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Call of Duty Zombies: in the break room.. whaaaat?

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So I'm a HUGE COD Zombies fan and one night after I had invested a lot in how I was feeling, I started asking myself those "What if" questions.... like, what if... Zombies could talk? What if they were just normal guys who had a job to do like everyone else? So I got my friends together and I made a couple short videos called, Zombie Break Room. Since I had a budget of $75.00, this isn't going to be the best thing you've ever seen, but please check it out and give it a like.

Also, if you have any other funny ideas for this series, shoot me an PM... I also love the idea of a Zombie laying on a couch in the shrinks office, talking about getting his head blown off... and the Shrink says, "and how does that make you feel?"

I also have another video coming out next week. Thanks for reading guys... Patrick

http://www.youtube.com/user/zombiebreak ... ature=mhee

PS-you will notice these videos are NOT monetized.

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I'm on my slow as hell phone ATM but once I'm on my laptop, I'll try my best to rennet t


Don't forget to watch and like the videos :) I need subscribers on my youtube page to keep going. --- the next video should be out in a few days.

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