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No Man's Land: Survival Guide

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Pro dog tip -

If a dog spawns on or around that 4th buzzer, try and get a single bullet/knife into them after the buzzer.

Even if you are on the PAD, aim for where it is and concentrate on that bullet.  If your nade then goes down before the 5th buzzer, it's likely the dog will die.

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Been playing some more on the weekend. My main aim at the moment is a consistant PAP, sadly this is just falling shy at the moment. Probably averaging 35 kills regardless of start. Finding after using my ammo i'm trying for 3 to 4 kills on crawlers to achieve a consistant PAP. It's not as simple as it sounds. My knife lunge tends to screw me over here with dogs on my tail.

What i've been trying is knife to first siren, try for a few knives post siren, make my way to the pipe and cut back to side drop. My first nade is front of the cage into the little nook that makes the nade bounce back prior to or just after second siren. Sometimes i finish with a few stabs for the zombies still alive. I loop back around and do the same by the third siren with my second nade, usually the dogs are on my tail by this stage and limits my chance to knife. I then loop using my pistols gaining points, if i'm short i then run in and out of the cage to keep the crawlers out of the front pool.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it ends badly depending on dogs and terrible knife lunges.

I just cant quite finish those last couple off consistantly.

Regardless to say, although i now want to kick my neighbours dog in the arse i'm not too frustrated yet as i'm learning invaluable zombies kills and a desire to get better.

Tipical NML, my best games and spawns have been when speed cola dropped. Just need to be able to prioratise points better or finish those last couple of crawlers.

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