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4 player perk strategy-No easter egg.

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In anticipation of Black Ops 2 I've been playing the hell out of zombies lately. I've played all the maps a million times but I still come across players that appear to know all there is to know about zombies except a great strategy for Shangri La. After a quick search through this forum thinking I would find this strategy already written up I came up empty. So I've got some time, servers are down due to hurricane Sandy, and I want people to start playing this map better. Most don't like this map due to the tight paths and the appearance that there is nowhere to run a proper rape train. Ahh young one... let me enlighten you. For once it's not about rape trains until about round 35. The strategy below is a mix of many strategies I've learned in a nice mashup of high level controlled zombie gameplay. Hope someone finds this useful.

*Reminder* This strategy is probably written up or on youtube somewhere, I only searched these forums and didn't find anything so I felt saucy enough to lay a lil something down for ya.

I'm assuming you are at least proficient in movement, can hold down a window, run a moderate size rape train 10-12 zombies, know to conserve your money and use wall guns and that monkeys take the perks back to the temple. Yea you know all that right?

Ahh.. but did you know that the zombies will go after the players in priority of the colors of the points in the bottom right corner of the screen? White (Tank, the general Richtofens most hated) Blue (Nikoli, the drunk but unruly bear) Yellow (Takeo cuz chinamen are always yellow) Green is Richtofen. Mad scientist extraordinare! This means that sometimes the zombies will run right by Richtofen and go after Tank.

Anyway.. "we know all this get on with it."

Ok I think Shangri la was built to use a specific type of strategy. One that no other map has done yet. With the dynamic of the monkeys stealing perks this gives us the ability to control the perk drops and change them to whatever we want. (No whammy no whammy no whammy no whammy STOP!)

You are in the jungle there's bound to be a leader of the group. This would be Tank (White) who the zombies want to kill most but most likely to survive due to his skills and training. Richtofen (green) in trade for his good fortune of being worth less than a meat sack zombie itself, he gets to be the Monkey bitch...

...and so our story begins...

1st room (Do not open the Mud pit door. It will mess up the third phase of the plan. The one that takes you into the high 30-40's. This is due to the monkeys taking the perks the wrong way. It's all about control. You want the monkeys bringing them down the bridge and out the tunnel not back across the mud where you can't chase them and straight to the temple.)

Pack a punch machine is North. Don't shoot the monkeys at the start they're limited. They will actually run out in later rounds.

Richtofen gets the M14 and holds the south east window.

Tank is at the North west window with M14.

Takeo and Nikoli are on the other two windows with M14.

Note:I say buy the M14 now so you never leave your window till end of round 5. Solid Defense. Not one zombie out your window. Use your pistol for points but use the M14 and grenades if you have to keep a zombie from coming out your window. We don't want to miss a chance for a perk to drop in the back where there's time to change it. Or you knifing a zombie outside your window and accidently picking up a max ammo perk missing the perk bottle.

Define "Monkey bitch" Monkey bitch is defined as the one who controls the perks. Not one, not two perks but all of them to the last monkey and through the entire game if he's good enough. He will attempt to turn every perk into whatever the group needs at the time through every phase of this plan. If the other 3 hold their windows solid, then the monkey bitch will be able to let his zombies out and make every perk that drops inside the first room happen by his window. This gives him the most time to let the monkey grab it and change it to whatever he wants. With the guys in the front windows holding their zombies inside, he has the freedom to really focus on the monkey and no zombies. Think Richtofen had control issues before? It all makes sense now doesn't it..

Perks are as follows:

Natural max ammo = perk bottle

Any other perk = max ammo or x2, if you're being over ran or having trouble then utilizing an instakill or a nuke to clear them out and get your windows back up may be necessary.

Note: in round 4-5 if you hear the screecher zombie then it is Tanks job to chase him down and shoot him in the head as he comes out of the ground. Everyone but Richtofen holds their windows. If the gods smile upon you and all your hard work then you will all leave that room with 2 random perks and full ammo.

Leave a crawler. Not because we need to, but because we like to play it safe. We're a time travelling seasoned band of zombie killers and we know how to take our time to survive.

You will also now have enough points to each grab a door straight to the power. With luck you also have enough to each buy an AK and/or a Bowie Knife. I opt for the Bowie Knife as priority cuz you can hold a window with that till round 9 no sweat. Have enough for an AK in the next round anyway.

Same strategy here.

Power room

Tank gets the back window in the water and the dirt spawn to his left. (pulling the zombies to spawn more towards the back of the room)

Takeo and Nikoli have the other two windows. Solid. Again, not one zombie out your window if you can help it.

Richtofen takes the front door. The monkey path is back out the front to the AK room up the water spout, through the spikes and up to the temple. Pleeeenty of time to change perks if he's got little to no zombies chasing him.

When starting the round he should be just inside the hallway, not too far in as to make it difficult to revive him if he goes down. Monkey bitch has to up his skills in the chase here as he may need to walk right by zombies when he's following a monkey. Stay focused it can be done with a pretty high success rate.

With Richtofen communicating he's leaving with a monkey and Nikoli and Takeo watching the front door (may I suggest claymores) you should easily be able to hold this power room down until round 9.

Leave a crawler and count your spoils. You should have at least four perks. Luck of the draw you get jug and flopper within those four. otherwise don't fret, phase 3 is on the way with more perks to come. You should also have enough points to open the map up to the bridge and hit the box. Or pack a punch mustang and sally. Tank (white) gets the first room switch for his hard earned first go at the machine. The rest pick a switch and anytime you want to pack a punch you grab the same switch. Be fast, noone likes to wait.

Now from round 10 you will be doing one of two strategies. I suggest Holding the Bridge until you have 7 perks and a couple guns pack a punched.

Holding the Bridge or Running the Hordes. I will explain the most effective way to do both.

Phase 3

Holding the bridge:

Tank the soldier that he is and with the luck of the box got an HK or RPK holds the bridge with Richtofen. Its important to give each other room. Try to stand side by side just at the top of the bridge. Don't push too far up as to be too diffuclut to revive if you go down.

Nikoli and Takeo are to hold down the lower part of the bridge by the tunnel going down to the water. If noone goes into that cave then zombies will not come from there. One holds the window again not letting a single zombie out. The other stands in the area across where the zombies drop down from the top of the water slide. These two guys can swap positions every other round to even out the points and ammo. If the guys on the bridge get pushed back it is this guys job to help get them pushed back up with the window guy focusing more on the zombies coming from the water slide area.

When perks drop it is called out by Richtofen what does everybody need. Max ammo drops will be changed to perk bottles and other perks will be turned to max ammo or whatever is needed. By this time firesale will be in the cycle but it is worthless at this point as everyone would have to abandon the posts.

The monkey will come from the mudpit so be careful not to shoot him Tank, and he will run it down through the tunnel across the waterfall through the Stakeout area up the water spount and back to the temple. Richtofen will have plenty of time to take his time and get whatever he needs from the monkeys. Later rounds he may require a monkey bomb be thrown to pull the zombies away briefly to get a good bead on the monkey. Richtofen will make his way back up through the tunnel and onto the bridge using some of the Hording tactics I will explain below.

If anyone goes down then they are to take the window spot. It will have the least zombies until you can get through the round. By now you should have the money to rebuy Jug and Flopper a few times over.

This strategy if done in a tight organized way. With great comminucation can easily take you into the 30+ rounds.

For those who like to mix it up or find themselves stranded across the map and need to get back to the bridge the below hording strategies will git'er done.

Running the Hordes

A lot of people don't like Shangri La due to the misconception that there isn't anywhere to really run hordes. Now they would be right and wrong in their statement but mostly wrong. There isn't any great place to run a full size horde. But there are many spots to run small to mid sized hordes.

I will utilize 3 room type runs and 1 longer run.

Tank (white) will start at the bridge. I will explain his longer run in a minute.

The other three will be in one of the following locations. Note each of these has a wall gun that can be pack a punched and kept up with Ammo on the wall:

Power room: With the M16 just around the corner this room is pretty easy to run a horde. Once you get the hang of where the zombies come from you can run a few different patterns in here.

AK room: With the best wall gun on this map the AK you will have the ammo you need to survie running a horder clockwise around this room. Remember zombies fall for your first move so be sure to juke left and right to dodge them as you make your way around the tight room.

Outside the first room around the bottom loop where the MPL is: With the MPL you get a quick fast gun that will just make it's cost in ammo but will be easy wall ammo nonetheless. running your horde around this lap is quite simple once you get the hang of it. With a guy in the AK room he tends to pull the zombies down the tunnel and down the water spout to ease the pressure off you. I recommend Richtofen for this spot but it doesn't really matter.

This strategy works as the zombies will only spawn up to 24 on the map at one time and be divided somewhat equally between the four players. Generally about 6-10 zombies in your horde at any given time if you are syncronizing your killing properly. With team hording you can horde and then call out when to mow them down thus starting the next wave like it was the beginning of the round for everyone.

Tank the great white zombie hunter that he is gets to run a bigger lap. He starts on the bridge hording a few until their spawning good. He takes the tunnel down to the bottom of the water fall with a lap around the center rock to get his horde together if need be. Then through the tunnel towards the Stakeout and up through the water spout to the first room. He could horde in here for a bit or it may be time to mow down his horde. He then heads through the spikes toward the minecart. Riding the mine cart down to the waterfall he can head back through the Stakeout room and up the spout again to horde in the first room until the minecart is ready again. (you'll figure out the timing) The mudpit door could be opened now and he could work something out through there with monkey bombs or something through the mud. If you start on the stone slab and follow wherever the moving walls take you, you can get through quick with stones below your feet and adapt to which way you need to go. Just don't go down the water slide as that will cause problems with the guy hording in the AK room.

*Tip* Utilizing each of these hording spots as one moves through the map alone is effective as well. Like when Richtofen chases a monkey and has to get back to the group. Horde then move horde then move. Mow them down the go up the water tunnel and join the group on the bridge.

Executed properly and skillfully this strategy guide could take a moderate to good team pretty high in the rounds. An excellent team could run up the rounds pretty quickly if everyone knows exactly what their doing and are on top of their game.

I hope this helps someone out there, and inspires people to try new things when it comes to zombie strategy. There are so many different ways to effectively hold down these maps. Shangri la has the most in depth way of forcing team work to survive. The tight halls and turns and complexity of the map allow us to hold down areas in many strategic ways that don't involve running in a circle for 6 hours like Ascension. The ability to control the perks is the best part though. Flipping the coin and not being limited to whatever drops. Changing it to whatever you want is the key to making this my favorite map. I have trouble playing this map any other way now that I've seen how effective this strategy is. It's too much to explain at the beginning of a map with total strangers.

If anyone wants to have a game with me on PS3 when the servers come back up send me an invite and state in the message that you're from these forums. PSN: CrazyTrain0917

Positive comments are always welcome. Can't wait for new Zombies!!!! TranZit!!

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Very nice. I read the first 2 paras and I loved it. very well explained. Will give it a try.

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Great Post, Great Strategy.

I struggle with Shangri-La, though I haven't played it alot. I find it quite difficult after round 10ish. My strategy are long loops which make for a looong game & it 'static' me when i go down to do it all again. Practice makes perfect or atleast makes you better.

Once again Great Post, Great Strategy

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I fell asleep after three paragraphs. Not because you did a poor job, but I have never played the map. Formatting looks good and general organization is easy to follow.

Would like to see guides for others maps. Will certainly read and critique then. Please let me know if you do. And welcome to CODZ. I'm Jay.

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Yea it's a pretty big wall of text. If you play that map at all though, one read through for each guy on the team and you'd never play that map any other way again. It's too fun and makes too much sense. Rounds will go fast and you'll be loaded with perks guns and points.

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