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Nuke Town Loading Screen

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the loading screen image.

as you can see, the gum wrapper has the letters uhtl and what appears to be an i. after some research, i stumbled upon Mictlantecuhtli, the aztec god of death. you can read this wiki article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mictlantecuhtli basically saying how hes a zombie. now why would his name be on bubble gum? perhaps its like a perk whereyou ingest it and it gives you a super natural power? further confirmation; there is a zombie head on the wrapper that looks just like Mictlantecuhtli.

another thing i noticed is it looks like it says 9AF on that wing.

hex to bianary translates 100110101111 and breaking it up 1001_10_101_11_1 to morse says Parie. french way of saying Paris maybe? idk. also it looks like the big laser could be a drill like the narada drill in star trek, and definitely looks like its attached to some huge ship above.

well tell me what you guys think.

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This loading screen is so mysterious to me. I can't tell what's what. The giant machine looks a bit like it's teleporting something while destroying the surrounding environment. Kind of like how Terminator's teleport in the movies. The picture in the bottom right doesn't make any sense at all to me. There's a page behind it on the left also. So maybe the map that proceeds this side of the story will be some sort of prequel. I believe Treyarch have split the zombie story into 2 different sides of the same story. The Nuketown Zombie side of the story is what happens in the original 4's side, and Green Run is all about a new crew that suffers their fate as a result of Richtofen's rise to power. I believe Green Run takes place WELL after NTZ. Maybe even 2025. Richtofen and Maxis have been fighting this spiritual battle since WW2 and have now become the gods of planet Earth...in an endless battle between good and evil.

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