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More scare in the future??

Mr. Jay

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I was playing the new game over at my buddy's house, and I'm starting to come around on BO2. But something hit me as I was killing some zombies on Bus Depot; this game is incredibly not scary for a zombie movie.

I started playing this game on Five and used to always get my ass handed to me in the basement. Something about not being able to see any daylight ignites my claustrophobic for the basement. Verrukt brings a scare factor not found on other maps. The new game has the fog and darkness, but hardly anyone losing sleep over it.

I was in college when Resident Evil 2 came out, and the cinematic effects of a scary movie was very evident. Silent Hill series also drew rave reviews for its scare factor and theatre like effects. I don't know about you but none of the maps to date is as scare as my wife without make up.

I understand completely the game has to be kept a more family rating due to the draw for early teenagers. Treyarch will continue to develop for the majority and they want less scare.

I'm hoping they could implement a little more (actually a lot more) energy toward parts of the future maps being scary. They could make it happen by inserting some Hollywood effects in certain areas of the maps. Don't like the basement being eerie? Don't go there. Fear of hospital morgue? Train by the church instead.

I'm hoping in the future I can be a bit more intimidated by the zombies, not seeing more potential points and kills.

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The older maps do have the eerie feeling of despair and grunge. What I mean by that is the ambiance had such a dark mood to it, that it felt rather...well, frightening to load up some zombies, especially at night. I recall playing some Verrückt back on World at War and not being able to sleep straight for a whole week. I kid you not - the satanic feeling of an abandoned insane asylum filled with zombies and horrifying secrets really got the best of me.

There was a scare factor back then that didn't include screamers or disgusting images. Rather, you were given a feeling of uncertainty and paranoia. Hearing eerie sounds that could almost be made out as whispers, the environment you were placed was musky and seemed devastated, and knowing that you were stuck in this hell hole brought nightmares to life.

World at War brought the feeling perfectly, and Black Ops made a good attempt in re-creating the same displacement. Unfortunately, we aren't given the same scenario anymore. I believe we'll be seeing more destruction-related settings where the magnitude of the devastation is severe. It's pretty creepy, yes; however, it just doesn't add up to the original eerie factor. I mean, Verrückt was possible the second smallest map in the zombies franchise and yet, considerably the scariest to play in. That tells you something.

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