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Tramplesteam trick


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Just wanted to let everyone know that didnt know, you take no fall damage when being flung by the trample steam. I hopped on it in an emergency and went down about 6 floors to the opposite building and landed on the outside ledge without and sign of damage whatsoever. So if you are camping somewhere keep one in a spot to get out of there in a jiffy! :)

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And to throw this out we were playing with a Random who setup near a hole in the wall that had a deadfall behind him. He placed the Trample to partially cover himself to his right and proceeded to finish the round while the Trample shot Zombies away when they walked on it. The other 3 of us had gone down and we were all watching. It was hilarious and very successful. Seems like a good idea to keep it onhand for emergencies when an area goes bad.

Feel like I may be trolling and hope not. Sorry if I am. It seemed in the same area of topic. When do the zombs attack it? How many hits does it take? And will it most always shoot you to a possible location? The first time we used it I jumped back a few minutes later and got shot right back by it. Seemed to land safely ... somewhere. Moved my controller in surprise. And fell to my death. With my son and I laughing hysterically in surprise. :lol:

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I've seen my friend die from hitting a trample steam set near the top of the ramp by the dragon he was trying to see if he could make it to the other piece of broken ramp thats up in the air , he missed and the fall was too great and he died . You can't jump to that ledge btw you just go right through it .

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Check out my trample steam video. ZKM Die Rise Free Perks. AKA. the "WALL of DOOM". Link to the thread below.

http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/view ... 39&t=28656

I didn't view the video, but there are a few spots that are good, while camping the dragon roof, we jump back to the trample steam room and make a wall in the corner where you jump to the pink matresses below.

I had 6 perks yesterday, bought only 2, lost them all to the glitch...

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