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  1. I still don't understand why they did any thing to my favorite wonder weapon and ww is still glichy and I still randomly die in the elevator shaft and numerous other places. Whisky tango foxtrot treyarch
  2. I also remember something about Danny trejo returning in this game hmmm interesting , but I wonder if the rest of that crew will return.
  3. Yes should still be in my theater still was a recent game just look for the longest one and go to the end my gt is the same as my user name here if anyone wants to check it out
  4. Has this happened to anyone else? I was playing with three of my buddies the other day and we made it to our highest round yet , they all go down before the end of the round so I train them up in the Buddha room til there is one left then I run off to grab ammo safely before I begin the round well I'm waiting on the elevators I see its almost there then start running towards it and run up against it before it had come completely up and next thing I know I'm stuck in the elevator behind the perk machine . I shot the last zombie from there and started the round but then the elevator went all the way to the bottom and killed me and of course all my friends died as they had nothing and spawned in terrible places . /rant
  5. I've seen my friend die from hitting a trample steam set near the top of the ramp by the dragon he was trying to see if he could make it to the other piece of broken ramp thats up in the air , he missed and the fall was too great and he died . You can't jump to that ledge btw you just go right through it .
  6. So far I love the new map. It's challenging and feels very fresh , I think the new additions of the recent round of persistent perks balance out very well in this map . I'm glad they brought back round based and difficult boss zombies gives the map a little bit of blops 1 zombies I think we all were missing. The map itself looks just awesome treyarch did an awesome job on this one . On my phone so I'm too lazy to go into more details but thumbs up from this guy .
  7. You can also get things like the long barrel for the voice of justice which does seem to increase damage and range . I have also wondered if you can get fmj's and other non visual multi player attachments
  8. I always find myself using claymorres to revive team mates simply place them around your downed buddy and they buy you that extra few seconds needed to revive them.
  9. Yes I noticed mine was the 1911 for quite a while so I intentionally started buying the m16 and using it every time I pass the tunnel and then I forgot about it so I will have to check it now
  10. Hello everyone long time lurker here finally decided to sign up. I hope to become a contributing member soon. I really enjoy a lot of the in depth theories and research on this site and just flat out love slaying zombies. Peace
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