some Cryogenic Stasis Chambers and jumped in them in an attempt to escape the never ending fight against the Z's.

If this happened, if and when we encounter them in the new time period (TranZit, Die Rise,) which is believed to be at least a couple of decades after moon, they would not have aged at all.

In summary, I believe that we will encounter our original heroes, who will be the same age they were in Black Ops 1. Perhaps one of the large Easter Eggs in a future map will be to release them from stasis. That would be fun.

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Is there really any evidence of there being any cryogenic stasis chambers in Griffin Station? The only one is the MPD, which isn't even an invention of Group 935, but an ancient artifact which Richtofen is in anyway. Surely it would be simpler, and make much more sense if they just time travelled or something?

They have used time travel a couple of times. They might want to do something fresh, rather than going back and forth through time like Marty McFly. It would be a different way to prevent the heroes from ageing at a normal rate. They can't have 70 year old Tank "kickin' ass and makin' messes!"

As far as I'm aware, there isn't evidence of stasis chambers that can be seen, but they are aboard a Space Station on the Moon, where there is a giant Teleporter, pads that launch people into the air, and crazy warping gas-creatures. It's one of them where anything you can possibly imagine is possible. For example, we contributed to the distruction of the Earth, anyone see that coming?

Don't forget, we only get to access Tunnels 6 and 11, think of all the wonderful things that might be hidden away in Tunnels 1 through 5, 7 through 10 and the rest of Griffin Station.

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@Mr Dandyballs, good point!

@MMX, the MPD is the only thing capable of Cryogenics that we know about. There may be others hidden away,

The thing that gets me is that the achievement was called "Cryogenic SLUMBER PARTY" implying that more than one person is involved. Richtofen can't be having a slumber party on his own, can he?

There isn't really any evidence to go with my theory, that I've found anyway. I'm just speculating at this point.

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