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I would love to here some more Pink and Eminem based songs for zombies. Although most people don't like hip-hop I think it fit quite well with FIVE and since the maps are only getting more futuristic I would understand the reason for adding more mainstream songs. GREEN DAY would be amazing. Jesus of Suburbia while slaying zombies would make my day.

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If it follows the pattern, A7X will do a Richtofen-viewpoint song, and Elena/Kevin will do the Samantha-viewpoint songs.... So... Now that they're kind of 'together' in a way.... BOTH ELENA/KEVIN AND A7X SHOULD TOTALLY MERGE TOGETHER. LOL j/k

I hope we aren't forgetting about Bullet For My Valentine...

Yes. Just... Just yes. I can even see a play on the song Your Betrayal, in which it's a SamvRicthofen struggle... Betrayals on all sides, heh....

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^ thats not even funny (referring to the Rebecca Black, the Bieber I wouldn't mind)...just kidding

*what would be funny though is one of the easter eggs activates Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy, it would make my day and be hilarious. Also it would be awesome with some more AX7 songs and not specific zombie made songs because i like the regular songs better, and maybe some more pop songs, such as won't back down

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