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Paris, HAARP and More?

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I find it more than likely that one of the future pit stops for our new heroes is Paris. Think about it: Treyarch canceled Paris in order to go through with Moon, so part pf the map would already be complete. A big reason, Paris would be an ideal place for Richtofen and Maxis, not only because it would be fun, but because there could be another obelisk, the Eiffel Tower. Maxis claims that there are other spires that need to be online, and it would make sense if the Eiffel Tower was one of them.

Now, a theory I've come up with (thanks to the TEDD the bus driver) would be a HAARP (high-frequency active aroural research program; weather machine) facility. The spire (or obelisk to Richtofen fans) works as a HAARP tower by sending element 115 into the ionosphere, then where it goes from there is a mystery. It would be interesting for the big Easter Egg in a HAARP facility would be to activate all of the other towers (Tower of Babble, possibly the Eiffel Tower).

I'd like to end my thoughts by saying: the achievement/trophy description is "In TranZit, obey the voices". To any of you who are working day and night, trying to figure put what the Navcard does, I'd recommend you stop. Richtofen states in one of his quotes "Nevermind what it's used for, just to get it!". As hard as it is to ignore it, the achievement clearly states to obey the voices, and that quote's one of em. ;)

If any of you guys has ANY theories, they're highly welcome, and much appreciated!!! :D

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If Paris was ever a map, I would expect it to be the very last one since the community has been blowing it up in how much they want it. Treyarch would deliver the most talked about Zombies map as the last one, in my opinion.

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Eh...I wouldn't say the community WANTS it. I think we more or less expect it. We know they planned Paris for MP4, then changed it to Moon. So we know the idea for Paris is there. Our desire for it isn't at an all time high or anything. It's just our solid prediction.

I would have more excitement on other map ideas I believe. But Treyarch knows where they want to go with it. If I had my way, we sure wouldn't have had Die Rise because I wouldn't have gone to China. But I love Die Rise. Sometimes what I want isn't what I need.

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If maxis's quote means what I think it does, its very possible the next map will be the final map where the Easter egg involves us fixing a spire. (TRI-convious system or something) If that Is the case, then Paris could be final spire, I hope so, I'm getting pretty tierd of just doing random task with nothing in common to power up another spire we already have... That and I want to know just what's up with these nav card tables...

Paris would be a very nice map to see... Especially if any of you have read my "flèche de la mort" map:


Hazardous to read, but Deffinatly worth it!...

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This will probs be the last or even the second to last DLC for black ops 2.

We have always been given hints about paris ever sinse ShiNoNuma and the fact that the map did get replaced with moon is very wierd.

I am certain we will see a map in paris... but only time will tell when we do get this map.

It would make sense the map coming out for black ops 2 as you do get a good size tower, and because of the size, this may be in the center of the other towers. linking them all together.

I am going to post another theory in this section about my ideas.

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Well as before, paris just isn't that big of a show stopper anymore, what it WOULD be fantastic for is if there were 3 spires, and the last one was in Paris! That way we still get Paris as the grand finaly to the spire maps, as well as a REALY grand finaly 2 dlcs later...

haha! that's good thinking bro. the Eiffel Tower in fact could act as one giant spire giving off mass amounts of energy to either party(Richtofen or Maxis). Paris here we come!! What if the Grand finale was within the Aether, Devil's Domain? or did we just come from that in Mob of The Dead?

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