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  1. Personally I disagree with the notion that they wouldn't put a storyline EE in it because some people might not get the season pass. It may not have one(storyline EE), and if it does it may not have an effect on another map but I see no reason why Treyarch wouldn't put it in because some people didn't buy the season pass...I mean any serious Zombie player who cares about the storyline is going to get every map pack anyway(so you may as well save $10 and get the Giant) and if they don't get them all then they are missing out on the story anyway. If anything putting a cool EE in it could move more Season Passes. Unless I'm missing something... That being said I'm not sold on there being more, and there very well could be nothing more, I just seem to see this opinion that because everyone doesn't have The Giant they wouldn't put in a large EE and like I said I don't really get that sentiment, everyone has the opportunity to buy The Giant just the same as we can buy the rest of the maps
  2. I have thought since back when Die Rise came out that a great way to add to the re-playability of all the maps would be to make the big easter egg of them all added up reward you with playing all the maps again as the O4 to unlock the true secret I also knew right from the beginning that it would never happen but still can't help but dream of how awesome it could be if the story was done right, like say at the end of this easter egg you "break the cycle" and then you unlock the o4 on Tranzit with a whole new easter egg ( doesn't have to be as long as the original ones) then by completing that you unlock the o4 on DR and so on Again aware it will not happen, Know that most people wouldn't want it any way but that is something I would love to happen
  3. What about a cinematic ending? I mean I feel like there has to be an ending like MOTD. Why have that feature and have nothing amazing come from it? Correct me if I'm wrong but nothing really changed or happened apart from saying Cycle broken Well considering this is the "season" finale I feel like an epic way to go out would be a real finish to an easter egg with a good cinematic giving some answers or epilogue, I'm probably alone here but I am getting to the point where I want some real answers/revelations not necessarily all the answers but something...I'm hoping that this map will find a way to answer certain questions we all have but still leave you wanting more
  4. It happens because they start reviving before they hit the ground, which basically nullifies the fall damage. Oh ok that makes sense, I was wondering how they could do that when I die jumping with jugg and barely missing a mattress Edit: Actually that doesn't seem to explain the Insane Die Rise Revive video first guy jumps and dies, then crawls off the ledge, then his friend jumps, doesn't even seem to really hit the first building, bounces down and lands like 5 feet away from his friend not once does the revive symbol go white? Is that one maybe just a lucky glitch
  5. So how are they doing this, is it a glitch or certain combo of perks...they don't even seem to get hurt a little
  6. Thank you! Yeah I think the most fun will be playing and really focusing on gettin headshots to get our ratios up. Good luck! Are you just going to be sending PM's when you get around to making them? No hurry, just curious
  7. Yeah I was going to say I noticed last night that I already had gold after only doing a single game with only 50 head shots and realized it's total headshots which makes it ridiculously easy, everyone should have 1000 head shots by this point I'd imagine
  8. Hopefully that link works, don't upload photo's too often Good idea BTW
  9. Though if you wanted it to have a deeper meaning it could of also been a bit of a nod to the new perk who's who giving you a "replacement" of sorts Don't think that was intended of course
  10. Yeah I gotta say this really changes the game and not for the better As someone has already said it just makes the game slower or makes it so you have to use the bus to get from place to place which again is slower I wouldn't mind it for co op but for solo I want to just have 15 minutes of "boredom" at the beginning, get set up and bang out the rounds, I only get to the twenties anyway so it's not like this way was getting me to ridiculously high rounds, the way I see this is they've made it less fun for the majority of players who aren't very good and just slightly more challenging for the players who can already get to the 40+ rounds It's not like you get your perks on round 1 and then there's no challenge for the rest of the game, unless you are a god at this game you will probably go down in the first 25 rounds and then have to get all your perks back which was hard enough most times that it happened after round 18
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