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  1. I tried to delete this thread. I forgot I'm on double secret probation for trying to promote my COD webisode series. Please accept my apologies. :cry: PC
  2. Sorry about that --- I think I fixed it :mrgreen:
  3. haha... see what happens when you try to post from your iphone? :shock:
  4. Mine is der riese. It is the only map I can play a dozen times in a row without getting bored. it's just vunderbar! @Mr. Touchstuff... Der Reise is a great Map. The vundervaffle is vunderbar!! :lol:
  5. I'm guessing Tombstone will let you respawn, and then get all your weapons back? Or save progress. The last one...I'm not too sure. That would be brilliant!
  6. ...to remember to watch it. DAMN YOU AUTO CORECT AND THUMB POSTING IT BEFORE I FINISHED! Don't forget to watch and like the videos I need subscribers on my youtube page to keep going. --- the next video should be out in a few days.
  7. uh, I guess everyone's too excited for the new game to give a bloody fook.
  8. A last little hoorah thread before the new maps come out and the old maps are temporarily forgotten... IF you could only play ONE zombie map from Black Ops for the rest of your life --- what would it be and why? Ascension would be my pick! I'm not sure why - it just feels like home to me. :D
  9. The next time you're on Facebook... give us a like: http://on.fb.me/S8AD8K :shock:
  10. I have so much respect for the people who were able to refrain from watching the spoilers on Youtube. It's like the little boy who sees the cookie jar up on top of the cupboards... I had to look and if I'm to be totally honest... I'm glad I did. It made me so freaking excited for the new game. It looks like it's going to be better than I ever could've imagined!
  11. RIP might be good for pretending to be dead? :shock: giving you enough time to let the zombies bypass yo ass!!
  12. So I'm a HUGE COD Zombies fan and one night after I had invested a lot in how I was feeling, I started asking myself those "What if" questions.... like, what if... Zombies could talk? What if they were just normal guys who had a job to do like everyone else? So I got my friends together and I made a couple short videos called, Zombie Break Room. Since I had a budget of $75.00, this isn't going to be the best thing you've ever seen, but please check it out and give it a like. Also, if you have any other funny ideas for this series, shoot me an PM... I also love the idea of a Zombie laying on a couch in the shrinks office, talking about getting his head blown off... and the Shrink says, "and how does that make you feel?" I also have another video coming out next week. Thanks for reading guys... Patrick http://www.youtube.com/user/zombiebreak ... ature=mhee PS-you will notice these videos are NOT monetized.
  13. Hi... new to this site. Looking forward to making some new friends!!
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