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Has anyone else seen the assassin revive?


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No that wasn't the one. But a great video never-the-less. The video I was mentioning would put this one to shame though. I can't find it on ELITE for some reason, which is insane being as it is easily the first video that gave theater mode a purpose in zombies. This video is completely insane. You have to see it. I will do my best to find some sort of link. I promise I am not trolling.

EDIT: I am going to update the OP with a link, but it isn't the one I was thinking. This is still pretty badass if you ask me... ;)

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So how are they doing this, is it a glitch or certain combo of perks...they don't even seem to get hurt a little

It happens because they start reviving before they hit the ground, which basically nullifies the fall damage.

Oh ok that makes sense, I was wondering how they could do that when I die jumping with jugg and barely missing a mattress

Edit: Actually that doesn't seem to explain the Insane Die Rise Revive video first guy jumps and dies, then crawls off the ledge, then his friend jumps, doesn't even seem to really hit the first building, bounces down and lands like 5 feet away from his friend not once does the revive symbol go white?

Is that one maybe just a lucky glitch

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