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Hello! :D

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Hey all! My name is James, 17, live in Amsterdam, been around this forum for a while now as a 'guest' until today that is! So uhm, for those interested:

My favorite Zombie map is either Shino(WAW) or CoTD. (I have bought all the map packs, BO and WaW). Shino is awesome w/ a team of 4, never gets bored, love the 3-strike death hellhound thingy.

Fav Playable Characters are Takeo and Robert Englund.

Takeo is awesome, his uniform is cool, and his voice (especially his laugh) cracks me up every time.

R Englund. Freddy, need I say more?

Also Nixon is badass. A shame he only appears in "FIVE".

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Hey! Welcome to the site! As said, we have a large variety of things here for you do amuse yourself with, so just pick one and go from there! I have seen you a bit in the story section, and you seem to know your stuff! I Sid this in my PM already, but just hit me up if you ever want to talk! Have a good stay bud, it's a fun community to be apart of.

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I love your avatar! It portrays Takeo, but in a unique and different way! Never seen anyone else with a Matroyshka Doll as their avatar. :)

As everyone has said, welcome! You seem like a theorist, plus you seem to have a pretty cool attitude, so we should get along fine. :D

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